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153 151. Hurdle Of War

"Narada, Don't try to put words in the mouth of Durvasa, We were talking about it, It's not your place to say anything about how we conduct the business here, Go away."

Shukracharya is quick on to the trick of Narada, as the user of tricks and Maya himself, he knows very well when someone uses the same tricks against him, and right now Narada is doing so.

He finds out that there is a conflict about who will be the Guru of Karna, which creates tension between him and Durvasa, And now Narada is ready to use that fact against them.

Shukracharya knows that this is quite an effective trick, especially against someone like Durvasa, Who though smart and wise but tends to let anger overcome him and lead the way.

"Did I? Asura Guru Shukracharya you just said that you and Rishi Durvasa have yet to decide who will be the Guru of the child and let him decide didn't you? If you are saying this was current then doesn't that mean you are trying to say Rishi Durvasa is lying?

Are you trying to say that the Shiva ansha (part) revered Rishi Durvasa is lying? That's out of line even for you, Narayan Narayan~."

Narada was prepared for the counter of Sukracharya, After all just as much Sukracharya knows Narada, The same Narada also knows Sukracharya, Fire is on both sides.

Narada normally doesn't bother to have any conflict with Sukracharya but right now the situation is different.

He before was minding his own business lost in the devotion of his lord when suddenly he felt the existence of terrifying power, the power that even he is unaware of come and vanish in instance.

After which when tried to use his divine eyes to check what just happened his divine vision was not working. He was anxious and was about to go to his lord when he felt the birth of legendary weapons and also felt the terror of a new archery talent vision.

So he quickly came here as he had hunch all the things that happened before were related to here, and now that he saw Karna he felt like he was staring at the sleeping giant.

The power unconscious was radiating from him was not much but all his instincts warned him not to go close to him, There is no reason to be wary of a child and yet the mere thought of approaching that child sent shivers down his spine.

As if he approached the child something bad would happen to him, Narada was for the first time experiencing what humans called the sense of danger, For the first time he came face to face with a force that made him feel this way.

So now he can't back down, His lord already took the Avatar on this mortal realm but if there is someone as powerful as this child that exists then the motive and the reason why he took the Avatar will not be possible.

If there is this force of power no one will dare to stand against him, And then there will be no war, Which is not good, War needed to happen, and hence why Narada decided to take care of Karna.

Make him weak, put some restrictions on it or outright take away the power that is being the problem with hook and crook, But this power has to go away for the greater good.

It's just that now in front of him are two people he can't go head-on fight against, Rishi Durvasa though does not look like it but is very protective of his students. Most of the curses were given by him because of his followers' insults.

And then there is Asura Guru Shukracharya. The man doubtedly has the most hatred towards his lord, On top of that he is also very skilled in both Sastra (Texts) and Shatra (Weapons).

So the first thing he had to do was to break the unity these two seemed to have, it was not only trouble for him but also a problem for everyone if revered Rishi like Durvasa has a close relationship with Sukracharya.

"We will decide who said who later on, But right now I last time ask you to leave nicely."

Shukracharya desperately tries to send Narada away, As he knows the bombshell he threw towards them has to be diffused or Rishi Durvasa will definitely explode.

Through the easiest way to counter this argument is to back away from being the Guru of Karna but Sukracharya could not afford that, He needed a strong candidate to inherit his core knowledge.

This knowledge seems to be known to Narada and hence why he used this argument which has an easy solution but he can't use it.

"Wait! Shukracharya I don't think Narada said anything wrong, In the first place I accepted Karna as my student, Though I have yet to impart any knowledge to him but he accepted me as his Guru yesterday.

So just tell me why should I give up that advantage of mine and gamble it when I already won?

Narada I know you tried to instigate the fight between us but what you said has a point, and for which I ask you to stay and overlook the situation but don't dare to forget my warning, Not even the hair of my student is allowed to harm. π›π—²ππ§π—Όπ˜ƒπ—²π—Ή.𝗼𝐫𝗴

If that happens I will show you why my name is Durvasa."

Rishi Durvasa who was silent spoke up and without beating the bushes directly went to the point.

He was right, Why should he gamble for the position of which he already has? It does not make sense.

"I do not understand why I even in the first place agreed with that deal."

Rishi Durvada added as he spoke again.

'Absolute destruction of this world if not at least this kingdom will cease to exist.'

Surya wanted to say these words to him, but he could not. All he can do is to stand as a bystander in the argument of these big forces, Not one he can afford to offend.

So all he could do was to stand in the corner and prepare for the aftermath of two behemoths going against each other, This time for real.

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