I am the God of Technology

Chapter 163 Goals And Recap
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Chapter 163 Goals And Recap

Dante sighed. He was now one step closer to achieving his short-term goal of 2000 points in all stats so that he could qualify to try to have sex with Beatrice.

His other goals were:

1. Conquer the Zero Gate in his home universe and monopolize it completely, not even giving any other species - including his own - a chance. (Highest priority)

2. Spelunk in the Zero Gate of the Eternal Universe, which has been developed and researched, using it to understand the rules and layout of all Zero Gates. (Highest priority)

3. Slowly expand the technological capacity of humanity. (Extremely low priority)

4. Increase the grade of Quantum Entanglement and unlock new powers. (High priority)

5. Grant his parents and loved ones enhanced genetics, Bionics, Psionics, and AI chips. (Low priority)

6. Have a child with Beatrice. (High priority)

7. Resurrect Beatrice's mother. (Medium priority)

8. Conquer all alien races of the home universe. (Medium priority)

9. Enter the upper echelons of the Eternal universe and discover advanced secrets. (High priority)

10. Conquer the Eternal Universe. (Low priority)

11. Find the high-dimensional being that saved him and find out why. (Low priority)

12. Flatten that damned academy and piss on the debris. (High priority)

13. Acquire new power systems. (Low priority)

14. Master his current power systems. (Highest priority).

15. Play around with this 'God of Technology' and system-granting idea. (High priority).

After sorting out his goals, Dante finally returned to the Eternal Universe, specifically to his residence in the academy grounds. When he arrived, he wantonly spread his spirit sense around in the homes and abodes of everyone, freely scanning them and discovering all their secrets without their knowledge.

Right now, he had seen enough to potentially manipulate or blackmail many of his fellow students and even the factions behind them. Unfortunately, he could not do anything with this information except dupe or blackmail, as he couldn't record them.

Yes, the Eternal Universe had the technology to extract memories and even condense dreams, but Dante was not going to allow anyone into his head for such a trivial reason. If he was that careless, he might as well head to the Student Enhancement Center and inject the gene solution, rather than resorting to these methods.

He was quite interested in this, as these were his competitors, and his expression became slightly surprised when he noticed that more than half of them glanced his way. At first, he thought his spirit sense probing had been discovered, but after a bit more monitoring, he realized that they were using some aspect of their superpowers to also monitor his movements.

It was not as clear as his spirit sense in most cases, from what Dante could tell. This made him feel fortunate that he had maintained some level of apprehension when he first came here because of the rude orientation, so he had never really trusted the school.

Now that he was back in the school, he first checked his residence for anything that could monitor or track him using his current updated knowledge. To his surprise, he found none, but he did not truly believe that this was the case.

Dante had arrived in the Eternal Universe on the 14th of March and had been registered on the 15th. About a week later, he had arrived at the Eternal Academy and been admitted, which was on the 21st because he spent 3 days going to Earth to get his registration and another 3 days going to the Eternal Academy's site.

The 22nd was the fateful orientation. They had about 3 days until their first class, which was on the 25th.

Dante then used 10 seconds to rank up, and his troubles in the school began from there. While he was theoretically unconscious, it didn't prevent the others from spending their full 7 days there.

During this time, he woke up and went to Planet Etonia to do the shopping and learn the history of the universe as well as the common sense, which took about a week, so that time was covered.

He then started the basic training for every Eternal Universe resident and took two weeks to reach mastery thanks to his high stats. He spent another 2 weeks going through the advanced training routines of the Eternal Universe.

So the time for the Black Land came again. This was the 29th of April. 7 days passed, and Dante reached 75% of the next round, meaning it was the 6th of May.

After that, many things happened, including going home to win the payout at the casino, buying cars for himself and his parents, setting up on the island, being targeted by operatives and later Aisha and her group, defeating them with ease, and capturing them.

Going back into the Apocalypse World and then wantonly absorbing stats until he reached his first limit of 250 in all fields. Then he went into the Rising Star world to train but abandoned it later.

Anyway, he pondered if he should try some things in there. It was an instanced world, so everything paused when he left and would resume when he came back if he chose for it to. He could totally take a nuclear rifle and then nuke all the kingdoms, but eh.

The world had little value to him as there wasn't magic or anything, just humans and killing.

Anyway, he then confronted Beatrice, and they cemented their feelings after they came clean, and Beatrice had been helping him acquire powers using her knowledge since then.

The next time he entered the black land, it had been June 3rd. There he got his current Quantum Placement for the markers and Quantum Depository for the storage space.

And now, more than 4 weeks had passed since that date, and it was July 6th today, meaning that he was two days away from his next session. That was the main reason Dante had come back here, to prepare for his next spelunk into the Black Land.

Dante checked his messages on the Etranet and found two from a while back.

Harold Poton (Third year, Normal Batch): "Hello Brother… no, Boss Dante. You said we should meet up a while back in the Apocalypse World? When should we meet?"

Lucian Havian (Second year, Elite Batch): "Hello Mr. Dante of the Portinari clan, it is Lucian Havian and the Havian Merchant Family. You made a request to meet me in the past, and I would like to fulfill it as soon as possible. May I have a date?"

Dante scratched his head. He remembered these two fellows who had spawned with him during his second run. At that time, he was still building up his power and had yet to even reach 250 in all stats, so he was extremely cautious in everything he did.

He did not want to directly offend them, so rather than tell them to get lost or that he would fly solo, he simply told them to meet him in reality for some plans. He originally did have plans for them, but his rapid rise in power and his complete confession to Beatrice made them useless.

If it was before, he would have cast them aside. Just as well, he needed live test subjects to do some things for him, so he responded to both of them for them to come over.

Unsurprisingly, the two responded immediately? that they would come over. Dante had to wait for a short while as they were both forced to use public transit to get here, not qualified to use teleporters like the Unique Batch students.

Dante invited them into his residence cordially, which made the other students monitoring him suspicious. Dante had gone more than four months straight without meeting a single student, and now he invited two random nobodies into his place?

They immediately began to report to the factions behind them to dig deep into the backgrounds of Harold and Lucian, even finding the secrets they thought they had never revealed to the public.

Immediately, assassins and mercenaries were hired through dark sites to rush over and capture the members of their families or to hinder their various businesses. When those two lads came out, they would extract all the information from their mouths, or they shouldn't blame them for what happened to their families.

Normally, this wouldn't fly, but it was a sensitive period. The Zero Gate had less than 5 months to open, and the 'strongest' candidate to enter looked to be Dante. What they feared was that he would use his superpower that was ahead of the others to monopolize the Fruits of Condensation and hand them all over to the Portinari Family.

If that happened, the power balance would break between the various factions for a significant period of time, and since Dante could be a student for up to 5 years, it meant 5 years of losing out on the number 1 benefit of the universe.

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