Heavenly Opposers

13 Chapter 13
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"So.....this is it huh?"

Xiao mumbled to himself as he sat cross-legged in a practice room without anybody else nearby, it's been 3 years since his trial and now he's 10 years old, he had just finished his talent awakening ceremony, it went just as he had expected where he awakened a Mortal Core Realm talent

Afterward, he had to deal with the congrats, praises, and all those annoying stuff before he was let free from the elders of the family, he had to deal with his mother's endless loving praise and along with that he got a hug from his sister, after dealing with all this he locked himself within this practice room

What's more, finally he was now able to access his skills which were locked away, these three years nothing major had happened, other than his height growing and a bit of childishness disappearing from his face, he has also made a name for himself within the family, well if being called loner is a name

He's much taller than most of the children his age and mostly quiet, he doesn't spend time with children his age other than his sister and Yun Yurou, who also passed the trails and now has an Earth Core realm talent, even rarer than his, causing her to take on a seeded seat in the family

What's intriguing is that he clearly remembers not hearing of such a talent in his first life, in other words, she didn't overcome the trial and didn't have the heart for cultivation, well it could be his fault as he did help her get over her worries

Well the day after the trial he found out that Yun Yurou was not disturbing him, though it relieved him, it did raise his curiosity, only to find out a traumatized and scared girl that would now shriek at a touch

In normal cases, Xiao would have not cared but while the rest of the kids avoided him, she did stick on to him, and to be truthful, her bubbling sense of innocence and energy, was a sort of relaxation for him, so in a spur of the moment decision he helped her get out of her trauma

It wasn't hard for him, who was a grown-up and mostly a person who himself came over many traumas, to help a little girl of 7, all it took was a bit of consoling and a reliving of the same scene with a bit of mental support, with time and help he was able to bring back that bag of energy back

It resulted in her being more annoying towards him but he started to take it as normal, plus letting him free and enjoying some time freely is not bad, after all, he didn't spend all three years simply playing around

First of all, he had made a strict training regiment for his body to grow, as a growing child he couldn't do anything extreme, since he didn't want to stunt his growth, so he kept it at medium, due to which his young body looked cool and slim, there was no abs nor any extreme muscle for now

To read the uncut version, go to ๐’ƒ๐’†๐’…๐’๐’๐’—๐™š๐™ก.๐™˜๐™ค๐’Ž.

Due to his training, he grew in height and his body grew a bit more handsome, due to which he had to deal with the constant tease of his mother about how he would be breaking a lot of girls hearts in the future, due to his maturity his mother doesn't feel awkward about it and enjoys his 'blushing' expression

It's a pain, leaving that aside he used his mother's connection to hire some people to look into the ruin for the pills, since this particular ruin was open to the public, many lone cultivators enter and exit it, so it was easy for him to hire them

With this, he was finally able to find the pill! of course, he didn't describe the pill but some other stuff in there and the pill was 'coincidentally' there, since most of the stuff he got didn't look valuable he didn't raise any suspicion, well this was one of the perks of being born in a powerful family, and now within his hands, he held a black marble

It was pitch black and it looked like it was sucking the light around it, there was nothing extraordinary about it but he knew that the pill in his hand was worth more than anything in this world, it was the only object in this world that could completely change his fate

Xiao didn't wait much longer as he cuts his palm, causing blood to flow, he placed the pill in his arms, and he soaked it with his blood, as soon as the pill touched the blood he could feel it absorbing his blood at a rapid pace, it continued for a few seconds before it stopped

The pills color started to change, along with it a massive pressure started to descend upon the whole of the practice room and before things got worse, Xiao extended his hand and he caught the pill, as he did he activated his skill [Forgotten]

It's one of his skills, which completely removes his presence from existence, it was just like the opposite of his skill [Connectivity], that made him stand out, of course, the skill [Forgotten] doesn't make him invisible or naked to the eye, all it does was make his 'presence' disappear

Even if the strongest immortal used his powers to search they won't find his 'presence' but what is the use when they could see you? the skill makes it so that he would be completely invisible within a crowd, even if he passes by somebody they won't feel his 'presence' but they could still see him

Hence it's pretty useless in a fight but right now this would be his life savor, the pill of reform is a pill that shouldn't exist and if its existence is ever felt then the heavens would completely erase it from existence and if it weren't for his [Forgotten] skill, he and the pill would be a goner within seconds

Soon the pressure which was filling the room disappeared, seeing Xiao sighed out with relief, he opened his hands as he looked at the pill of reform that had changed, now it split into two colors one being eternal darkness and the other being a white light that blinded all that lays its eyes on

With an eager expression, he placed the pill on his mouth, first, he played within his mouth, trying to get the taste of a forbidden pill but all he got was a bland taste and with that bit of a small disappointment Xiao swallowed the pill

And then he waited, the pill he ingested slowly started to melt, and soon a smooth and calm feel started to cover Xiao completely, slowly but surely Xiao went into deep slumber due to the calming pleasure that filled his body and it was good that he did

Because as soon as he had closed his eyes, cracks started to fill his body, from the top of his head to the tip of his feet cracks started appearing, he looked like a cracked glass but that was not the end

Chains started appearing all around his body, chains that seemed to bind Xiao down surrounded him, each chain was clipped to a part of his body and that's when the change started to appear, the cracks that filled his body started to spread from his body to the chain causing small cracks on them

It was a gradual process of the cracks spreading to each and every chain, now Xiao looked illusionary as if his body existed between many planes, strangely the crack on his body didn't spill out any blood, only some dark and white lights started to spill from his body

One half of his body was pitch black, while the other side was blinding white, both the sides started to converge on his body, closing him in a cocoon, of dark and light, the chains that surrounded him started to break one by one, but each time one broke, the pieces of the chain's were absorbed into the cocoon

And with each time a chain broke the bigger, the coon became, it was a good thing that even though Xiao fell unconscious his skill [Forgotten] still was in play, otherwise he would have turned to ashes the moment the cocoon had finished covering him ๐˜ฃ๐˜ฆ๐‘‘๐˜ฏ๐˜ฐ๐˜ท๐˜ฆ๐‘™๏ผŽ๐‘๐‘œ๐˜ฎ

And like this without anybody in the world knowing a monster was being slowly made

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