Heavenly Opposers

12 Chapter 12
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Feeling the wholehearted feeling of awe and agreement from his sister, even the thick-skinned Xiao felt a little embarrassment, after all, he knows that in the future his sister would easily overtake him, especially after she had awakened her physique but this time he feels neither anger nor jealousy, because he knows that the power and talent she gets doesn't come freely ๐›๐ž๐๐ง๐—ผ๐˜ƒ๐ž๐ฅ๏ผŽ๐—ฐ๐จ๐—บ

Awakening her physique would definitely give her the talent to be an immortal and live within the fourth heaven but due to her physique her feelings will become stone cold, it would almost become impossible for her to Express herself to anyone, it was a sad fate for a woman that just wanted warmth

Xiao held his sister in his arms as she happily lay within his embrace, at time in the past he resented her a lot, before his mother's death in his first life his sister was taken by an extremely powerful expert and joined one of the most powerful sects in the third heaven, which was tied to a shrine in the fourth heaven

Back then in his first life he was hunted by his own family due to something, back then his mother did everything to protect him, she even used up all her wealth but in the end it was futile

Even with all her wealth what could she do against a behemoth family of the lower heaven?, even then she had definitely caused huge loss for the Yun family but in the end she was killed

It was only afterwards that his sister with her sect descended to the lowest heaven back then she single handedly erased the Yun family from the lower heavens

But it was too late, he had lost the one person that deeply cared for him, that day when he saw his little sister he threw all the profanities and curses he knew, he called her cold hearted woman that didn't care for anything

Back then his sister still only had a apathetic gaze, back then he was just a 18 year old brat that didn't know anything about the world, he was in pain and he put it all on his sister

In fact it was just to prove his sister that he took the devil path and climbed to the top, even among his fellow devil cultivators he was an anomaly, even with the technique to grow stronger it doesn't mean it's easy to accomplish

The hellish pain that one might feel is not something a normal person could handle, but Xiao did and he climbed to the third heaven in jus 10 years, a feat worth applauding for, if one considered his talent

But after the years, after everything he had gone through, the hate in his heart was barely burning, his body was barely holding on, it would break at any moment

He Xiao only learned the truth in his death, it was only the book Heavenly Opposers that explained the pain his sister had to go through, the difficulty she faced was no less than his

In truth it was the world of Ingrid that helped him move forward, it was the people he met and his master that showed him a path to walk, a path a talentless person like him could go through

Xiao quickly came out of his thoughts as he looked at his sister who was looking at him as he was in his thoughts, he smiled as he ruffled her hair with a laugh

"Xuanyin, do you want to be able to cultivate?"

Xuanyin: Nods Head


After his question she looked down for a few seconds, after which she raised her head and looked at him, her mouth opened as her voice that was rarely heard was heard


Her word was barely a whisper but Xiao could hear it clearly, he smirked as he asks back

"Do you want to protect your brother?"

Xuanyin: Nods Head


Seeing his sister nodding cutely Xiao laughed out loud happily, he laughed for a few minutes before he looked at his sister, he leaned forward as he gave a kiss at his sister's forehead

"Then Xuanyin, your brother promises you that he would definitely cure you and will make sure that you will be able to cultivate and live a happy life"

Hearing his words Xuanyin nodded her head, she believed that whatever her brother promised he would definitely achieve it, she didn't have any proof for it but the connection between them causes her to have complete trust on her brother

Xiao heart was filled with warmth as he hugged his sister and let her fall asleep on his arms

'Is this how it feels to have a daughter?'

He though as he looked at his cute sister that laid in his embrace with a contented expression, if one counted Xiao's both life he would be 60 years, it's nothing in the cultivation world but it still makes him more mature

So dealing with this cute creature in his arms he felt like a proud parent, Xiao chuckled at this thought, he knows that with his sisters talent she will definitely surpass him in cultivation fast but this time he will make sure that he will not fall behind far

In his first life he was filled with hatred and he only focused on strength, due to which he ended up becoming some else's puppet, he died with regret and hatred, his second life helped him overcome it and unlike his first life he dies protecting the people he cared about

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'Did those idiots escape out alive?'

Xiao thought about his past teammates of his mercenary squad as a smile took his face but even in his second life he ran after power without minding anything else, sure he did somewhat ended becoming one of the strongest but he had forgotten to enjoy the small and happy things in life

That's why in this life he would definitely enjoy the second chance he was given, sure the threat of invasions and death is near but so what?, it's not like it's anything new and even if he fell he would give it his all and even if then he failed then he would accept defeat with a smile

Two times of dying surely takes a small part of fear of death away, indeed he must grow stronger to protect the ones he loves but he would take his time, he had read about the many exotic places in the four heavens and this time he wants to visit all of them

Plus in this Era there would be a great amount of beauties that one might not be find in any other Era's and he whish's to see and appreciate their beauty, of course he would only see from afar and has no interest in getting to know them

The book Heavenly Opposers really did make one wary of powerful woman, in here their not just pretty vases that need protection but dangerous roses with powerful thorns, plus with his experience he knows that more powerful the woman is the more crazy and dangerous she is

And you never stick you head in crazy!, finally resolving his life to live an exiting and calm filled cultivation life, Xiao dripped into deep sleep with his sister in his arms, not knowing that the girls he would meet in the future would definitely make sure that he won't have a peaceful life!

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