Guide to raise my cutie husbands

Chapter 1000 Ruin Xiao Hua
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1000 Ruin Xiao Hua Though Xiao Hua did not use much strength, his hit was not light either. Because of gravity and her unstable footing, Peng Jing fell to the ground with a muffled groan. The sound was loud and it showed that Xiao Hua was not playing around when he jumped at Peng Jing after being called a mer wh*re.

" AH!" Peng Jing screamed in pain after she collapsed. Her bottom hit the ground and she felt a sudden jolt in her spine. Surely her tailbone was bruised!

For a few minutes, Peng Jing did not say anything but upon seeing Xiao Hua snort like he had done something good, her eyes turned livid as she pointed at Xiao Hua and then said angrily, " Xiao Hua… you—— I will teach you a good lesson today! You dare hurt a woman?! Yu Dong had spoiled you until you have become lawless, you don't even remember that a mer shouldn't hit a woman?!"

" I don't care whether you are a woman or a mer," stated Xiao Hua as he flipped his hair behind his back and then said, " As long as you deserve to be hit, I will hit you!"

Peng Jing scrambled to her feet and then rushed at Xiao Hua who was prepared to hit her back but was then stopped by Lang who caught her arm and then threw her back on the ground heavily.

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" Lang! What are you doing?"

" I am teaching you a lesson that your mother didn't," retorted Lang as she rolled her sleeves and then looked at Xiao Hua before signalling him to get behind her. Though Xiao Hua was agile, he was not as strong as a woman.

She only turned to look at Peng Jing after Xiao Hua was pulled away by Fang Chi, " You seem to have missed the lesson when Miss Yu was teaching the villagers who had wicked thoughts against her and her family. You need to be capable enough to face her or else hide in your shell!"

With that Lang jumped at Peng Jing and caught her neck in a hand lock. Peng Jing did not expect Lang to hit her, she thought that these people would show restraint as she hadn't done anything to them! But what Peng Jing did not know was that Yu Dong had taught Lang and the rest of the mammies to never be rational with an unreasonable person.

If they were being unreasonable, they would start the conversation politely but in case the other person were to act up even more then Yu Dong had given them permission to use their fists!

Lang lifted Peng Jing off the ground and then threw her back down causing many mers and women to yelp as they backed away from the Yu family's house.

" Yo…You are too much!" Peng Jing gasped as she turned to look at the villagers and then said, " Why are you not helping me? You should hit her!"

However, no one moved because what Grandma Fang said earlier hit them in their hearts. Though Yu Dong stopped them from growing vegetables, she had given them enough money to live comfortably if she did not want to help them then she wouldn't have given them the money!

Thus, after much pondering they once again chose to stand with Yu Dong. First Peng Jing was known for making trouble and secondly, they were scared of Yu Dong who did not act according to the rules.

Lang's words were like a reminder to the villagers, that it was all right for them to go against Yu Dong but they had to make sure that they were capable enough of going against her!

However, Peng Jing was not to be trifled with she immediately turned around and ordered her mer son to bring back her sisters, earlier she did not want to call for her sisters because she wanted to pocket the money but now that she was at a disadvantage, she could only call for her sisters.

The Peng family was filled with good-for-nothing women, one was an alcoholic while the other was a gambling addict and the youngest one was a crooked pocket snatcher. Thus when they heard that Peng Jing was making trouble for Yu Dong, they did not think much.

In their mind, they only thought of how much money they would be able to get from Yu Dong.

Thus, they rushed to the Yu family house.

" What are you doing to my sister?" Peng Ziyan screamed at Lang before rushing towards the latter. The youngest sister of the Peng family rushed towards Grandma Yu and Grandma Fang while the mers of the Peng family rushed towards Xiao Hua and Fang Chi.

Fang Chi was pushed to the ground by the two mers who married Peng Ziyan and was beaten up while Xiao Hua was entangled in a mess with Peng Jing's husband who was holding his hair in his and pulling as hard as he could.

"How dare you! How dare you kick my wife!?" The mer screamed as he tugged and pulled at Xiao Hua's hair.

Xiao Hua was not one to back down either, he stretched out his hand and then clasped the hair of the mer who was pulling his own and then started tugging as well.

He even raised his leg and kicked the mer, " Like this! I kicked her like this! What are you going to do about it?"

While Xiao Hua was fighting with the mer and Fang Chi was trying to fend off the mers who were pushing him down, Shen Li rushed out of his house wanting to stop the mess but he was pulled by Zhu Qian.

" No don't go outside, you are with a child! Think about the child!"

Shen Li however couldn't stay put when he saw how Xiao Hua, Fang Chi Grandma Yu and Grandma Fang were getting beaten up. He opened his mouth and screamed, " Stop it!" 𝗯𝐞𝗱𝗻𝐨𝘃𝐞𝐥.𝗻𝗲𝐭

Not only did the fight not stop, but someone from the Peng family picked up a sharp stone and rushed at Xiao Hua intending to harm his face!

Seeing this Shen Li's eyes widened as he screamed, " Someone stop him! He is going to ruin Xiao Hua!"

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