Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 3479 - 3479: Untitled
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Chapter 3479: Untitled

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Hua Wushuang blushed.

The sign of the crown prince’s consort?

How could she not want it?

Hua Wushuang wanted it more than anything else.

However, she still had to pretend to try and turn it down.

Nevertheless, she secretly pushed harder and scraped her skin, and in the end, she still managed to put on the bracelets.

Seeing her injured hands, the empress dowager frowned. She wasn’t very happy about it.

But now that Zuo Qingluan was gone, Hua Wushuang was her only option.

“Let’s go. I’ll show you around the imperial garden. From now on, this will be your home.”

Although Hua Wushuang said that she didn’t deserve it, she still followed the empress dowager.

However, she was curious. “Doesn’t His Royal Highness live in the palace?” 𝐛𝗲𝗱𝐧𝐨𝘃𝗲𝗹.𝐜𝐨𝐦

How could the crown prince not live in the east wing?

The empress dowager said grumpily, “The crown prince is special. He likes freedom and says that he’s trapped in the palace, so he built his own residence outside the palace.”

For other dynasties, this was definitely against the ancestral system.

Once the crown prince left the palace, he would become uncontrollable if he got close to the court officials and joined hands with them. It would threaten the emperor’s authority.

However, Jun Linyuan was different. He had always kept his distance from the throne, while Emperor Wu was practically begging him to take it. Therefore, having a residence outside wasn’t a problem.

Hua Wushuang was overjoyed. When she married the crown prince in the future, she would live with him outside the palace and wouldn’t have to pay her respects to the empress dowager and Empress Dugu two times a day.

However, before Hua Wushuang could finish daydreaming, the empress dowager told her, “When you marry him, you’ll live in the east wing so you can visit me often. I have a lot to teach you.”

Hua Wushuang was instantly displeased. Why?! Why?!

However, she hadn’t married the crown prince yet, so she didn’t dare disobey the empress dowager. She could only blush and said, “Of course, Your Majesty.”

Her Majesty was pleased with her attitude and asked Hua Wushuang to hold her arm.

“Go see the Emperor with me.”

The emperor’s study.

Emperor Wu finally finished dealing with the Dongsang Kingdom. He heaved a sigh of relief as he lay back in his chair.

The intelligence report sent from the frontline was very brief and didn’t mention Feng Wu’s achievements. Emperor Wu asked General Feng after listening to Lady Northern Feng’s description. Only then did the general give him the details.

So, it was true…

Feng Wu was amazing!

Emperor Wu had never seen anyone as bold as her!

She was a mere Spiritual King, but she had actually overturned half of Sun Castle. If she became a Spiritual Overlord, would she be able to turn the capital of the Dongsang Kingdom upside down?

At that thought, Emperor Wu rubbed his hands and paced around the room excitedly.

Just then, the empress dowager came in with Hua Wushuang.

“Mother, why are you here?”

Seeing the empress dowager, Emperor Wu hurried up to greet her.

He said happily, “Did you hear about Bao Er? That girl, Xiao Wu, is really amazing. She really brought Bao Er back to life. This girl is simply the lucky star of our royal family. I remember that she was also the one who treated you on the way to the grassland. Otherwise…’ Empress Dowager flushed.

That wasn’t what she told Hua Wushuang!

“Your Majesty!”

The empress dowager reprimanded her son loudly!

Startled, Emperor Wu looked at the empress dowager in surprise. Why did she raise her voice all of a sudden?

“Who knows what she’s up to?” the empress dowager said unhappily. Emperor Wu was displeased. “Mother, Xiao Wu has saved you several times..

How can you say that?”

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