Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower

Chapter 1426 Shan Yu and Yu Zheng Xi’s Quarrel
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Chapter 1426 Shan Yu and Yu Zheng Xi’s Quarrel

Lin Family Mountain was broken.

The myth that the Lin Family Mountain was impregnatable because of the poison mist around it had been broken thoroughly.

The villagers around the area were looking at the smoke coming from the Lin Family mountain, feeling apprehensive. The fire was different from the previous one as this one was bigger and everyone could hear the chaos and scream coming from Lin Family Mountain.

Lin Family could never cover up this matter anymore. 𝗯𝐞𝗱𝗻𝐨𝘃𝗲𝐥.𝗼𝗿𝐠

It would definitely spread far and wide.

Everyone would know that the Lin Family was no longer as powerful as it used to be.

"Second Senior Sister will definitely not feel at ease now." Shan Yu looked at the mountain in the distance and clicked his tongue. It was lunch break and he could finally escape from the villagers' eyes.

But he didn't expect to see something even more interesting.

"She didn't have much sense of belonging to Lin Family Mountain. It doesn't matter that much for her." Yu Zheng Xi was leaning against a tree lazily. He had finished his tasteless ration to eat not long ago and now just relaxed like he used to be.

"I see." Shan Yu was not that interested in this matter. He only thought that his second senior sister will definitely not be as calm as she showed on the surface.

But then again, he was not that close to his two senior brother and sister. The two of them have their own views and the difference in their age gap definitely didn't help much in easing the relationship between them.

"Oh, right. There's a message from General Yu."

"General Yu?" Shan Yu was confused before remembering that valiant woman. If one didn't hear Yu Jin speak, they would have never thought that she was the Queen of the Mountain Tribe on normal days.

"She's asking for cooperation for you to help the villagers here while she's preventing the people in Zhang Xu Kingdom from communicating with Lin Family Mountain." Yu Zheng Xi glanced at Shan Yu. "Do you want to help them?"

"It's better siding with Fei Yang Kingdom than Zhang Xu Kingdom." Shan Yu thought for a moment and nodded.

"You're from Fan Yi Kingdom."

"Does it matter? I'm not part of the military and I haven't stayed in that kingdom for nearly three decades." Shan Yu shook his head.

He followed his Master when he was a mere 5 year old kid. After that, he was used to the traveling way of Traveling Doctor Liu and didn't really have a sense of belonging anywhere. Anyway, he was an orphan because of some circumstances when he was young.

There was no point for him to go back to Fan Yi Kingdom anymore.

The people in that kingdom didn't raise him.

"Have you ever asked Master where did he come from?" Yu Zheng Xi suddenly thought of another matter.

After he had settled his grievances, he no longer become such a loner around Shan Yu. Anyway, this brat always looked for troubles and Yu Zheng Xi had no qualms retorting to this annoying man.

"No." Shan Yu didn't know where Traveling Doctor Liu came from.

Even though he followed Traveling Doctor Liu for so many years, he never actually knew where Traveling Doctor Liu actually came from. Not to mention, Traveling Doctor Liu had never mentioned his past.

Aside from knowing that Traveling Doctor Liu had senior brother and junior sister's relationship with Old Madam Long, he didn't know much about Traveling Doctor Liu before he came in contact.

"You've been with him for nearly three decades and you don't know?"

"You're not any better. You met him two years after I met Master!"

"There's still 2 years of difference."

"Just ask him yourself if you want to!" Shan Yu rolled his eyes and finished his meal, pushing the bowl away. "I'm going back to my work and call me over when the people from the Mountain Tribe come."

"I'm not your guard."

"Just help me, Junior Brother Yu."

Yu Zheng Xi rolled his eyes at Shan Yu but didn't refuse anymore. He was also curious how things would develop in the future.

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<Long Qian Xing and Yu Jin's Temporary Camp>

Long Qian Xing quickly finished the letters and also the arrangement for the soldiers who would stay behind and also those who would come with him. Along the way, Nan Hua followed behind Long Qian Xing.

Even though he said nothing, she could sense that he was still somewhat dissatisfied with her action before.

It was just that he didn't show it just now.

When it was done, Long Qian Xing walked to his tent and looked at the young woman behind him. He took a deep breath. "Hua'er."

"Brother Long," Nan Hua responded, looking back at Long Qian Xing. She lowered her eyes slightly. "I'm sorry."

"There are many ways to enter the Lin Family and force Lin Sun out without having to risk your life." Long Qian Xing looked at Nan Hua. He felt distressed and angry at the same time.

Distressed because he could see that Nan Hua was used to this way and often put her own life in danger.

Angry because she didn't care for her own safety and challenged her own limit.

"This is the fastest way…" Nan Hua spoke out and saw Long Qian Xing staring in her direction, his eyes were stern. She wanted to argue more but in the end stopped talking altogether.

He was worried for her.

Because he cared.

So he was angry.

"I'm sorry." Nan Hua couldn't say anything else.

Long Qian Xing took a deep breath, looking at the young woman in front of him. He didn't know what he was supposed to say anymore. Looking at her being deflated like this, he also felt distressed and guilty.

In the end, Long Qian Xing took a deep breath. "Don't repeat it again, okay?"

"Yes, Brother Long." Nan Hua looked back at Long Qian Xing seriously.

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