Forced Bride Of The Vampire Lord

Chapter 525 Bringing Him Back
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Chapter 525 Bringing Him Back

When Hazel returned to the palace, it was a mess. Half of it was burnt while the rest was crumbling down. In the middle of it was standing Rafael with a sword and a gun in each hand with a lot of dead bodies behind him.

His eyes had turned dark, hollow as if no warmth was left in him. She took a step closer but he couldn't feel his presence. His grip on the gun tightened and she was sure that he was going to attack her at any moment.

"Rafael..." she called him softly as if she was not sure about how much force she could use but the man was beyond hearing. He looked soulless. As if he could not feel a word, he could not see her, hear her or even know that it was her.

All he knew was.. There was a person in the room and it was meant to be killed.

He pulled the lever when she jumped from her place trying hard to save herself after being exhausted all the time, all she wanted was his hug and consoling words.

"Rafael, come to your senses. It is me, Hazel." she shouted at the top of her lungs but he could not seem to hear it. π›πžππ—»π¨π˜ƒπ—²π—Ή.πœπ¨π—Ί

He attacked her again when she noticed that his eyes were pitch black instead of deep red which confused her.

"He is corrupted." she heard the whisper from her familiar who followed him back, "he must have received a shock he was not able to digest and after killing half of the council with whom he grew up, this did not come as a surprise."

"What surprised me more is you can speak." He never did in the past. The figure smiled at him and it started to grow or much appreciate in front of her.

Soon the body started to form. First she could see the skeleton but soon it grew flesh and skin and a handsome man apparated from the dark smoke.

"And I never knew that you were a man." she had always thought that he was a woman with the way it followed her all the time.

"I do not have a gender mistress, I am the lowest level demon. I can take the shape of any living being. If you want, I can be a girl, a cat or a horse. As long as you want me to be! I chose this body because it seems strong enough to fight." She eyes his strong muscular arms and chest and nodded in acceptance. It did look like a robust body.

"But.. how?" Though she knew that she should be more worried about Rafael, he was only trying to attack while the man standing in front of him was blocking every attack for her that made her curious.

"Master was not strong enough to give me a shape since most of her powers were sealed. But after the fight tonight and with the presence of the lord, I got enough power to manifest." it must have been time when she had passed all her mana to him and so as her powers that he could sneak attack on Eve.

"Are you going to stay like this then?" he nodded and as if sensing her doubts, he continued,

"You will restore your powers after getting some rest. My manifestation would not affect you." it was not the only thing she was worried about but she still nodded her head.

"But for that.. Do you know how to help him?" She tried to call Rafael again but he was not listening at all.

"Corruption could not be treated. I am afraid we have to kill him." The reply came without any emotions but it shook her hard as she gaped at the man who looked damn serious.

"What in the world are you talking about? He is my husband." She finally stopped hiding behind him and ran to Rafael with the intention of hugging him and reminding him who she was but he only caught her neck and pulled her high in the air to choke her to death.

"Rafael! That is enough." he was powerful but she could bind him with just one spell. When her feet touched the ground again, she coughed hard and glared at him.

"Rafael, are you going to kill our child?" she asked with a frown as she was sure even if nothing would work the worry about their child would but it did not make much difference. Rafael blinked but he still came forward to kill her again.

"There is no other way!" she heard her familiar warning her. She was sure that she could handle so he was not pressing but he was on alert ready to kill Rafael the moment he would sense danger.

"I do not believe in that." she retorted as she walked closer to Rafael and hugged him again. She could still hear his heart beating. That was a relief. A corrupted heart should have been cold and dead.

"Rafael, I know that you have been shocked and worried but I came back and soon our child will come into this life too. Are you sure you want to leave such a memory for us?" she asked in a soft voice kissing his neck softly as if she was trying to make him feel her presence.

She felt his hands trembling for a second as if he was struggling to control himself before he attacked her again. Hazel sighed. But she was not ready to give up that easily.

She glared at her husband fiercely.

"Since you have left me with no choice. I will make you suffer too." with that she ran towards him and used her hands to attack the back of his neck.

Rafael was slow and before he could protect himself, he felt everything getting darker and his eyes closed...

"Now it will be better that you rest before I find a way to bring you back."

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