Forced Bride Of The Vampire Lord

Chapter 14 The ordinary meal
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So, you would work under her till you learn your duties as an empress!”

“……” that meant that she would have more than enough ways to toruture her later. How could he say that not to mind that lady who was going to be her head!

She glared at the man with her animated eyes but the man did not even turn to look at her.

“Since you have already met the lady, let me escort you out, Edward. The lady is hungry and needs to rest after dinner.

Or are you still not satisfied that she would be treated well?” Rafael had that gentle and harmless smile on his face that was giving him a glow of an angel but Edward knew better! The man was nothing but a devil who could devour the souls of others without even letting them know.

He had done more than his duty while waiting for the girl for hours, so he nodded and walked out with Rafael and Alfred..

Just when they reached door, Rafael stopped in his tracks and looked back at Scarlet,

“By the way, the lady is hungry. Sever her the meal and take good care of her!” The man looked at his aunt with a meaningful gaze and a smirk formed on the face of the lady as she bowed her head perfunctorily and nodded.

“Of course, it would be my pleasure to take care of the new empress!” Rafael’s eyes narrowed on the face of Scarlet but without saying a word, he nodded and walked out of the room.

There was a placid smile on his face that did not clear what was in his mind.

Once all three men left, Scarlet looked at the girl like a predator looking at her prey. Her eyes had turned sharp while there was a smirk on her face that was saying to hazel,

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“You are gone now!”

“So, you are hungry, my lady. My bad, I forgot to order a meal for you.” she replied in a sweet tone and then turned to look at the maid standing at the sidelines, “bring the food for both of us. We will have our meal right here!”

Hazel was sure that the lady did not like her and it was more than her being human. There was no way that she would serve her dinner and have a good chat with her over a meal.𝒃𝒆𝒅𝙣𝒐𝒗𝙚𝒍.𝒄𝒐𝒎

“You have to learn manners and etiquette, lady Stagenrib. But to not worry, i will guide you well and train you perfectly so that you would come to our use.” The lady swirled the glass containing red liquid in her hands with a sweet smile on her face that was rather scary than her threatening glance just a while ago.

“……..” what was even in that glass that she was swirling. Could it be that it was blood? She would not be surprised if the girl was drinking the blood in front of her, to remind that she was nothing but their food.

Soon the steps of the maids who brought a lot of dishes and served them on the side table near the sofa could be heard.

The lady that was her aunt too now but did not look even a day older than Hazel, walked towards the sofa with a dating smile over her face. Even the way she walked was elegant and classy.

The silt in her black dress shows off her fair skin with every step that only accentuates her sexiness and confidence.

She sat there with her legs crossed and she picked up her fork and hazel followed. Though it was an excuse when she told Rafael that she was hungry, but now that she saw a lot of food, her empty stomach reminded her that she had not eaten anything in the whole day too.

She sat down on the other side and tried to avoid the girl and concentrated on the food but when the lid was taken off all her hunger died down and all she felt was nauseated when she looked at the meal in front of her.

The steak was not even rare, the dish was still red in color and when she touched the fork with it, she could feel the blood coming out of it.

While the drink was bloody in color and she did not even want to know if that was blood or red wine that had been served to her.

“What happened, lady Stagenrib? I thought that you were hungry?” asked Scarlet with a raised brow as she looked at the pale face of the girl and finally felt relieved.

She wanted to show that even if she was announced as the empress, she was nothing but an empty flower vase that should know her place. To think that she dared to challenge their authority with that arrogance!

“We don’t appreciate tardiness, lady Stagenrib. Since you are hungry, you should eat! Or are you going to waste the food?” asked Scarlett as she raised her bow and looked at the girl with disdain.

She was waiting for the girl to say that she could not eat the food so that she could exaggerate how she had insulted the food most of the vampires eat.

She had intentionally not cooked the meat at all when they themselves ate the medium done steak.

Hazel looked at the dishes, even when there were a few other dishes too, most of them were looking uncooked and strange that she lost all her appetite just by looking at them.

But to think that she would lose so easily, then how would she be able to survive this place all her life. A look of determination filled her eyes and a sweet smile crept up to her lips that surprised Scarlet who was enjoying her misery.

“Of course, I am hungry too. but since this is my first meal. Should I not deserve a special menu than an ordinary one?”

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