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Isiah knew from the beginning that Ethyl was a very dangerous girl yet somehow he always ended up being stuck with her in these types of situations like she was pulling him to be next to her in the zone of danger.

"Elysium …huh!"He repeated quietly as if he was talking to himself.

" Why???..do you think that I can't get there with my powers..you useless thing !" Now she was furious.

"You have higher expectations of yourself " Isiah stated.

"Because I know my abilities " .

Isiah stared at Ethyl with a lot of thoughts in his mind, yet he didn't say a thing that's is until she pointed at his house and said:" Here, princess…this your castle, this time try to protect it with your soul because the next time you wouldn't find anyone who fixes for you" .

"You Don't have to remind me of how much I am hated in this region "

"This region???this region,Isiah Duncan ???You are hated in all regions ".

"Right …I forgot about that," He said while passing his fingers through his dark hair.

Ethyl smiled then waved at him and went on her way while he just kept his eyes on her all that time . 𝒷𝓮𝒹𝓃ℴ𝓿𝓮𝓁.𝓬𝓸𝓂

Now he knows perfectly that what he learned about this world was just half truths along the way, he hated his stupidity and innocence for believing what everyone told him blindly….

Isiah knew from the beginning that Ethyl was a very dangerous girl yet somehow he always ended up being stuck

He wasn't the type of person to be fooled but this time he felt like that because Ethyl's rage towards the system wasn't just something superficial, something she would just say and risk her peaceful life in this region.

Her tone, her expressions, her goals, she was certainly a rebel.

Everything about her speaks of chaos, unlike his brother who kept silent even after bringing hell to the old globe.

He sighed then entered his house, there was a big mess yet he chose to spend time cleaning there instead of following the girl who knew much better than him about this mysterious world.

Her higher goal is to destroy the system when she reaches Elysium, Elysium is the higher region of the old globe, all he knows about it is that it is inhabited by the higher-ranked mages in this world and that no one knows about what is in there.

It is the center of commandment because the higher mage lives there and he rules the whole region from there.

That's all that they studied in the institution, it was all just a blur .

and for a girl like her to be interested in such a goal was something unbelievable, it is either she was following someone's order or that she had someone she knew in that place .

Isiah cursed after two hours of cleaning when he found himself still thinking about her ulterior motives, he couldn't just shake his thoughts of what she said.

She would be executed if she said those words to someone else but she chose to tell him of her thoughts as if she knew that he won't tell anyone.

Isiah wondered a bit about his parents, if they arrived at their destination or if they were still moving but not for too long, after all, it was their decision to leave him behind.

The next morning Isiah went to the institution in his dirty clothes . Somehow some of his clothes survived the fire because they were in the basement. Most of the things that were there were still safe but they smelled burned.

Samuel was very surprised when he saw him so he said:" I thought that you were on the list of the dead people of the triple full moon, woaaaaah you must have seven souls like cats".

Isiah ran the moment he heard his sarcasm and punched him on the face, Samuel's lips bleed immediately but he did,'t stop fighting with him until Samuel threw him out of the window when he felt trapped by him and his physical strength.

Yep, the only way for Samuel to win this fight was to use his magic and that's what he did .

Their class was on the third floor but even with that Samuel just waved his hand and threw Isiah naturally …

A lot of their colleagues started shouting and yelling at Samuel because he had gone too far with that fight yet no one stopped him …

Isiah yelled when he saw that he was thrown out of the window yet he didn't have the power to do anything.

He feared the impact when he realized what was happening, closing his eyes was the right thing to do, he died once before, a tragic death witnessed by all the disciples of his parents' cult.

This death was just very normal to him, he wanted to look at the region above him for the last time so he looked briefly to the sky then the impact happened.

"What happened here?Who is responsible for what happened to him ….oh my god …Isiah ….what happened???? …..Who did this …Just tell me who did this to him ???"....

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That voice was very familiar to Isiah yet he didn't recognize it, he couldn't even open his eyes to see who was crying on top of him.

" Isiah open your eyes….Don't die on me like this ….Isiah I am here, I am not going to let anything hurt you …please open your eyes…"

That person was now touching his face with kind touches as if he was going to break with a wrong gesture.

" There is a lot that I need to tell you …if you die on me like this I will bring you from the dead and kill you again …you understand !!...Isiah …I am here…open your eyes …I swear to you …I will never let anything hurt you like this …I promise you …just …answer me "

Isiah thought that because of that impact he would feel pain at least but seconds from losing consciousness Isiah didn't know anything nor feel anything…

He just surrendered to the power of his body and shut down completely .

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