First Stygian Diviner:Apocalypse

Chapter 14 The Triple Full Moons-Part 1
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After two hours from the sunset, there was no one outside to witness the new triple full moon, everyone on Delwias Island hid somewhere to protect themselves.

Officially, the triple full moon has begun.

Johnathan closed the basement door firmly and went to sit next to Lisa, but Isiah kept moving around anxiously, he just couldn't get used to this event. The noises and screams outside were loud and the fact that they were trapped here is making him go crazy.

His father was leaning with his back to the wall, his face was devastated with guilt, and his mother was resting her head on his shoulder with her eyes closed. He couldn't figure out what she was thinking about, but somehow it would always lead to Lucas.

It was the only night that he hear his parents yell and blame his brother since he found out about him in school.

" That bastard must be enjoying himself somewhere, and we are here forced to cope with the mess he made", Johnathan yelled.

" We shouldn't call him family, after all, he tried to kill us and he didn't even apologize or even come back after what happened, we wanted him to be our pride but he threw our hopes and crushed them under his feet", His mom added while holding his father's hand.

"Lucas…maybe he took that turn with his life because of something", Isiah muttered.

Johnathan stood right away and walked towards him with anger in his eyes, Isiah retreated but Johnathan grabbed his collar and punched his face, and he fell to the ground despite his physical power.

His dad was looking at him from above disgusted with him, he knew that look at least.

Isiah noticed the blood on his lower lip, so he wiped it with his sleeve, then looked at his dad blaming him in silence . be𝚍no𝚟𝚎l.𝚌𝚘m

His mother didn't even try to move him away from him, she just left him there giving him a lesson.

" What is the reason that drives someone with a respected family to destroy the world, he is evil and that's it, you don't need a reason, if you are trying to give him some shameless reasons then you are just like him, he was someone with high powers we couldn't stop him or even stop the consequences but you …you are weak, useless, amature, stupid….you can't be like him even if you work your ass off, he had powers that's why he did that? you don't have anything and that's why you need to keep your mouth shut ".

Isiah couldn't look at his father's face as he was talking angrily that way, in this closed space he just couldn't resist or even talk, he had to crawl down away to save himself for the night .

A few hours later, his father was talking with his mother about the noises and screams outside .

The fact that he didn't have the luxury to leave them even when they mistreated him was suffocating him .

He tried to close his eyes more then once but he couldn't, the bruise on his right cheek hurted him alot, and the atmosphere was so compressed to the point where being outside with the monsters was merciful for him then being with his parents .

His senses were almost numb because he was too tired to concentrate on anything, but he smelled a faded smell of burning, at first, he thought that he was imagining that, but by the time the scent was getting stronger so he stood flattering around .

Isiah couldn't even stand still, he was dizzy and his vision was blurry.It felt like his lungs weren't doing their natural job.

He looked at his parents as they were asleep, they were really something because they could sleep in such a situation.

The scent was getting stronger and this time he confirmed that something was burning upside down, he tried to wake his parents but he couldn't.

It must be that they inhaled a lot of carbon dioxide and that's why they fainted, he checked their pulse to confirm that they are still alive .

He then started to move towards the door at the end of the stairs, the heat increasing with every stair he ascended .

He tried to break the door but it was too difficult, he had no magical powers and the only thing he could do was try to break it physically even when he was in this state .

He cursed a few times when he couldn't break it but he didn't give up, this life mattered to him and he didn't even get the chance to live it fully .

Until now he was just trying to adapt to this new world without grabbing attention from him, even now he was clueless about a lot of things.

For the past sixteen years he just lived in survival mode, he was born with a terrible fate as Lucas's brother, banned from using magic in a world that was already doomed before he reincarnated .

But the only thing that crossed his mind this time was that he didn't live, he spent his first life as a traitor to his parents' cult and this time as a traitor to his people .

In both lives, he just managed to breathe for another day.

He liked a few things back then like his favorite game and web novel, but here all he liked was the look of the region upon him .

The temptation to ascend even when he had no powers .

He hit the door aggressively a few more times until the lock broke and he managed to open it widely. What surprised him the most was the scene of his burning house.

The flames were so high and they burned everything inside the house, the heat itself was burning his skin, and his face turned black because of the carbon the moment he set foot there, and the hissing sound of fire frightened him a lot .

The place smelled like burning wood, smoke, and ash.

There was no other way out there without magic, he screamed for help but he couldn't hear anyone around .

He went back to the basement and closed the door, at least like this he will not die because of the burning, he will die suffocated and then burned after .

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