Farmer's Wife Has Magic Skills

Chapter 126 - 126: The Imperial Edict Is Here
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Chapter 126: The Imperial Edict Is Here

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Tan Xueqing’s eyes were filled with worry. He stared at Chu Qingzhi for a while and said, “Miss Chu, I have a request.”

Chu Qingzhi said politely, “Please tell me.”

Tan Xueqing took a deep breath. “I want to ask you to be my guard.”

Chu Qingzhi was speechless.

“Pardon me for asking, but why are you looking for a guard?” Suddenly, she felt that this “girl” in front of her was not a transvestite, but there was something else. Or rather, he had no choice but to dress up as a girl.

Tan Xueqing stammered, “i…”

Chu Qingzhi softened her voice. “Is there anything you can’t tell me?”

Tan Xueqing nodded and lowered his eyes. This was a matter that concerned his life, so he couldn’t say it casually. “Miss, you’re skilled in martial arts. As long as you agree to be my guard, money is nothing.”

Chu Qingzhi was silent for a moment before saying tactfully, “It’s not a matter of money. Moreover, 1 have too many things to do at home and can’t leave. I don’t think it’s that difficult for you to find a powerful guard.”

Tan Xueqing could tell that Chu Qingzhi was rejecting him. He was very disappointed. “Yes, there are many powerful guards I can find, but none of them are as trust-worthy of you.”

Chu Qingzhi said apologetically, “Miss Tan, I really can’t help you.”

Tan Xueqing clenched his fists tightly in his snow-white sleeves. “Miss Chu, the reason I fell into the river that day was because someone pushed me.”

Chu Qingzhi looked up and lowered her voice. “Someone wants to kill you?”

Tan Xueqing nodded. “Yes, that’s why 1 want to find a guard.”

It seemed like it was really as she had guessed. The entire matter was not simple… Chu Qingzhi thought for a moment. “How about this? I’ll think of a way to help you find two guards. What do you think?”

Tan Xueqing liked Chu Qingzhi to be his guard. “Miss Chu, can’t you do it yourself?”

She was really too busy. “I’m sorry. I really can’t.”

Tan Xueqing was extremely disappointed. Even the light in his eyes dimmed a little. “Since Miss Chu is unwilling, I’ll take my leave.”

Chu Qingzhi stood up. “I’ll send you off.”

Tan Xueqing couldn’t help but ask again, “Miss Chu, is it really impossible?” πš‹πšŽο½„ο½Žο½πšŸπšŽο½Œ.n𝚎𝚝

Chu Qingzhi said, “Sorry.”

In the blink of an eye, it was noon.

Chu Qingyue and Chu Qingshuang came back together. On the way, they met Tang Jinghong.

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After Tang Jinghong entered the village, he hesitated for a moment before deciding to go to Tang Shan’s house.

His father did not treat him well, but as a son, he could not return evil for evil.

He stopped in front of Tang Shan’s house and called out, “Father, it’s time to go to Qingzhi’s house for lunch.”

Tang Shan was too ashamed to go out and face the villagers. “Jinghong, I’m not feeling well, so I won’t go. Don’t worry about me.”

Tang Jinghong lowered his eyes. “Okay.” Then, he left.

The village elder, the village chief, and the matchmaker were all talking at Chu Qingzhi’s home.

As soon as Tang Jinghong returned, lunch started.

Chu Qingzhi walked towards Tang Jinghong and looked behind him. Out of courtesy, she asked, “Where’s Uncle Tang?”

Everyone looked over.

Tang Jinghong said to everyone, “He’s not feeling well. He said that he won’t be coming over to eat. He asked us to eat.”

Everyone present knew that Chu Lianghong had scolded Tang Shan badly today, so they didn’t find it strange that Tang Shan didn’t come.

The village elder smiled and waved at the two of them. “Jinghong, Qingzhi, come and sit here.”

The village elder sat at the head of the main table. In the past, the elders would sit at the main table, but today was the betrothal banquet. The new couple was the protagonist, so they naturally had to sit at the main table.

The two of them obediently sat on the village elder’s right hand.

The table was filled with all kinds of delicacies, emitting a fragrant smell.

Tang Jinghong took a wine pot and poured wine for everyone. “Elder, have a drink.”

The village elder took the wine bowl with a smile. “Jinghong, you and Qingzhi are very compatible. The more I look at the two of you, the more I like you. You have to treat Qingzhi well.”

Tang Jinghong smiled and replied, “1 will.”

After filling everyone’s bowl, Tang Jinghong stood up to toast. Chu Qingzhi also stood up.

Tang Jinghong said, “Thank you all for coming today. Thank you, Uncle Chu and Auntie, for agreeing to let me be with Qingzhi. Don’t worry, no matter what happens in the future, I will protect Qingzhi well.”

Li Qingyu looked at Tang Jinghong with fondness. “Jinghong, with your words, I’m relieved. Let’s eat and drink.”

Everyone drank together.

Grandpa Chu said, “Everyone, eat. Qingzhi made all the dishes today. My granddaughter’s dishes are delicious. Everyone is in for a treat today.” He was full of praise for his grand-daughter..

The village elder said, “Chu Tai, with such a granddaughter, you can brag for the rest of your life.”

Grandpa Chu was delighted. “Hahaha, it’s everyone’s blessing to have Qingzhi in our village.”

After Fang Zerong finished his meal, he sat under the big tree in the courtyard to rest. Suddenly, he saw a soldier riding into the village. He quickly walked out. “What happened?”

The soldier dismounted. “Doctor, there’s an imperial edict from the capital.”

Fang Zerong’s expression immediately turned serious. “Wait a moment. I’ll call the general immediately.”

After lunch, Tang Jinghong was helping clean the bowls.

Fang Zerong walked closer and whispered to him what had happened.

Tang Jinghong’s expression immediately turned solemn. He said in a low voice, “Go out and prepare. We’ll return to the military camp immediately.”


Tang Jinghong brought Chu Qingzhi to the side. “I have to go back to the military camp to receive the imperial edict. I have to leave immediately.”

The imperial edict must be about something serious… Chu Qingzhi did not ask further. She hugged Tang Jinghong. “Be careful. Let me know if anything happens.”

Tang Jinghong smiled and said, “Okay.”

Chu Qingzhi sent Tang Jinghong and the others to the village entrance.

Tang Jinghong hugged Chu Qingzhi, then quickly got on the horse and left.

Chu Qingzhi stood on the spot and watched him leave. Now that they were engaged, she couldn’t help but be worried about him.

Chu Eighth ran over. “Fifth Sister, has Brother Jinghong left?”

Chu Qingzhi walked back with Chu Eighth. “He’s left. What’s wrong?”

Chu Eighth teased, “I knew you would be sad to see him leave, so I came over to comfort you.”

Chu Qingzhi pinched Chu Eighth’s face. “You’re so mischievous.”

Chu Eighth ran while dodging.. “Hahaha, I was right!”

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