Face-Slapping System

Chapter 30 Delecious!
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Butler Frank and Gordon hesitated. Their Master said that it was his new recipe, shouldn't it be him who gets the first taste?

Seeing them hesitate, Roland could only laugh as he said, "Don't worry about it. Judge its taste for me. I plan to make this fried chicken as the main dish in the soon to be established restaurant."

Hearing that, Butler Frank's eyes lit up while Gordon had a confused expression on his face. Seeing his reaction, Butler Frank proceeded to fill him with the details of what happened earlier after getting Roland's approval.

Gordon nodded his head upon hearing that. Now, he was even more curious about the taste of the fried chicken that smelled delicious even from afar.

Seeing them still hesitating to taste it, Roland just shook his head as he took the thigh with bare hands.

Crackle! Crackle!

The moment Roland took the first bite, a melodious crunch was immediately heard over their ears.

A batch of flavors and species then assaulted his mouth, as juices that came from the chicken meat melted inside his mouth.

'Delicious!' π˜£π˜¦π‘‘π˜―π˜°π˜·π˜¦π‘™.π˜―π‘’π˜΅

Roland had nothing but praise for his work. It was his honest opinion. The recipe provided by the System was indeed top-notch. The result was delicious and Roland was sure that it would become hotcake once it was out.

Not to mention his cooking skill that went from zero to hero in an instant, the System was indeed very powerful.

Seeing Roland's expression of delight, Gordon and Butler Frank gulped a mouthful of their saliva in envy.

Finally, as a chef, Gordon could no longer hold it. He wanted to try the chicken so badly after smelling its unique aroma.

"M-may I?" He asked with a soft voice.

It was just earlier that he tried to stop his master from cooking, and now, he was actually trying to taste his cooking himself. Gordon felt a little ashamed for some reason.

"Go ahead. And do tell me your honest opinion about it," Roland replied.

Gordon no longer wasted any more time after hearing Roland's consent.

Butler Frank also did not hold back his urge and went to pick a piece of fried chicken from the plate.

Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!

The melodious sound of the fried chicken cracking inside their mouth was very pleasant to the ears in a unique way. When it comes to fried chicken, the crunchier the crust was, the better. And it was apparent that Roland attained the crunchy state that any chef would want to achieve.

For chef's like Gordon, such cracking sound was simply music to the ears.

The juice of the meat melted inside his mouth. Like a youth who found his life, Gordon closed his eyes as he savored the taste. He felt like he was in a field of flowers, eating the delicious fried Golden Phoenix of legends.

Although Butler Frank's reaction was not as intense… and exaggerated as Gordon, it was still apparent that he enjoyed the fried chicken.

"Well, how was it?" Roland asked with a smile.

"This is simply delicious and out of the world. The crispy crust on the outside and soft and juicy meat inside is simply magical. How did you achieve this? This is a miracle!"

Gordon spoke with his mouth full of chicken meat.

He simply could not stop himself from stuffing a big piece of meat inside his mouth.

"Allow me to speak informally, Master, but like what Chef Gordon stated, the taste of this fried chicken is simply a miracle. For a moment, I even thought I was eating a Magical Beast-. Apologies, I misspoke." Butler Frank also stated his honest opinion but abruptly stopped a moment later.

"Haha, don't worry about such trivial things. So? How is it? Do you guys think that it can represent our local restaurant?"

"Master Roland, not only will he be able to represent a restaurant in this kind of city. In my opinion, I think this would still become a top product in a C-Grade City." Gordon said, a piece of chicken meat was still in his mouth.

Now, and more than ever, he no longer believed that Roland was not a chef. If you were not a chef with this kind of recipe, what do you think of my cooking then? Just a child playing house?

Butler Frank nodded his head, "Well, selling it in a C-Grade City is an exaggeration, but I don't think it will have a problem of gaining a top spot in other cities below C-Grade."

"Is that so? That's good then, I'm reassured of that," Roland nodded before letting out a small laugh.

Of course, he knew from the start that it would become popular.

Byran and Anna's doom was imminent. Roland could already picture their state once his plan was slowly implemented. With his heart set in stone, there was no pity in his eyes as he thought of their destruction.

With the recipe's delicious taste being confirmed, Roland finally set his eyes to the System prompt earlier.


Meanwhile, in the fast-food restaurant where Roland was fired, Gustav looked at the blue Cord Pick Up truck that had just parked in the restaurant's parking area.

Bryan and Anna disembarked from the pick-up truck and went inside the restaurant together.

Gustav clicked his tongue in annoyance as he went forward to receive them.

Bryan and Anna sat at the table near the cashiering area.

"Good afternoon, Sir, Ma'am!" Gustav smiled as he nodded to them faintly.

"Where's Roland?" Anna immediately asked.

Gustav paused for a moment before he answered, "Sir, Ma'am, as you've ordered, Roland no longer worked here as I already fired him just earlier."

Hearing that, a victorious smile blossomed on Anna's face.

"That's a very good thing. Hmmp, good for him," Anna said with a smirk.

She then ignored Gustav and inserted her arms around Bryan's waist as she asked, "Baby, can we order now? I especially like the chicken breast of this branch."

"You said that you will buy me everything, right?"

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