Face-Slapping System

Chapter 22 Smacked!
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Hearing the boss scolding, Gonzalo could not help but tremble in fear.

'That kid is actually the real deal?'

"D-don't worry boss, I'll let them enter immediately"

"Hell yeah you will, or else, not only you, even my security company would be in trouble."

Gonzalo did not even wait for the boss to end the call when he hurriedly ran back towards the cheap sedan.

His expression was grim and gloomy as he faced Stacey and Roland.

"Ma'am, Sir, I-I'm sorry for the d-delay, you may now enter as you please," he said as he gestured towards the Sea Anemone District.

His tone was very soft, as if afraid that he will accidentally raise his voice and end up acquiring more ire from Stacey and Roland.

On the other hand, the security guard from earlier was gob smacked after hearing the chief express an apology to the fakes. He thought that they did not deserve it and what's more, the chief actually wanted them to pass?

Was it due to the phone call earlier done by the gigolo? Was the chief bribed by the other party?

No, this is unforgivable. In their line of work, the safety and peace of the Sea Anemone District lies on their hands. If the chief accepted a bribe, didn't that mean that there was no pride in their line of work now?

"Chief, I'm telling you. You should set an example to others and don't let others bribe you that easily," he looked at the chief with disappointment in his eyes.

"By the way chief, how much did you receive? I'm running low-"


A crisp sound of a palm hitting the back of the head resounded in mid-air.

Not only the security guard, even Stacey and Roland were surprised by the sudden turn of events.

"Chief wh-"


"Chief w-"




"..." ο½‚ο½…πšπš—πš˜ο½–ο½…πš•οΌŽο½ƒπš˜πš–


The security guard: (β•₯_β•₯)

'What the hell is wrong with you? I haven't even said a word yet.'

The next moment, after the last smack, Chief Gonzalo suddenly held the security guard's nape before pressing it down and together, the two of them made a ninety-degree bow.

The security guard then heard chief Gonzalo's whisper, "That is the fucking owner of the most expensive villa in Sea Anemone District. Now, stay quiet if you don't want the two of us to become jobless the next moment."

The security guard went from (β•₯_β•₯) to (O_O;).

"Please enjoy your stay in the Sea Anemone District, Ma'am and Sir. If you ever need anything, just call our emergency line and we will do our best to satisfy your needs, anytime, anywhere."

Gonzalo presented the best and the most amiable smile he could make as his other hand grasped the security guard's nape in place next to him with a ninety-degree bow.

"Go! Go!"

Roland also urged Stacey to drive forward and enter the Sea Anemone District already. He was shocked by the smacking, and he was afraid that they would get implicated in the next moment.

Fortunately, he already achieved his goal.


[You have successfully face-slapped a person: +10 FS Points]

[You have successfully face-slapped a person: +10 FS Points]

[You have successfully face-slapped a person with one witness: +5 FS Points]

Seeing his gains, Roland could not help but praise himself.

This time, he actually nailed two targets in one go. This face-slapping event was indeed fruitful.

A huge smile hung on his face as Stacey drove forward within the speed limit.

However, before the sedan moved a few meters, Roland suddenly remembered something. He extended his head out of the window as he shouted at the top of his lungs, "Oh right, about you eating a shit earlier, are you really man enough to do it?"

The security guard who just recovered a little staggered back and fell to his butt with a loud thud.


[You have successfully face-slapped a person: +10 FS Points]

[You have successfully face-slapped a person with two witnesses: +10 FS Points]

A hint of surprise and then a huge smile appeared on Roland's face as he stared at the unexpected reward.

Seeing his huge smile also made Stacey shake her head. From yesterday's event and today, she now has an idea on what game Roland was playing.

He was playing as the pig to eat the tiger.

No wonder he decided to act poor. No wonder he doesn't dress lavishly. It turns out that he just wants to show-off his wealth in an unusual manner.

'Indeed, the rich are indeed eccentric in their ways.' Stacey could not help but think to herself.

"Oh right, Roland. Which villa are we going to again? Pure Dew?"

Roland's ecstasy was cut-off from Stacey's interruption. However, he did not mind it a bit and just nodded his head, "Yeah, Pure Dew Villa."

Stacey nodded her head, fortunately, there were directional signs everywhere in the Sea Anemone District. There was no need to worry about getting lost inside at all.

On their way, Roland saw a lot of huge houses every few dozen meters on the road. Each of them was so ridiculously big that Roland could not even estimate their size.

They each had their own gate and trees that complimented the house, each of them was captivating to the eye.

Seeing the houses or other villas nearby was very intoxicating for Roland who grew up in an orphanage in a remote village.

Seeing the luxurious villas also made him anticipate the size and luxury of his million-dollar villa. He wondered if it was any bigger than the house they passed by. In fact, even if it was just half their size, Roland would actually not mind at all.

What Roland did not know was that the Pure Dew Villa that the System rewarded was actually the most expensive, the biggest, and the most luxurious villa of all the Sea Anemone District.

However, was the million-dollar villa, the Pure Dew Villa really that small? Nope, it would not do the global dollars used to buy the villa any justice at all.

In fact, the reason why it remained unsold until the System 'bought' it was just because it was very pricey and that no one in their sane mind would buy such a villa that could already be compared to their entire wealth.

Only insanely rich people would dare to buy such a villa in such a remote city like the Fore City- an H-Grade City.

However, none of them would have guessed that the person who owned the villa right now was actually just a college student who was only renting an illegal apartment since a day ago.

On the other hand, after thirty minutes of driving, Stacey and Roland finally arrived at the most anticipated Pure Dew Villa.


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