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Conjuring Challenge.

It was a pretty common term amongst the mages who liked to compete against others.

It is a simple type of competitive event that is made by two mages. In the game, it was a challenge where you would need to read the spell that was shown to you, and then you would try to conjure the spell.

If your character was on the wizard route and you had increased your comprehension of the character, then you would be easily winning these fights.

The principle behind this challenge is inspired by the quick weapon draw legend of Wild West duels, where two gunslingers would face each other, and the faster one to draw the weapon would get the shot.

This was the same.

You would face your enemy, and then when the mark is given, you would conjure the spell given to you. And when you conjure your spell faster than your enemy and hit him with it, you will simply wind the challenge.

That was how this worked.

And here we were, in front of the crowd.

"Fine, if you insist, but don't expect me to go easy on you, junior!"

With those words, a quick stall was formed, and the rules were started being explained.

Melissa, the level-headed leader of the Wizardry Club, stepped forward to explain the rules of the Conjuring Challenge to the growing crowd that had gathered around us. She held a small crystal orb in her hand, which would be used to signal the start of the challenge.

"Alright, everyone," Melissa began, her voice clear and authoritative. "Here are the rules for the Conjuring Challenge. Callius and Jonas will both be given a spell to conjure. They must read the incantation and perform the spell as quickly and accurately as possible. Only the spell given to them should be used. For any spell that is different than the given one used, disciplinary action will be taken. The first one to successfully conjure the spell wins the round." ๐’ทโ„ฏ๐’น๐“ƒ๐“ธ๐“ฟโ„ฏ๐“.๐’ธโ„ด๐“ถ

She continued, "We'll have three rounds in total. If there's a tie after those rounds, we'll have a sudden-death round to determine the overall winner. The spells will be selected by the bracelet; therefore, we won't have any relation with it."

Of course, since this was an event that was widely known, the academy added a small function to the bracelets for this case. A random spell will be given to the students, which won't be the same as others but also won't be too rare.

Melissa then turned to Jonas and me. "Are you both ready?"


When she said those words, a ringing sound came, as well as the panel appearing before me.


You have been invited to the Conjuring Challenge by the overseer, Melissa. Do you accept?

Yes No


I nodded, my smirk still in place while clicking on the button. "Absolutely."

Since Melissa was going to be the overseer, everything was fine.

Jonas, his initial hesitation overcome by his wounded pride, also gave a determined nod.

"Very well," Melissa declared, raising the crystal orb. "Let the Conjuring Challenge begin!"

With that, she dropped the crystal, and the challenge was underway.

As Melissa dropped the crystal orb, a holographic panel appeared before me, displaying the details of the challenge. It was time to see what spell fate had chosen for us in this duel. The seconds ticked away in my mind.


Conjuring Challenge

Round 1 Spell: Flame Dart 2nd rank

Incantation: Ignis Telum, arrow of the flame, In my hand, I call your name. Swift and true, ignite your flight.

Begin Abort


My eyes quickly scanned the incantation and spelled the name. Flame Dart was a classic fire spell sightly derived from the normal fireball. The incantation, Ignis Telum, was straightforward. Even though I didn't know the exact mana pathways, I am sure it would never take too long.

"Begin!" Melissa announced, and the timer started counting down.

Without wasting a second, I focused my mana, reciting the incantation in my mind.


The familiar sensation of fire mana swirled around my hand as if I were connected to it. Since I had broken through the 5-star and acquired the characteristics of dragons, the race that was said to have mastered ancient magic, the speed of my casting increased rapidly.

I didn't even need to chant since the spell was pretty similar to a fireball; my mastery over basic magic was showing its strengths. In only a second, the outline of the spell formed at the tip of my fingers, a small dart of fire crackling to life.

'Hoโ€ฆ.You are still trying to understand that chant, how patheticโ€ฆ.' I couldn't help but shake my head inwardly, seeing the pathetic sight.

'Then, let me teach you a lesson.' Since he was just a dog of someone, it was my job to teach him how to behave next time.

<Ding! Artifact [Muramana] active.>

As I rapidly cast the Flame Dart spell, the audience began to murmur in amazement. My control over basic magic was evident, and my mastery over fire mana allowed me to conjure the spell swiftly.

However, as I continued to charge the spell with excess mana, some members of the audience began to sense that something was amiss. Whispers and hushed discussions spread through the crowd.

"He's overcharging it!"

"Is he trying to show off?"

But the rules of the Conjuring Challenge were clear. Once the challenge began, interference from the audience was not allowed. We were locked in a duel, and it was up to us to prove our magical prowess.

Seeing the reactions from the crowd, I smirked in response. I could see some hostile glares on me, clearly understanding what I was doing.

'Just watch you wretched dogs. This will just be the beginning.'

As my smirk widened with an additional surge of mana, I pushed the limits of the spell, causing it to expand and grow more powerful.

The Flame Dart transformed into a blazing projectile, its size and intensity far surpassing what was required for this simple challenge.

At this point, the spell had already reached the strength of peak 3-star rank.

Jonas, who had been preparing for his own attempt, watched with widening eyes as my spell became an uncontrollable inferno of fire magic.

"What are you doing?" He asked, his eyes widened, a clear sense of fear showing on his face.

Seeing this, I couldn't help but crack a laugh.


"Hey, senior." Looking at him with my fingers pointing at his face, I spoke. "Next time, don't be too obvious to sabotage. Your acting is hurting my eyes."

"What do-"

"And don't worry. I will come after the one holding your leashโ€ฆ. And will make sure that they are put into the wormhole they belong."


With a flick of my finger, I released the spell I had been holding.


"Dodge it!" Melissa shouted, realizing the danger.

But it was too late. The overcharged Flame Dart erupted from my hand, hurtling toward the target with incredible force and speed.


I could see the fear surrounding his face; it was fear and helplessness.


The overcharged Flame Dart slammed into the target with a deafening explosion of fire and heat. Flames erupted outward, and a shockwave rippled through the air.

The crowd gasped, helpless to do anything but watch the impending explosion. However, the thing was not the explosion.


It was the flames that weren't subsiding.


Jonas let out a scream of pain as the intense flames engulfed him, searing his clothing and skin. His body writhed in agony as he desperately tried to extinguish the fire that clung to him.

It was as if they were burning alive. At this point, the restrictions surrounding us had yet to be discarded since the duel had yet to end.

After all, the spell wasn't finished at allโ€ฆ.Since I was still supplying with my mana thanks to my artifact [Muramana.]

As the flames continued to burn, panic swept through the crowd. Melissa and the other members of the Wizardry Club redoubled their efforts, desperately wanting to cancel the duel and find a way, but they couldn't do anything. This was a restriction given by the bracelet of the academy, after all.

"He's burning! Someone help him!"

"Call the instructors; this is clearly a breach of the duel."

The voices of the onlookers filled the air with urgency and concern, but their efforts were in vain.

"It hurts, it hurtsโ€ฆ..IT HURTS!"

Jonas's screams of agony pierced the chaos, a horrifying soundtrack to the unfolding tragedy. His body contorted and writhed in the merciless fire, his eyes wide with terror.

"Why are you doing this?"

"Callius, stop! You're going to kill him!"

Amidst the turmoil, Melissa in the crowd attempted to communicate with me, their voices filled with fear and confusion.

"You want to learn why I am doing this, correct? Then, let's start the interrogation."

With a smirk on my face, I approached our 'senior.'

"Senior, if you talk about why you were trying to sabotage the club, I may consider extinguishing these fires...

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