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52 Evil Haughty

Jay ordered Beta and Gamma to go to holy and dark factions and bring their elders and leaders, and also to empty the treasury. While ordering Alpha to kill a few people from the martial academy, and do the same with their treasury.

With their strength of cultivation level at the Heavenly realm, with alpha being at the 2nd stage and the other two at the 1st stage, it was a piece of cake for them to deal with people in this world. Even more so after turning into vampires, which increased their strength by a lot.

Currently, Jay was standing in front of more than thirty men and women who were slowly regaining their consciousness.

" Wh-Where am I? "

" I remember being surrounded by darkness, then everything became still. "

" What? Dark faction is here too? "

" Who are you? "

As soon as they came to their senses, all of them started questioning each other and shouting in fear. Few of them looked at Jay, dread filling their heart, but still mustering their courage they asked:

" S-Senior, why do bring us all here? " the leader of the holy faction asked, bowing respectfully in front of Jay.

" Obviously, to ask you a few questions, and then maybe kill you. " Jay replied with a non-chalant expression.


Hearing his words, all of them were left speechless, gritting his teeth the leader of the dark faction stepped forward:

" Senior, we'll answer honestly whatever you ask, but please spare our worthless lives. "

" Hmmmm... "

Jay paused for a few seconds and looked into their eyes one by one, making them all feel as if they were absolutely naked in front of him like nothing could stay hidden from his eyes.

" Why do want Alice to join your factions? " Jay asked looking at both the leaders one by one.

They pondered for a few moments and then the leader of the holy faction answered in a sincere tone:

" Because of her high cultivation talent, if she joins our group we will help her reach heights she could never even imagine. "

" Oh, Is that true? I guess I was wrong about you guys, then I will help you persuade Alice to join your faction. " Hearing Jay's words, both of the leaders heaved a sigh of relief, and a smile of triumph rose on their faces that lasted just for a couple of seconds. π›π—²π—±π§π—Όπ―π—²π—ΉοΌŽπ§πžπ˜

" DON'T FUCK WITH ME, AND TELL ME THE TRUTH THIS INSTANT, BEFORE I TURN YOU ALL INTO MINCE MEAT. "Jay's voice thundered in the prison cell, taking all of them off guard.

" Ah... Um... We... We wanted to perform dual cultivation with her, with the help of her heaven-defying physique, our cultivation speed could increase by leaps and bounds. " Feeling fear for his life, the holy faction leader replied leaving the leader of the dark faction dumbfounded.

" Ah, is that why you tried to poison her? " Jay asked in a calm voice.

" What poison? What are you talking about? " Both looked confused and asked Jay.

" Haa, enough of your rubbish just go to sleep, an eternal sleep. " Jay said while raising his right hand slightly.

" Don't overstretch your limits, just be happy that we're giving you face. If we all are to attack you together, then surely even you would find it hard to defend. " the leader of the dark faction said, while coldly glaring at Jay.

" Hahahahahahaha, is that so? " Jay started laughing, holding his stomach, like he have heard the funniest joke. Then his eyes turned chilly, releasing an aura that froze everyone present there.

"ABSORB" Without giving them a chance to react, Jay absorbed all the people present there, leaving only five of them alive.

Due to the huge difference in their strength, he didn't need to kill them first. Soon enough, more than twenty corpses fell to the ground, dried like a rotten fruit.

Jay looks at the remaining five and speaks in a voice that leaves no room for any discussion: "SCRAM"

Hearing that word, all of them felt as if they were given a second chance in life, without uttering a word they ran for their dear life.

Jay sighed, he wanted to just kill them all, but the happy ego in him wanted to spare them as they were all innocent. He knew it won't be long before he have to kill even the innocents, but unless he don't have a choice he don't want to get into a quarrel in his head.

Jay looked at all the storage rings in his hands, in which about 624 were filled to the brim, with all kinds of treasures, gold, diamonds, potions and many other things. He thought about his life just a few months ago, when he wasn't even sure of his next meal.

Jay laughs at the irony of life, but he knew nothing comes for free in this wretched world, if he got powers and wealth due to the orb then it will surely bring him even greater dangers.

Then he thinks about the eye that has been constantly monitoring him, with a shake of his head he sighs, he didn't have any idea who or what it could be.


Just after taking a few steps out of the prison cell, Jay felt a presence around him. He looked towards a desolate corner and speaks:

" Come out. "

On his order, a man wearing a servant uniform walks out of the corner, and after reaching in front of Jay, bows his head.

" I completed your task, sir. " the man speaks in his hoarse voice.

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" You did great, as expected of an assassin from Shadow group, I guess. "Jay said looking disdainful at the sight of this man.

" Your praise is wasted on me, sir. Do you have any further orders for me? " the assassin asks.

" No, not for now. Did anyone notice you mixing the pill in the food? " Jay asked as an evil smile formed on his face.

The assassin looked directly at his face and seeing his devilish look trembled violently feeling as if he was seeing the devil's incarnation.

" N-No, sir. No one is aware of my presence. " the assassin replied stutteringly, barely holding back his tears.

"Good, Now then... " With the same devilish smile, Jay said, and then raised his hand:


" Noooooooooo " the assassin cried out in horror, but his voice soon died down as his lifeless body fell to the ground.

" Now, that's mission complete. " Jay said and started strolling back towards his room.

Although his other personality stops Haughty from appearing outside, still he was able to occasionally takes control of the body, but for very short instants.

On one such occasion, when the principal of the martial academy, Lincoln, had send an assassin to kill him, he took control of the body and instead of killing the assassin instantly he decided to use the assassin before discarding him.

So, before leaving for the ritual, he gave him a Qi-strengthening pill to mix with the food of the three women. He knew that to not feel lonely, Alice will surely call for Eleanor to eat with her and Eleanor would bring Sophie or/and Layla with her.

Alice and Eleanor, being vampires will be able to handle the energy in the pill, but with her lower cultivation, Sophie wouldn't. Her body reacted the way Jay estimated it to, and other doctors were not able to find anything wrong with her because there was actually nothing wrong with her. But if Jay didn't come in time, her body would have exploded due to excess amount of energy.

Jay knew the divine doctor would be easily able to handle the situation, but being one of the best doctors in this world, he wouldn't stay in the same place for too long. So, considering many scenarios he planned it all, and it worked out just fine, heck, in the end, he even got a scapegoat.

Sophie still may not have fallen for him too deeply, but it's just a matter of time before she forgot all about Peter and become his wife.

' Oh right, Peter, I hope he is enjoying his stay at the border of the kingdom. ' Jay thought.

On the day of his departure, he have sent Peter away, so he wouldn't be present there when Sophie would want to see him the most.

" Well, everything played out perfectly. Hahaha," he said to himself before laughing out loud.

His mood was bright, while humming a song and with large strides, he started to walk towards Sophie's room.

' I should feed my lovely Sophie, I almost forgot. ' Jay said feeling satisfied.

" Haa, where is my cute little Jay? " Anna said sighing.

" Woman, don't call me that, or I won't let that stupid to come out even for a second. " Jay said, irritated by Anna calling him cute.

Anna choose her right to remain silent card and just observed him.

Ignoring Anna, Jay hummed a song and walking on its beats he continued his strolling.

When he was about to reach Sophie's room, two female figures suddenly blocked his path.

Jay looked at Alice and Eleanor and was slightly confused by their bashful expressions.

" What's wrong with you two? " he asked, hearing his voice the bodies of both women twitched slightly.

Eleanor tried to muster her courage and spoke, but at the last instant, she turned her red face down and didn't even look at Jay directly.

Alice was looking embarrassed too, but always being as aggressive as she was, she was the first to speak. Taking in a deep breath, she spoke:

" T-There's a problem. A big problem, maybe. "

Hearing her words, Jay felt a headache coming on, still being patient he asked her:

" What problem? Is something wrong with you two? " Jay asked with a worried expression.

" Y-Yeah, actually we-we... " Eleanor tried to speak again but again failed to at the last moment.

" Okay, take a deep breath and tell me the issue, I'll definitely help you with it. " Jay said, taking a long breath himself.

" Okay, actually we're lactating. " Alice

" You what? " Jay


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