Ero Meter

Chapter 143 Lamb
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Chapter 143 Lamb

Jack moved out of Cassie's room and moved towards Nicole's room, he looked at Cassie's door once again and a slight smile formed on his face.

He had just had sex with Cassie and now she is sleeping in her room soundly.

He now wanted to go to Nicole as she asked him to be with her tonight.

He moved his hand to open the door, however before he could do so a voice sounded near him.

"Hello, bad boy..." It was a seductive and raspy voice coming from the right side of his body.

He turned his body around and in front of him stood a lady in red, she had dark red lipstick on her lips that shone brightly in the dimly lit hallway and her soft velvety red one-piece flowed around her curves seductively.

She was looking at Jack with a sensual devilish smile on her face.

"Vieva, What do you want now?" Jack raised his brows and asked.

Although she was looking seductive, Jack wasn't interested in her looks at all, and neither did he have any intention of sleeping with her.

He was alerted by her presence, he knew that she was not a normal lady and was very powerful.

She even killed the old beggar who could fly and teleport, Jack could only guess what would happen to him if he tried to piss her off or said anything wrong.

He might get killed before he has any chance of speaking up or resisting.

"Why are you acting so cold my dear?" She moved her hand gracefully and clipped her finger on Jack's chin.

Her mocking smile was still on her face.

Jack took a step back to move away from her and then let out a deep breath. He could feel her powerful aura just from her touch.

She was like a lioness and he was a rabbit in front of her, she didn't even wanna eat him because he was too weak.

"I am not your dear." Jack looked her in the eyes.

"Hahaha..." Vieva laughed while placing her hand over her mouth elegantly.

She was the definition of elegance and beauty by her actions and the way she carried herself. Like a true royal queen.

"Why are you trying to move away from me? Do I look that ugly?" She asked suddenly, as her smile disappeared from her face and she gazed into his eyes with intent.

Suddenly seeing her smile disappear sent a current run through Jack's spine, however, he didn't show it on his face.

He knew that showing weakness would be the last thing he would do in front of her and on this earth.

He stood his ground while meeting her gaze and just as he was about to say something a panel flashed in front of him.

[ 1. I told you that day that you looked ugly. (+1 Heart.)

2. No, you look beautiful. (-3 Hearts)]

Jack looked at the options and then seeing the results they would give he concluded one thing.

That Vieva didn't know about his power, or she would never fall for his words.

He then moved his head and looked at her head, he could see her Ero Meter on ninety-eight and one of her hearts was blue.

Which means that she has a negative heart for him. Jack didn't know the reason why she hated him so much, but he could solve that now.

He didn't wanna be on her bad side as he knew that it would not be a good idea right now, she was a powerful lady that could kill him any time.

She is even more powerful than Mr Wang and the Old Beggar.

'One day I will teach her a lesson...' Jack thought and decided.

He could see that she was playing with him and teasing him however she liked, she didn't even consider him to be a human, in her eyes, he was like a lamb to be slaughtered anytime.

And Jack didn't like this fact, he has self-respect for himself.

He chose the first option and focused on her eyes again.

"I already told you that day that you looked ugly," Jack said with a serious and dismissive tone, it was clear in his voice that he didn't want anything to do with Vieva.

She listened to his words and her slight smirk turned into a wide smile. She then tilted her head slightly and looked at him with a curious expression.

"You are the first guy that dares to act like this in front of me." She said and then turned her head to look out of the window.

She then sighed and rolled her eyes. "Don't piss me off after today, this is your last warning." She moved close to him with a smile on her face.

Jack was about to move away from her when suddenly a panel flew in front of him.

[1. Dodge her kiss. (-5 Hearts.) ๐—ฏ๐ž๐—ฑ๐—ป๐จ๐˜ƒ๐—ฒ๐—น.๐ง๐—ฒ๐˜

2. Let her kiss you. (+0 Hearts, +0 Ero Points.)

3. Get involved in the kiss and bite her lip. (+1 Heart.)]

Jack looked at the options and gulped his saliva, he knew that choosing the first option meant death.

Minus five hearts would definitely put him on her dead list and he won't be able to take his next breath after he moves away from her.

Taking in a deep breath he clicked on the third option.

Vieva moved towards him and then leaning her head down she started to suck on his lips while holding his head with both of her hands.

Jack also didn't hesitate and held her slim waist with both of his hands, his tongue struggled for a few seconds, however after that, his tongue moved inside her mouth and he started to savour her saliva.

Vieva's eyes widened in surprise when she felt his tongue in her mouth, she never thought that Jack would ever dare to get himself involved in his case.

However, what shocked her the most was the fact that he even bit her lip.

'I was right, he is different. Even better than that old frog, he would be fun to play with.'

She thought and moved away from him and then looked at his face with curiosity and a smile on her face.

In her eyes, Jack is a mysterious and unpredictable guy and although she is different, she is still a woman and her feminine nature soon wins over her and the mysterious nature of Jack roots an impression in her heart.

She never thought that the guy she intended to play with would play tricks on her.

"I will see you later..." She said and giggled, and with her giggles, she also disappeared in silence.

After she was gone, Jack let out a sigh and then moved towards Nicole's room.

"Why are you so late? I thought you wouldn't show up." Nicole opened the door with her hair dishevelled and her eyes groggy, she looked at Jack while rubbing one of her eyes.

She was wearing an oversized blue tee shirt and underneath it, Jack couldn't see anything.

"I always keep my promises." Jack moved into her room and kissed her on the lips while hugging her tightly.

He had just faced Vieva and now Nicole was in front of him, to him Nicole was more beautiful than Vieva.

"Mmm... Don't be naughty, I am not in the mood now." Nicole moved her lips away and stepped towards her bed with a pout on her face.

"What do you mean? Do you want me to punish you?" Jack moved towards her with a smile on his face.

Nicole leaned on the bed on her back and then she spread her legs apart to reveal her freshly shaven pussy.

She moved her legs in an 'M' Position that gave a full view of her pussy, then a shameful blush formed on her face.

A smile formed on Jack's face when he saw her arousing posture and then his penis started twitching in his pants.

Without waiting anymore he dropped his pants down and moved over her.

"Ahh... Daddy...." Nicole smiled and kissed him as her hands moved over his neck, she could feel his penis twitching against her opening, ready to rip her apart.

"I can't wait anymore... Daddy, please put it in." She also crossed her legs over his waist.

Jack didn't make her wait too much and soon positioned his penis on her opening.

His waist moved slowly and soon enough he inserted his dick deep inside her.


Nicole's head moved backwards as a satisfied smile formed on her penis inside and outside her vagina.

His hands grabbed hers and pinned them to the bed while he face, she had craving this the whole day and finally, she could have it all.

"Kiss me..." She said in an exasperated voice as she struggled to breathe because of the pleasure of his penis.

Jack leaned in and started sucking on her neck.

This served as even higher stimulation for Nicole and she started moaning even loudly.

"Ahh..." She moaned again and again as Jack started to piston his penis inside and outside her vagina.

His hands grabbed hers and pinned them to the bed while he assaulted her neck with his mouth, leaving red marks all over.

His waist continued to move and soon enough he released his sperm deep inside her vagina.

"whhha..." Nicole orgasmed loudly as she felt wave after wave of endorphins rushing below her skin.

Her nipples turned sensitive and when they brushed against his chest through her teeshirt, it sent a thrill through her body.

"I need more..." After gaining some composure she looked him in the eyes and demanded more attention from him.


Outside their house, a black raven with red eyes sat over the trees as it looked towards the mansion.

After some time it flapped its wings and then disappeared into the black sky.

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