Dungeon of Pride, Laplace

Chapter 638 638- Invitation (3)
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The prison was created at the insistence of the Valkyries who said that the dungeon needed one for keeping criminals who have committed crimes so heinous that even death was forgiveness for them.

For the first time, all the Valkyries were of the same opinion. Even Annette who he created to be the most sensible and smart out of all, didn't want to budge down from this matter.

Thus with them insisting so much, Simon had no choice but to create an underground prison just below the training floor. Although keeping these already pitiful demihumans in those dark gloomy cells was a little offputting, Simon had no choice for now.

Keeping them on the Main floor was out of the question, as for the forest spirit village, he couldn't say with a hundred percent guarantee that these demihumans who had suffered so much, wouldn't suddenly snap on innocent the forest spring spirits.

The latter did not even have any combat abilities to defend themselves as such, he would only be inviting trouble to their village if he brought them there.

The [workshop] was far too important of a floor for his dungeon hence it was a no go too. After a process of elimination, the prison was the only place he could keep them until he decided what to do with them.

The [helpers] delightedly nodded their heads at his order and looked at Simon with stars in their eyes. It seemed like they saw his action as an act of benevolence.

Done with his task after handing the demihumans to the [helpers], Simon teleported back to his office inside the white palace and got to work.

That said, for the latter half of the day, the demihumans were still stuck in his mind. This was not the first case of demihumans being found or entering his dungeon. Although in this case, this was the first time he found a group alive.

Usually, in other cases, they would be used as porters, baits or even meat shields for the adventurers to pave their way ahead. Be that may, in all of the cases they were used as expendables that were discarded after they ran out of their use.

It was not just one or two teams that were using demihumans slaves, but numerous guilds that came to the tower town from the surrounding kingdoms after getting attracted over the prospect that the dungeon brought.

In the present, the dungeon exploration had changed completely from the past. Every guild and team are now using slaves whether humans, demihumans or even monsters to progress their exploration. 𝙗𝒆𝒅𝙣𝒐𝙫𝒆𝙑.π’π™šπ™©

The tower town too, had changed from what it used to be. With more and powerful guilds establishing their base in the town, the Adventurer Association branch was no longer as powerful as before.

They could neither monitor nor keep every guild in check. As such, many shady organisations and activities have started making their way into the town. One of these shady organisations was the slave trading.

The demihuman, human and monster slaves that are being used by the adventurers to tackle the dungeon, are brought and supplied by these very organisations. To put it bluntly, the tower town had become more of a lawless and ruffian place these days.

What was Simon going to do? For the time being he has no intention of doing anything. The tower town might be lawless, but it was functioning more effectively than before. As long as these activities did not harm his DP income, he had no plans of interfering.

That said, if he planned on creating cities inside the dungeon in the future, he would have to do something about things like this.



Simon was calmly going over all the tasks that he had to complete. The job of the dungeon master was quite hectic. In a few hours from now, he would have to go back to training and then come back and work again and repeat the cycle.

"Hm? What this? A report from Coleus?"

Simon glossed through the documents he had to check for the day when he found a document that was sent by Coleus. The latter used to be the leader of the [Helpers]. However, after seeing his talent in experimentation and research, he was assigned to the Monster Mutation project on one of the new floors he had created called the [Breeding Farm].

Now that the dungeon Laplace had grown into an intermediate tier dungeon and his subordinates increased with each having their own role and task, a new form of communicational hierarchy was needed to keep the dungeon functioning.

One cannot just keep on coming to him in person to report each and every small and big aspect of their work unless absolutely necessary.

Simon had delegated appropriate amount of authority to them as per their roles so that they need not come to every time. As such, a new communication model based on importance and urgency was created.

There were three levels to this model, namely the level 1, level 2 and Level 3. Level 1- Using the Mental communication function of the [Roles]. This stage of communication is used when the matter one has to report is extremely urgent and cannot be delayed.

Level 2- Using reports. In terms of urgency, it is not as high as level 1 but also not as low as level 3. It is used when someone has a report to make that can wait for a while.

As for level 3, reporting in person. Although in terms of urgency, it is not as urgent as level 1 but in terms of importance it is the highest. This level of communication is used when the report they have to relay is of extreme importance.

The fact Coleus had used a level 2 form of communication, meant that the report that he had to make, wasn't very urgent but it was quite important.

Simon read the report. It was about the recent mutations that he had been working on. The grade [2] Mutation Crystals that he had supplied to Coleus, had shown some remarkable results.

Many new species with unusual elemental affinities were created. His reports were not only very detailed on their mutation, but he was also researching on how to breed two different species with varying elemental abilities.

His field of research was very intriguing and something that even Simon thought about once. For example- He wondered if there was any possibility for a pirodile or a lizardman who have an inborn affinity with water, to be able to also breathe and swim in the fire.

That is to say, a monster with dual affinity.

Although they were able to mutate an already mutated species and turn it to have a completely different affinity, like the Fire Eater Rat into Ice Treading Mouse, the research of dual affinity monsters was still stuck at a dead end without making any progress.

Well, as they say, failure is the mother of success, Simon has been funnelling a portion of the dungeon's DP income every month towards Coleus' way so that he could find a way to break through this problem.

If he thinks that breeding two different species might be the solution, there was no reason for Simon to not help.

In the report, Coleus is asking for assistance in the form of workers. It seems like he was short on manpower on the [Breeding Farm] and could use some helping hand for the upcoming projects.

Simon put down the report on his table and contemplated. Currently, Coleus was the only one doing the research in the [Breeding Farm]. Although he allocated a number of Andromedas to be his assistants it appeared that he still needed some more.

This was not a problem for Simon. Be it Mk11, Mk10 or even Mk9 he could allocate a large number of them to him. However, he felt like what Coleus requested of him weren't more cold warmachines that followed every command, but fellow comrades who could share the same interest as him.

If it was the latter, he would have to think about who to assign to assist him. The other [Helpers] and forest spring spirits were already pretty much busy with their own tasks.

"Hmm… who should I assign him" Just as Simon was mulling his brain over Coleus' request, there was a hurried knock on his door and Bea walked inside his office with quick steps.

"Master there is something you need to see immediately" She reported.

"What is it this time?" there was just so many things for him to do that he cannot catch a break at all. Simon sighed; nevertheless, he still headed over outside with Bea.

"What is it that I have to see" Now standing outside of the white palce, he asked.

"Up there" Bea pointed up.

Simon curiously craned his head towards the ceiling where she was pointing at and his eyes immediately widened with surprise. That was because standing mightly at the ceiling of his main floor, was a black gate that was more than seven meters big.

The gate looked quite heavy and ancient and had numerous depictions of demons in their most primal state. What was unusual about this gate was that it had huge iron chains and a lock binding it.

No, this was not some new quip of his dungeon that he installed, but something that had appeared out of nowhere and without any indication. That is to say, this door, was not something that was always there in the ceiling of his main floor.

So how did this door appear here?

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