Dragon's Wrath: The Cursed Returnee

Chapter 306 Final Battle (18)
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What struck them most was the sheer diversity of the beings that populated these realms. They witnessed humans, mythical creatures, and even beings from realms beyond their wildest imagination. It was a mosaic of lives intertwining, each with their own struggles and triumphs, representing the vastness and complexity of existence.

"What a great way to dampen the mood," Ethan said. "I thought that these would be the images of things that are happening right now, but I guess that they are your memories only. Show yourself."

"I already am here,"

As the mysterious voice echoed through the air, the members of the group turned their heads in confusion, their eyes searching for the source. Yet, despite their efforts, they found no visible presence, no figure or entity to attribute the voice to. It was as if the words themselves had materialized out of thin air, dancing upon the wind and resonating within their very souls.

Their brows furrowed, expressions tinged with a mix of curiosity and caution. They exchanged glances, silently communicating their shared bewilderment.

"It seems that he doesn't like to have a physical form since he is made of the parts of countless people," Dante said while holding both of his swords.

"I am chaos. I am but an aspect of reality."

"Okay, then, mister aspect," Ethan said and then raised his sword.

Ethan's senses heightened, attuned to the growing power that surrounded him. His connection to the chaotic energy deepened, resonating within his very being. He felt the energy gathering and coalescing, drawn towards the core of his being and focusing upon his sword.

The sword, the Pandemonium Sword, responded to the influx of energy with an otherworldly pulsation. Its blade, once a mere instrument of metal, now radiated a vibrant purple hue, throbbing with an ancient power. The pulsations intensified, matching the rhythm of Ethan's own heartbeat as if the sword itself had become an extension of his very essence.

"That changes nothing. Redirecting my power won't accomplish anything. Even as we speak, I am obtaining much more power than you can absorb and transfer."

"I guess there are really countless people dying filled with regrets all over the universe, huh," Ethan said with his sword still raised. "Sucks to be you to be born out of that."

The tension in the air became palpable, the silence pregnant with anticipation. Ethan's bold declaration seemed to have struck a nerve, awakening a dangerous ire within their adversaries. The absence of any immediate response only deepened the foreboding sense of what was to come.

In the midst of the uneasy silence, the group exchanged knowing glances, their expressions a blend of concern and determination. They understood the risks involved in taunting such formidable foes. The absence of any visible reaction from their enemies only fueled their apprehension, as if chaos itself was gathering its strength, biding its time before unleashing its wrath.

"Do you want to share how the life of something like you is and when you can't leave this place by yourself?" Ethan asked.

"Much better than yours, frail creatures that can't even deal with your weather and your meager existences that only can only last so long."

"Here is a poem: a star shines the brightest before its death," Ethan said. "We might not be everlasting like yours, but each one of us can shine brighter than you have ever been here." π˜£π‘’π‘‘π‘›π˜°π‘£π˜¦π˜­.π˜€π‘œπ‘š

In a startling turn of events, a mass of swirling purple chaos materialized before Ethan, adopting his very form. The eerie mimicry of his appearance sent shivers down their spines as if chaos itself had taken on his visage. Yet, instead of exuding dominance or power, the chaotic manifestation trembled uncontrollably, collapsing to its knees in an almost submissive manner.

The group watched with a mixture of curiosity and wariness, unsure of what to make of this unexpected display. The trembling mass of chaos seemed to emanate a sense of vulnerability as if it bore the weight of its own existence. Its feeble state evoked a strange empathy, as though chaos itself harbored its own fears and uncertainties.

"You are really a depressing fellow," Ethan said.

"This is you from another universe, shining the brightest. I will let you absorb this one to confirm that."

Ethan didn't hesitate and touched the shadow. Immediately, he got the memories of the shadow… Ethan saw the memories of another version of him that lived a similar life until he was sixteen. However, that version of him didn't become a summoned hero, even though those existed… that version of him was killed when countless monsters invaded his hometown and after he saw his parents being crushed to death.

"... This seems like a B horror movie," Ethan said.

As Ethan stood before the trembling chaos manifestation, his senses heightened, and his gaze shifted to the shadows that materialized before him. The shadows bore the resemblance of beings, but there was an emptiness about them, a lack of substance. He instinctively understood that these shadows were merely vessels devoid of true power sent by chaos to test his resolve.

A moment of clarity washed over Ethan as he discerned the futility of absorbing these empty shells. They were not the source of the true power he sought to harness. They were mere distractions, illusions cast by chaos to lead him astray and drain his energy. Absorbing them would not bring him closer to his ultimate goal; it would only serve to expend his own precious reserves.

"You sure don't have many tricks up your sleeve," Ethan said and then touched all of the shadows.

The memories began to overflow in Ethan's mind. He had planned to deliver a psychological blow on the enemy. Still, he was starting to sweat cold while seeing those alternative versions of himself.

Spending the life in a wheelchair after a car accident, having poor health, being unable to accomplish anything…, and dying alone of old age. Chaos sure knew how to affect one's psyche. Still, Ethan had experienced something similar at the hands of one of the generals of the demon king, so he took a deep breath and soon changed his gears.

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