Divine Doctor's Harem

Chapter 35 Kicked The Iron Plate
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Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari, Porsche, Koenigsegg, Aston Martin...

Nine luxury cars, each worth more than five million, with unique license plates.

The roar of their engines is deafening, drawing even more attention.

Amidst the crowd, nine elegantly dressed men and women step out, exuding an aristocratic aura that is truly extraordinary.

A man in expensive attire and slightly overweight steps out of an Aston Martin.

He is around thirty years old, adorned with gold and silver jewelry, exuding an air of extravagance, holding his head high with a haughty look, emanating a kingly presence.

The other eight car owners also get out of their cars and gather around him like stars orbiting the moon, walking towards this side with imposing momentum.

"Dong Cong!"

"Oh my god, Dong Cong is here! Looks like the boss of this roadside diner is in trouble."

"With Dong Cong's power, he can easily crush some big families. This guy who beat someone up is in for it."

Upon seeing him, everyone in the roadside diner changes their expression, their eyes full of schadenfreude, as if they have already seen Wang Chao being beaten up miserably.

Li Han's eyes are filled with fear. She takes Wang Chao's hand and trembles, "Wang Chao, what should we do?"

"It's okay, mom." Wang Chao reassures her.

Li Han is still fearful and worried, her heart in turmoil.

"Auntie, it's really okay," Zhao Lu says.

"That's right, Auntie, we're here, everything will be fine," the man who gave Zhao Lu money also smiles.

Xu Jun smiles faintly and says nothing, calm and composed.

Wang Chao couldn't help but glance at them.

Even Dong Cong is not to be feared. It seems that Zhao Lu's background is not simple.

The injured young man sees this group of young masters arrive and is overjoyed. He quickly wipes the blood from his forehead and walks towards the young man, saying as he walks, "Brother Cong, you arrived just in time. You must help me this time."

This person is his cousin, Dong Cong, the young master of the Wanda Group!

He looked into the crowd again and found that his cousin Dong Zhu hadn't come, feeling a little disappointed. He asked, "Where is my cousin?"

"She had an urgent matter to attend to and couldn't make it. Fang Cheng, what happened to your head?" Dong Zhu asked in a deep voice.

Fang Cheng held his head wound and pointed at Wang Chao, angrily saying, "Brother Cong, this bastard hit me. He doesn't even put you and Brother Cong in his eyes and threatened to kill both of you."

Upon hearing this, Dong Cong's eyes turned cold.

"Brother Cong, you must help me out this time," Fang Cheng said.


Before Fang Cheng finished speaking, Dong Cong slapped him hard, knocking him to the ground and leaving him dizzy.

"Cousin, what are you doing?" Fang Cheng asked, holding his face and looking confused.

"As a relative of my Dong family, you were beaten by an unknown person and even mentioned our family name. That's a slap in the face to our family," Dong Cong said coldly.

"This slap is a lesson for you. Remember, if you embarrass us again, don't mention our family name."

Dong Cong gave Fang Cheng a cold stare before walking towards Wang Chao and saying in a cold voice, "Kid, who are you to hit my cousin? What kind of person are you?"

"I'm Wang Chao, a security guard. If you think I'm worthy, you can call me Brother Chao," Wang Chao replied.

Dong Cong's expression darkened upon hearing this.

Before he could speak, a rich playboy, who was almost as fat as a ball, suddenly became angry and charged at Wang Chao, cursing, "Fuck you! How dare a mere security guard speak to our Brother Cong like that? Are you looking to die?"


Before he finished speaking, Wang Chao had already slapped him hard, sending him flying more than ten meters and causing his teeth to shatter as blood filled his mouth.

"You deserve to be slapped for your loose tongue," Wang Chao said coldly.

The dragon has a reverse scale. Touching it means death!

Family is Wang Chao's reverse scale!

He would never allow his family to be bullied in front of him. If someone dares to say such words in front of him, they must be beaten!

Dong Cong and the rest of the playboy all had a change in expression.

This fat man weighs at least 178 pounds, and it's hard for an ordinary person to push him.

Wang Chao slapped the person and sent him flying so far away. His strength was terrifying.

One of the playboy rushed over and helped the fat man up. "Young Master Li, are you okay?"

At this moment, Young Master Li's face was so swollen that even his mother wouldn't recognize him. His ear was also bleeding, a pitiful sight.

Seeing Young Master Li's pitiful appearance, the playboy was scared and quickly put the fat man down, causing him to scream in pain.

Dong Cong's expression was ugly, and a surge of anger flashed in his eyes. He turned his head and stared coldly at Wang Chao: "Wang Chao, your martial arts skills are indeed impressive, but what's the use of being able to fight? When you go out, you need to have influence!"

"My Dong family is one of the top families in Canton City. Killing you is as easy as crushing an ant!" πš‹ο½…ο½„πš—πš˜πšŸο½…πš•οΌŽπš—ο½…ο½”

"As the saying goes, you need to look at the owner when you hit a dog. You dare to hit someone in front of me. Are you tired of living?"

"Kneel down immediately and apologize to my cousin!"

"Otherwise, I will make sure you have no place to be buried!"

His voice was extremely cold and carried a fierce killing intent.

Fang Cheng struggled to stand up and looked at Wang Chao with pride, threatening him: "Wang Chao, this is my cousin Dong Cong, the first young master of Canton. Be sensible and kneel down to apologize to my cousin, otherwise, my cousin will definitely kill you!"

"Right, kneel down and apologize!"

"Just a mere security guard, dare to go against our Young Master Dong? Asking for death! Hurry up and kneel down!"

"You loser, do you believe that our Young Master Dong has a hundred ways to kill you?"

"What's the use of being able to fight? We'll call the police right now and have him arrested on charges of maliciously injuring someone. We'll throw him in jail and see if he still dares to act tough!"

The wealthy playboys also stepped forward, threatening Wang Chao and demanding that he kneel down and apologize to Dong Cong.

When she heard that they were going to arrest Wang Chao and throw him in jail, Li Han trembled all over. She immediately grabbed onto Wang Chao tightly, as if she was afraid that if she let go, Wang Chao would be taken away.

Trembling, she stepped forward, wanting to apologize and ask the other party to spare Wang Chao.

However, she was stopped by Wang Chao.

"Wang Chao." Li Han stamped her foot anxiously, her forehead covered in sweat.

The other party was a group of wealthy playboys, with huge family businesses and vast amounts of money. If they, poor people, wanted to fight against these wealthy playboys, wouldn't that be a dead end?

They simply wouldn't be able to compete!

"Mom, don't worry, everything will be fine, I will handle it." Wang Chao said confidently.

"Brother Wang, this is just a small matter, I can handle it myself."

Zhao Lu stopped Wang Chao and immediately stepped forward, staring coldly at Dong Cong. "Young Master Dong, you're really powerful, aren't you?"

It was only then that Dong Cong noticed Zhao Lu's presence. His expression changed and he immediately put on a flattering smile. "Lulu, what are you doing here?"

Their Dong family was indeed one of the top families in Canton City, a giant among giants.

But compared to the Zhao family, their Dong family was like a small ant.

The Zhao family was the true aristocratic family!

Zhao Lu was the apple of Zhao Donghe's eye, deeply loved by the old man. Her position in the family was high and mighty, at least a hundred times more powerful than him.

Faced with Zhao Lu, he didn't dare to offend her.

Zhao Lu's expressionless face was cold as she asked, "Do I have any relationship with you here? Just now, did you really want to kill my friend? Were you speaking the truth?"

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Dong Cong's expression changed as he looked at Zhao Lu, then at Wang Chao behind her. His heart sank, his expression as ugly as if he had swallowed a dead rat.

Wang Chao was Zhao Lu's friend?

It's over!

He had kicked the iron plate!

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