Divine Doctor's Harem

Chapter 33 Buy The Diner For Mother
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"Remember what you said, I'll wait for you to call me grandpa."

Wang Chao swept the boss with a cold gaze.

"I said what I said."

"If you can't get it out, today you have to compensate my loss ten times!"

The boss was arrogant beyond words, touched his wound, and gave Wang Chao another vicious glare. π›πžππ§π—Όπ˜ƒπžπ₯οΌŽπ—°π¨π—Ί

"No problem." Wang Chao nodded his head.

Only then did the boss gnash his teeth, retreat to the side, take out his cell phone, dial a phone number, and gnash his teeth over there.

The reason why he talked to Wang Chao like this, was completely to stall for time and wait for the person he called to arrive.

"Wang Chao, let's go quickly." Li Han was frightened and pulled Wang Chao to leave.

"Mom, don't be in a hurry, wait for twenty minutes." Wang Chao said.

After saying that, he coldly swept the youth, "Twenty minutes, you also have to let your cousins come over, let's settle it together."

That youth gritted his teeth, and his eyes were also full of hatred and anger, "Wait for me, when my cousins arrive, you'll be dead!"

Wang Chao sneered and did not say anything.

He had been domineering abroad for many years, so he didn't pay attention to these little flowers in the greenhouse.

"Sirrah, just waits, if you can't get two million, you will pay me a hundred times!" The boss had a fierce face.

Twenty minutes later, uneventful.

"Where's the money?" The boss looked at Wang Chao with contemptuous eyes.

"Oh, just a poor man like him, let alone two million, I don't think he can even get out half a million."

"Li Han, you've raised a 'good' son, making false claims and being greedy."

"I see that both of you, mother and son, are the same, greedy for vanity and face, shameless."

"Li Han, you bastard, if the boss hadn't taken you in, you would have been begging on the street. Now you still allow your son to beat our boss like this. Apologize to our boss!"

"Even a poor man wants to pretend to be a rich man, are you crazy?"

"Take a piss and see what you look like, you still want to buy the diner, you're delusional!"

The employees of the diner also opened their mouths and looked at Li Han angrily, demanding Li Han apologize to the boss with contempt and disdain in their eyes.

In their eyes, Li Han was a poor, worthless old woman, and her son must also be a poor man, so how could he afford it?

Therefore, they mocked to their heart's content, degrading Li Han and Wang Chao to nothing.

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Hearing this, Li Han lowered her head in shame, her eyes were red, and she wept sadly.

These colleagues usually treated her peacefully, but now they all stood against her and mocked her like this.

Especially one of the female employees. She had helped this person on many shifts before, but this person turned out to be so nostalgic for the past, and spoke coldly to her, which made her feel cold.

Wang Chao frowned slightly and looked at Zhao Lu.

"It's coming." Zhao Lu calmly said.

"Coming? Oh, I think you guys can't come at all, poor guy is nothing but bragging." The boss's eyes despised.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Just then, a deafening roar of a car came, and a Porsche 911 whistled.

A handsome young man with gorgeous clothes got out of the car carrying a money box and walked towards Zhao Lu, saying, "Lu Lu, the money is here!"

Following him was a middle-aged man in a suit.


Zhao Lu nodded to the handsome youth, and then handed the money box to Wang Chao: "Brother Wang, the money!"

Wang Chao didn't even look at it, directly threw the box in front of the boss and said in a cold voice: "Two million, count it!"

Seeing this scene, the boss as well as all the employees looked at each other, and the whole person was dumbfounded.

That was a Porsche 911, a luxury car worth millions!

Most of the people who owned such luxury cars were young masters of big families, with high status and power, high above the world.

As a result, this kind of person was just an errand boy who came to deliver money to Wang Chao?

What kind of person is Wang Chao then?

"Count it and see if this money is enough to buy your roadside diner!" Wang Chao said in a deep voice.

The owner of the stall trembled slightly and opened the box, and the red banknotes inside instantly blinded his eyes.

Not only he, but also the employees were dumbfounded.

There were at least two million in this box!

The boss looked at the money and his expression was incomparably ugly.

He never thought that Wang Chao would really take out so much money in twenty minutes.

Li Han also had a stunned expression, looked at the money, and then looked at Wang Chao, and her whole body was dumbfounded.

When did her son become so rich?

"Now that you took the money, go through the formalities."

Zhao Lu looked at the middle-aged man in a suit and said, "Lawyer Xu, please."

The man in the suit was named Xu Jun, a secretary of the Zhao family.

Zhao Lu was so thoughtful that she was afraid that the boss would back out and come back later to cause trouble, so when she called for the money, she also called for the lawyer to come over.

Xu Jun came forward, took out the prepared transfer agreement, put it in front of the boss, and said, "Sign it!"

The boss took the money and looked at the agreement again, with an uncertain expression.

"Boss of the diner, if you contradict your promise, then don't blame me for being rude to you." Zhao Lu said coldly.

The boss looked at Zhao Lu with fear in his eyes, and was so frightened that he hurriedly signed.

A phone call made a 911 owner bring cash over, and also brought a lawyer, this young girl is not simple, most likely a missy from a big family, so he did not dare to easily offend, and could only sign.

After the boss signed, Xu Jun looked at Wang Chao and Zhao Lu, the eyes as if asking, which one of you signed?

"Mom, go and sign." Wang Chao looked at Li Han.

"Huh?" Li Han was stunned.

"Auntie, Brother Wang is right, this roadside diner was originally bought for you, so you sign it." Zhao Lu smiled.

She could see that Wang Chao was asking for so much money from her in order to help his mother.

At the insistence of Wang Chao and Zhao Lu, Li Han signed in a daze.

Wang Chao stared at the boss coldly, "Now the roadside diner is a product of my mother's name, boss, what did you just say? If I can afford the money, what do you call me?"

When the boss heard this, his expression became even uglier.

Wang Chao rehashed the old story, that slapped him in the face with a crackling sound!

"Lawyer Xu, this kind of thing of going back on one's word, if a lawsuit is filed, how will it be handled?" Zhao Lu asked.

"This depends on how to operate, if I operate, should be able to make that person sit in jail for three years." Xu Jun said seriously.

When the boss heard the words, he was scared to death on the spot, and hurriedly said: "Don't, don't, I'll call."

Then, he looked at Wang Chao and said respectfully, "Sorry, you, you are my grandfather."

After saying this, he felt a burning pain on his face, and his face was completely ashamed.

"Snobbish fellow, kneel down immediately and apologize to my mother." Wang Chao said in a cold voice.

The boss's expression was uncertain, but his fear of Zhao Lu and Xu Jun still made him bow his head. He knelt down in front of Li Han with a thud, and apologized respectfully to Li Han, "Boss Li, I was the one who was blind before, sorry."

"Boss, you, you get up." Li Han was a bit flattered and hurriedly asked the boss to get up.

Only then did the boss get up and looked at Wang Chao with an apprehensive expression.

"Take your things and get out!" Wang Chao said in a cold voice.

The boss was like being pardoned, carrying this money on the spot and running faster than a rabbit, while running, he also called, "The matter is settled, you don't have to come."

After solving the boss, Wang Chao looked at the employees, his gaze was cold, "Just now, who said bad things about my mother, stand out!"

His mother was wronged, and he wanted to help his mother take revenge one by one!

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