Demon Hunter

Book 1 Chapter 5.2
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Book 1 Chapter 5.2 - Welcome to the Jungle!

The interior of the vehicle was ringing with the engine’s rumbling and screeching from the tire’s friction with the ground. However, Li and that male’s interactions were completely unhindered. The volume of their voices seemed to even overwhelm the sounds created from the vehicle. Li’s voice was sharp and penetrating, while the male’s voice was deep and thick just like the engine’s rumbling. Other than the fact that their volume was a bit too loud, both of their voices possessed quite a bit of sex appeal.

Su sped frantically through the wilderness. From time to time, he would make a turn without warning to break away from the unrelenting pursuit of the off-road vehicle. Each time he evaded, he would become a bit closer to the city ruins overgrown with vegetation. Even though Li’s driving skills were near perfection, she still couldn’t do anything to Su.

Su, who had already sprinted several kilometers straight, didn’t seem to show any signs of slowing down.

When the male saw how Su was running, he laughed maliciously a few times and said, “Li, it doesn’t seem like you can catch this youngster.”

Li fiercely turned the steering wheel and bit down on the cigar. She fiercely shouted, “Li Gaolei! Can you shut the fuck up? I just wanted to see how far he could run. Otherwise, I would have shot him dead a long time ago!”

Li Gaolei laughed loudly. He didn’t seem to give Li any face and said in a straightforward manner, “That might not be the case! Let’s give it a try!”

He fished out a desert eagle and directly smashed the window. His arm reached out, and with a casual lift of his hand, his aim was already locked onto the back of Su’s head.

Su seemed like he didn’t realize that his life was in imminent peril at all. Instead, he no longer weaved in and out and began to speed along in a straight line. Lu suddenly twisted the steering wheel about, making the off-road vehicle turn in a large S shape before returning to its normal path.

Li Gaolei laughed mischievously. His smile was like a fox as he said, “What are you panicking for? I had no intent to shoot.”

Li fiercely inhaled the cigar’s smoke, pretending to not have heard what was said at all.

A flash of killing intent appeared in Li Gaolei’s eyes and he suddenly said, “This time it’s for real!”

His right arm that was hanging outside the vehicle raised at lightning speed and once again aimed at the back of Su’s head!

Peng! The desert eagle roared, bringing about a burst of dust.

During the instant Li Gaolei aimed, Su suddenly continuously flipped to his left twice. He evaded from the front of the vehicle to the left side. Li Gaolei’s shot struck empty air just like that.

Li Gaolei’s pistol continuously aimed towards Su’s back or head, but Su’s speed would immediately change from quick to slow. Sometimes, he would continuously flip to the left. He would always evade the instant Li Gaolei locked his aim on him.

“Do you see?” Li Gaolei turned around towards Li. His right hand casually fired three times at Su without even aiming, and Su didn’t even try to avoid it this time. Instead, he sped along in a straight line, avoiding these three shots naturally.

Li suddenly beat down on the steering wheel fiercely, and her foot hammered down on the brakes. The off-road vehicle’s tires stopped, and a loud groan sounded as deep marks were left on the ground before it finally stopped. At this time, the vehicle was only ten centimeters away from a bush outside the ruins. Meanwhile, Su had already vanished into the ruin depths.

Li and Li Gaolei stood next to each other in front of the ruins covered in thick shrubbery. While standing next to the 190 centimeter tall Li Gaolei, Li’s figure seemed extremely petite and slender. There was absolutely no sign of her explosive power from before. Behind them, the off-road vehicle continued to sing Guns N’ Roses ‘Welcome to the Jungle!’ hysterically.

Li took a final hit of the cigar, and with a pu sound, the cigar was spat out several meters. She closed her eyes. Then she coldly sized up the forest ruins ahead.

Li Gaolei similarly looked into the forest. He loosed his shoulder and said, “I know you want to have your way with him. Let’s go in together. You can’t handle him alone.”

Li coldly replied, “This is my matter, why are you getting involved?”

Li Gaolei chuckled and said, “I can help you stop him. That way, you can go at it as much as you want!”

Li spat out heavily with a pah sound and said, “Get lost! He’s mine, and I want to enjoy him alone. You should mind your own business!”

Li Gaolei looked at Li strangely and suddenly said in a low and mysterious voice, “You are acting a bit strange! Could it be that this pretty youngster took advantage of you before, and that’s why you so urgently want payback?” 𝘣𝘦𝘥𝘯𝘰𝑣𝘦𝘭.𝘰𝘳𝘨

Li’s face became ashen and didn’t pay him any attention. With a hua la sound, the zipper of her outer garment was pulled all the way down, revealing quite a bit of her tan skin. It almost seemed like she didn’t wear anything under this leather suit. Li retrieved two small and refined pistols and casually flung them out. She then pulled the zipper all the way back up. Li then lifted up her right leg and removed a small thin dagger from her shoes. She clenched it tightly in her hand.

Her two eyes revealed a wolf-like expression, and the corners of her lips formed a slight cold smile. She directly headed into the forest.

Li Gaolei spread his hands in a helpless manner. He raised his voice and shouted in Li’s direction, “Hey! The atmosphere of this place isn’t too bad. I’m quite confident that something will happen between you two! However, being the one to do it and being the on the receiving end are quite different things!”

Li’s furious voice sounded from the forest depths. “Motherfucker, shut the hell up!”

The forest ruins became peaceful again. Li Gaolei laughed deeply and brought out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket. He lit it up and took a deep breath before blowing out a ring of smoke. The cigarette was already wrinkled and not at all like the cigar Li was smoking that was precious even in the olden era. The cigarette burned extremely quickly and was used up with just a few of his breaths.

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More and more cigarette butts appeared on the ground, and in the end, the case was tossed down as well. Li Gaolei picked up the pair of pistols Li tossed out and returned to the off-road vehicle. He rested his legs on top of the steering wheel and closed his eyes. Even though the deafening ‘Welcome to the Jungle!’ was still playing, he didn’t pay it any attention.

This was an abandoned town. A sparkling, small green river was running through it. If one ignored the suspiciously glowing water from the water source and surface, as well as the many creatures that lived at the river bed, it could still be considered a rather nice river.

With the adequate water supply, the vegetation that was bursting with shocking levels of vitality was everywhere. After being abandoned for several dozen years, there were even a few trees that reached several tens of meters into the air. Even though it was still morning, the sunlight was already scorching. However, these ruins still gave off an eerie feeling without the slightest bit of warmth.

Within a four story building, a weak light shone from behind the completely shattered windows on the third floor. Su lowered the canteen in his hand extremely slowly. He silently watched Li making her way through the shrubbery like a cat.

Su’s eyes swept across her body. Her black clothes were extremely tight, perfectly revealing her figure. After what happened that night, Su was extremely familiar with her body. He could tell that it was impossible to hide any weapons within the leather suit, so it seemed like she entered with only the dagger.

“It seems like she wants to fight me with just her physical strength.” Su understood Li’s intentions.

When Li’s figure disappeared within the forest, Su peacefully closed his eye. His breathing gradually slowed, and eventually, he would only breathe once every minute. His body temperature began to gradually drop until it was the same as his surroundings. Su drank several sips of water and then closed the canteen containing the fourth grade water. He fetched a leaf that he had just plucked and slowly began to chew it in his mouth. The tree leaf’s juices slid into his throat bit by bit, and the leaf was quickly sucked dry.

Su held the pistol in his hand and entered a state of half sleep. His body that was almost exhausted to its limit from running began to slowly recover. At his side was his pistol and a neat pile of bullets.

This was an abandoned house. Within the ruins, these types of houses could be found everywhere. Even though Li was an expert at combat within both forests and cities, Su, who had been struggling for survival in the wilderness all this time, believed that he did not leave any traces for Li to find. It was possible that Li wouldn’t be able to find any traces of Su in these forest ruins even if she was given an entire week.

Su decided to sleep a bit first to recover his energy and at the same time exhaust a bit of Li’s patience and strength.

He already decided to deal with Li here. If he couldn’t completely settle this situation, from her nature of doing things, she would definitely not give up and annoy him until the end. Even though he wasn’t clear about Roxland Company’s true strength, the fact that Grace Company remained silent after their clear provocation represented that they were definitely an enormous power. After leaving this forest, he didn’t know how far he would have to travel before he could leave Roxland Company’s range of influence.

In this region, other than Roxland Company, there were a few other various companies and organizations. Even though Su disliked trouble, he knew that it was impossible to avoid interactions with these companies and organizations. At the very least, abilities higher than fourth level were mostly monopolized by large companies and organizations. Roxland Company was a colossus that could provide fourth-level and higher abilities.

Li only carried a single dagger with her and entered the forest alone. In reality, she only set this rule for the purpose of this game. Su had no choice and could only accept it. Within this forest, he remained under rules of this game. Once he left, then it was back to the laws of survival.

From the first time he saw the male next to Li, he already associated him with danger. Unless absolutely necessary, he didn’t want to face this male. Right now, within this forest, it was just Su and Li.

Su didn’t think about anything else and peacefully slept.

Li squatted by a brush. Her sharp eyes scanned the lifeless, almost completely identical houses in front of her. Sudden, a bead of sweat slid down from her eyebrow into her eye, immediately bringing about a sharp sting. Li cursed inwardly and wiped off the thin layer of sweat from her forehead.

She had already roamed about these mountain ruins for three hours, yet she didn’t find the slightest sign of Su. She was an expert at fighting within forests and alleys, and she touched a gun as soon as she could walk. When she was thirteen, she fought and struggled for survival alone within the wilderness, and at sixteen years of age, the number of refugees and bandits that died at her hands already numbered in the hundreds. Not even outstanding hunters could survive under her pursuit. She had never encountered anyone like Su before, someone who didn’t leave behind the slightest bit of scent or any traces.

If not for her incredible intuition, she might have already thought that Su left these ruins.

The sky gradually became dim.

Li practically visited every corner of this forest, but there was no sign of Su. However, Li could sense that she was being watched. Of course, this was just a feeling, as she didn’t see any light reflecting from any eyes. Su was like an extremely cunning and patient beast as he hid himself, waiting for his prey to become tired. Li finally acknowledged that she was no match for Su’s hiding and tracking skills. If this continued, she would never be able to find Su.

Li suddenly stood up and shouted loudly, “Are you a fucking man or not? If you have the guts, then come out!”

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