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Chapter 362: Big Trouble

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Li Yuanqing woke up from his meditation and looked around in surprise.

Recently, whenever he meditated, an image would appear in front of his eyes. In the image, there was a barren beach.

The area of the beach was very vast and one could not see the end of it. However, it looked like no one had been there for a long time. It had been barren for a very long time and there were tall bushes growing nearby.

Speaking of which, the appearance of this scene was not because Li Yuanqing was dreaming, but because of the image sent back by the Blood Vine.

Ever since the Blood Vine discovered this scene, he had presented this scene to Li Yuanqing again and again. However, every time Li Yuanqing wanted to find an answer from the Blood Vine, the Blood Vine would act as if he knew nothing. Li Yuanqing was at a loss.

Li Yuanqing casually waved his hand and the Blood Vine appeared beside him.

“Where the hell is that? Do you really want me to go that badly?”

The Blood Vine widened his eyes and looked innocent.

Li Yuanqing shook his head helplessly and threw the Blood Vine to the side, letting him play with Little Dot.

Although Little Dot had the body of a child, his mind was much more mature than the Blood Vine. The play between the two of them was often a one-sided bullying of Blood Vine.

He walked out of the cave abode. There were many cultivators living on this mountain. They represented the top combat strength of the entire Ping City and were all gathered here.

Li Yuanqing’s cave abode was in an inconspicuous location. Fortunately, it was very remote. Although the spiritual energy inside was slightly weaker, he did not care about these things.

Nearby, many cultivators drove all kinds of tools here and there. Below the mountainside, what greeted his eyes was a world made of steel.

All the wooden houses in the past had been knocked down and reforged with stronger metal ores. The outermost defense was completely replaced by extremely sturdy black stone.

All these changes had happened in the past six months.

In half a year, the human race had already transformed this place into this.

The current Ping City has changed drastically compared to the previous Ping City.

A huge amount of wealth supported the transformation system of the entire Ping City, allowing almost everyone who lived in Ping City to have a stable career and be able to obtain the resources needed for cultivation.

In addition, the entire Ping City was thriving.

The streets were filled with busy people. Those who walked the streets did not forget to use the time to discuss work problems with their companions.

Li Yuanqing felt an inexplicable sense of pride, especially when he thought about how he had built all of this with his own hands.

Looking at this harmonious scene, he suddenly remembered that he had been here for too long, especially during the time he was cultivating in seclusion in the cave abode. He would always think of his sister who was far away in another world.

The two children argued as they ran out of the cave abode. A cultivator who lived nearby happened to pass by and greeted Li Yuanqing enthusiastically.

“Brother Li, you brought the child out to play again?”

“Yeah, Brother Zhao, are you going out to hunt again?”

“That’s right. I’ve been busy with the breakthrough recently and need too many materials. Although I’ve earned a lot this time, I still need to be busy for a while.”

“This kind of thing can’t be rushed. The hunting process is also part of cultivation.”

“Brother Li, you’re right.” Zhao Wen patted Little Dot’s head. “The teacher who taught the cultivation technique class in the academy said the same thing. Cultivation is a lifetime. You have to remember it every moment.”

“Brother Zhao, being able to know this will be very helpful to your future cultivation. I believe you will definitely be able to get what you want.”

Zhao Wen nodded heavily, filled with fighting spirit again.

“I heard from the teacher that this is because of Senior. If I can personally attend this senior’s class, I will be satisfied for the rest of my life.”

Li Yuanqing coughed twice and pretended to be nonchalant. “Brother Zhao, I still have some things to do. If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first.”

“Brother Li, take care. I still have to rush back now and deal with the materials I just obtained. I have a lot of trouble on my hands.”

After Li Yuanqing bade farewell, he led the two little fellows down the mountain.

Zhao Wen looked at Li Yuanqing’s back and sighed silently. He muttered to himself, “How many people like Brother Li can not worry about cultivation all day long?”

He was still envious that Li Yuanqing did not need to go out to hunt all day and only needed to stay in the cave abode to cultivate silently. However, he did not know that Li Yuanqing had already passed the busy stage.

Everything they said now was provided by this mysterious young master.

After Li Yuanqing left the cave abode, he walked on the familiar wide street. Beside him were tall buildings with sturdy shells.

Among all the construction plans, they finally chose this one as the overall architectural style. The main reason was that building large buildings could strengthen the defense on the periphery. If they built a small courtyard like before, the overall defense would be extremely limited.

Li Yuanqing liked to walk around the city when he had nothing to do. However, he had something urgent to do today and his footsteps were a little hurried.

The City Lord Manor had long been remodeled. It had doubled in size and become a circular building.

In the central empty space, there were many bowl-shaped buildings.

These bowls were on the ground and sealed very tightly.

Below these bowls was the structure of the earth vein. This thing that looked like a big black bowl was actually a cultivation room for cultivators like them.

This structure could effectively gather spiritual energy into a small space, greatly increasing the efficiency of training.

To cultivators, this was simply a paradise.

Almost every place in Ping City had such a training area that was specially for cultivators to use. However, they had to pay a certain amount of spirit stones every time they used it, so it was a good helper for advanced players.

Zhao Wen worked so hard to gather materials so that he would have enough funds and strength to stay in the training room for a long time the next time he broke through.

In the outer ring, there were small square rooms. These small rooms did not have walls and were all separated by thin membranes formed by array formations.

These membranes were very sensitive and could change into all kinds of shapes according to human will. If you wanted it to be any color, it could also become transparent.

These array formations were all Little Man’s tricks. Many of them were very interesting ideas suggested by the students of the academy.

There were also some seemingly impossible ideas, but with the help of Little Man and Li Yuanqing, these originally impossible things became possible.

It could be said that this half a year was a year of rapid technological development in Ping City.

After walking in through the door, a teleportation array automatically entered under one’s feet.

This teleportation array circled the entire City Lord Manor. Anyone could arrive anywhere by taking this teleportation array. It was a very convenient means of transportation and was widely praised.

The City Lord Manor had a total of five floors. Li Yuanqing was going to the top floor. He sat on the small teleportation array beside him and appeared on the top floor in the next second.

“Your Divine Secrets Sect is too arrogant now. You claim that you take all the credit. However, you know the truth better than anyone else! How many design drawings did you take from the Sword Immortal? Tell me, which building do you think was really completed by your family? Isn’t it the Sword Immortal’s arrangement? Now, you’re talking as if you’re some god who saved the world?”

Before Li Yuanqing could reach the meeting room, he heard very tragic curses coming from inside. The few groups of people inside were already cursing. It was nothing more than their remuneration.

Back then, Li Yuanqing had greatly increased the cost of labor and promised them very generous rewards. That was why not only were they willing to teach in the academy, but they also did their best to build Ping City.

Now that half a year had passed, it was time for the next settlement point. Everyone had seen the huge commotion in Ping City and wanted to take the opportunity to increase their treatment.

Perhaps they were still in awe of the Sword Immortal and did not dare to speak first. However, when the first person to raise his opinion stood up, the people behind him followed.

“You make it sound so easy. Why don’t you leave this work to your Wang family and see what you can do? Let’s see if you can build a house! You sounded like you understood everything, but your words are so ridiculous!”

“I was just thinking of that. If you really have the guts to give up all the projects you have, our Wang family will really dare to take them.”

“It’s fine if you think about it. Why don’t you take care of yourself? How dare you shamelessly accept the Sword Immortal’s mission? Can your Wang family bear the responsibility if anything goes wrong?”

The argument in the meeting room was still going on. Li Yuanqing did not go in. Instead, he walked from the front of the meeting room to a small office on the other side.

Hu Jiujiu brought a cup of hot tea to Li Yuanqing and said to his ear.

“Master, I’ll have to trouble you to come personally. They’re really troublesome.”

Li Yuanqing downed the tea in his cup and walked to the side to sit down. He took the thick bill from Hu Jiujiu and flipped through it simply.

“Master, in the past six months, we have almost renovated the entire Ping City. Is it enough now? There’s no need to go through so much trouble to do it, right?”

“What’s going on inside?”

Hu Jiujiu rolled her eyes angrily and replied, “What else can it be? Zhao Yongming feels that the salary he’s getting can’t keep up with his contribution anymore. When the others saw them say this, they also joined in the fun and became like this.”

“So they just feel like they’re losing out?”

“There are also a few families who want to take advantage of the chaos to take on more missions. They are all looking at the Divine Secrets Sect with the information you gave them. Their strength has improved greatly, and they are very envious.”

“The Divine Secrets Sect did well.”

“That’s true. Just take their strength for example. Their disciples have already spread throughout Ping City and even extended their hands to Rong City and Sea City. They’ve earned enough, so the Divine Secrets Sect isn’t the one who wants to increase the reward this time.”

“At least they know what’s good for them.”

Hu Jiujiu squatted beside Li Yuanqing in distress and massaged his legs.

“Master, how should we deal with them now? All of them are clamoring for more salary. However, the construction in Ping City is almost done and can’t satisfy their appetite. If this continues, I think they will want to rebel.”

“Since we’re almost done down there, we can let them go somewhere else.”

“What do you mean, Master?”

“Sea City and Rong City need them more.”

“But didn’t Master say that this wasn’t good?”

“It’s a special period now, so we can’t care so much. Just do it. Tell me if there’s any problem over there.”

“Okay, then it’s just the price. We can’t just let them do whatever they want.”

“I’ll leave those things to you.”

“I understand.” Hu Jiujiu retracted all the account books and took out another set of data. “Master, according to the latest data, those mineral veins are recovering very well. It might not be long before they can be mined normally.”

Li Yuanqing roughly knew what was going on with just a glance. He was still a little surprised by the recovery speed of these mineral veins.

It had only been half a year, but it had recovered so quickly. It was unknown how those demons in the past had wasted this mineral vein until there was nothing left.

Seeing that these mineral veins had already taken shape, they were probably not far from normal mining.

“We must protect these mineral veins. We can’t let them be stolen at the last minute. That would be a waste.”

“Master, don’t worry. I’ve long sent a professional patrol team to guard the vicinity. There won’t be any mistakes. Just wait and see.” 𝙗𝙚𝒅𝒏𝙤𝙫𝙚𝒍.𝒐𝙧𝙜

“I might have to leave for some things recently.”

Hu Jiujiu looked at Li Yuanqing in surprise and asked, “Master, you’re leaving again? How long will you be gone this time?”

“I’m not sure either. I have a particularly important place to go this time. I’m afraid I won’t be back anytime soon. Let me know immediately if you encounter any trouble.”

“Master, don’t worry. While you’re not around, Little Jiu will definitely take good care of everyone and not disappoint you.”

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