Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 803
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Chapter 803

Yi Tianyun killed every cultivator that stood in his way, be it Evil Spirit Race people or not! He realized that most of the cultivators in this level were traitors that would gladly serve the Evil Spirit Race without hesitation to save their hide! So, there is no point in letting these people live!

“Run away!” the cultivators shouted in panic as they knew that Yi Tianyun would use his City Lord’s title to kill anyone he deemed worthless. They didn’t know for sure how strong Yi Tianyun was, but Yi Tianyun was definitely a lot stronger than them!

Yi Tianyun just looked at the fleeing cultivator coldly without the intention to go after them. Killing people that have lost their will to fight was a waste of time. Furthermore, none of the Evil Spirit Race cultivators was among them! After that, Yi Tianyun immediately walked towards the City Lord Palace as his goal was to kill the City Lord and ascend the level!

At the same time, 2 of the fleeing cultivators earlier didn’t escape towards their faction, but instead, they ran towards the City Lord Palace!

“Master Su! We are in danger!” the cultivator said nervously.

“What happened?” Su Changmin curiously asked as he sat on his throne.

“The cultivator that killed the Qin Brothers has come to this city to challenge you, my lord!” the cultivators reported nervously. Su Changmin waved his hands to the guards and looked at the cultivators closely. Su Changmin’s appearance was far different compared to the ordinary Evil Spirit Race as he looked like a nerd with his thin body and nerdish look. Then again, the six Flame Imprint on his arms said otherwise!

“What did he tell you earlier? Did you have any information about him?” Su Changmin asked curiously.

“He said that you are part of the Evil Spirit Race, one of the worst races out there, and he promised to get rid of every single one of this race from this tower!” the cultivator answered nervously.

“We didn’t believe what he said as we know that Master Su is so kind and always rewards us for helping out in the city! If he comes here, we will protect you, my lord!” the other cultivator said confidently. They tried to assert their loyalty in front of Su Changmin as they deemed it necessary to get the rewards they wanted.

“It seems you are loyal to us, Evil Spirit Race! When our Evil Spirit Race dominates the three realms, do you still choose to stand with us against your own race?” Su Changmin asked curiously. 𝘣𝘦𝘥𝘯𝑜𝑣𝘦𝘭.𝘤𝘰𝑚

“Of course! It’s a given to serve the dominator! The three realms weren’t even that strong if compared to you, my lord!” the cultivator said confidently.

“Yes, my lord! We are willing to work hard to stand with you! We will do as you ordered!” the other cultivator said confidently. Clearly, they wanted to take advantage of this situation as they thought that joining the Evil Spirit Race would reap so much benefit.

“Interesting! Do you really want to abide by my order?” Su Changmin asked curiously.

“Yes, my lord! We’ve always wanted to join your cause for a long time ago! We promise you that we will never betray you!” the cultivator said at the same time.

“Trial!” Su Changmin shouted casually, and both of the cultivators were immediately enveloped inside the duel barrier. Suddenly, Su Changmin returned to his Evil Spirit Form and immediately grabbed one of the cultivators before devouring him completely! The other cultivator was too shocked to realise that he was in a dire situation as he trembled on the floor!

“Why!” The cultivator asked while trembling on the floor.

“I have no intention to make trashes like you to be my subordinate! Obviously, you are not worthy enough to entrust my back on! You betrayed your own race without any second thought. What would stop you from betraying us in the future?” Su Changmin said sinisterly.

The cultivator was too scared to reply, so he cried to his heart content as he felt regret beyond belief! He didn’t expect Yi Tianyun’s words to be the truth. He then tried to stand up and escape the duel barrier as he thought that he would be safe once he got out of the duel barrier!

But clearly, he was far too slow compared to Su Changmin’s speed! Su Changmin intercepted him in an instant and stared at the cultivator coldly.

“I will let you live, but I need you to do something for me!” Su Changmin said coldly.

“Anything, my lord!” the cultivator said while keeping his head down, obviously scared of what would happen next.

“Drag that cultivator’s name through the mud! Turn him into the enemy of your race!” Su Changmin said coldly.

“Alright, I will do as you told!” the cultivator nodded. He didn’t care what would happen to Yi Tianyun as his life was what mattered the most!

“Then, get out of my palace!” Su Changmin coldly said as he was disgusted by the cultivator’s existence itself.

The cultivator nodded and hurriedly ran out of the palace, but before long, the cultivator’s body was thrown inside the palace once again, and this time he was dead!

“Wow, I am a bit surprised that you didn’t consume this traitor!” a figure walked to the palace’s door. It was Yi Tianyun who came here to challenge Su Changmin.

“I challenge you to a duel, worthless trash!” Yi Tianyun coldly said as he stared at Su Changmin.

Every Evil Spirit Race out there was all worthless. There is nothing more distasteful than sharing this realm with such a disgusting race!

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