Chapter 33 A handsome goblin’s sadness
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Chapter 33 A handsome goblin’s sadness

Translator: Tchu

Editor: Amaranth

Note from Translator: I put together the 2 part of chapter 33 into one.

Note from Editor: This was my first time editing there may be some mistakes hope you all enjoy it

Ada’s words somehow made both Shaar and the pitiful creature broke out in cold sweat. The indifference in this guy’s expression was naturally revealed and it made those two a bit frightened in their hearts.

It left a deep impression on Shaar: This Ada seemed like a cold hearted villain who would eat people without leaving any bones!

While looking at Shaar, the pitiful creature was pondering how to persuade him to cancel the dragon hunt. From the very beginning, she was not optimistic about this adventure’s risks. If she had a choice, she surely wouldn’t follow this hillbilly here right now.

According to this mystical Ada’s expression, no matter how they go forward, it would always be a dead end.

“How is it?” Ada’s handsome face made a strange expression while his mouth sneered full of mockery: “Do you also want to look for that dragon? Need me to guide you?”

“Shaar!” The pitiful creature quickly yelled and stared at Shaar with a serious look: “Don’t go!!”

Shaar did not speak.

“Please, don’t go!” The pitiful creature said in a soft tone and pleaded with some gentle words: “If several magicians are no match for it, then we have certainly no chance. There is no way we can win – although the buried treasure is tempting, our lives are more important. I promise you, if you need money, I will pay you a large reward when we are back!”

“......” Shaar stayed silent for a little while, but the little hesitation in his eyes soon dissipated and was replaced by a firmness: “We go and have a look!”

“You!?” The pitiful creature was dumbstruck: “Did you go mad?”

“Of course not.” Shaar curled his lip: “I know that our lives are more important. However, since we are already arrived here, if we just turn back now I would regret it forever. We will just go, have a look and we don’t need to approach it. Let’s have a look at the situation first and then decide......Perhaps those magicians have succeeded. None of us saw that they are actually dead.

When Ada looked at Shaar’s determination, he did not try to convince him otherwise and his mouth hinted a satisfying smile: “Alright, I will lead you there......However, before we go, I have a condition.”

“What?” Shaar looked at this guy full of suspicion.

“You came here for the dragon’s buried treasure, right?” Ada mentioned: “If we have the chance to find it......These buried treasures are all yours. However, as a reward for being your guide, I want a single thing in the dragon’s lair.”

Hearing this, Shaar sneered discontentedly: “Hey, Ada, do not forget that you are my soso now! You eat my food, put on is my jackal skin and even your life was rescued by me! What qualifications do you have to negotiate a condition with me?”

Listening to the answer, Ada unexpectedly did not object and glanced at Shaar. He suddenly sighed and shook his head: “What a pity, that is a really unfortunate......”

Finishing his sentence, he started to ignore Shaar and walked slowly to the pit and pulled off the jackal skin from his waist – this movement shocked the pitiful creature and she screamed while quickly turning her head away while closing her eyes.

With a plop, Ada jumped into the pit and only his head was still exposed outside. Looking up at Shaar, he calmly said: “Come on.”

“Eh?” Shaar’s mouth dropped open

“Since you can’t agree to it, then it’s better to bury me again and pretend that you never saved me.” Ada’s voice was very calm, but his face showed some disdain: “Looking at you three, the wounds on your body and your crude luggage, you surely must had suffered many hardships to arrive here. Hmm ......You could try to find the place without my directions. Anyway, these mountains are not too big, if you guys start searching mountain after mountain, it would probably only take about three to five years. Perhaps with a bit of luck, you can actually find it.”

Shaar silently stared at this guy and was speechless. Their eyes looked at each other for a long time and while Shaar’s eyes were full of anger, Ada’s eyes were always calm and clear. After a long period of time, Shaar finally gave up and discontentedly and shook his head: “Alright, alright! I give up. There are actually some people on this world that would voluntarily request to bury them alive...... In any case my goal is the treasure and I am not interested in other things.”

When Ada heard Shaar’s reply, he finally crawled out from the pit and put on the jackal skin – Shaar silently whispered happily in his heart: Although this guy was a tiny bit more handsome than me, his little brother down there was a bit smaller than mine, ha! The old man said, as long as a man was well equipped down there, it would even make ugly men popular!

(The old man continued to laugh in hell......)

With the new companion Ada joining them, the group continued to move toward the mountains.

“Hey, since we are companions now, you could share some information with us now. For example, how does the dragon looks like?”

Ada was walking in front of Shaar and he seemed to be familiar with the terrain here. Therefore, he was currently leading the group in this mountain. Hearing Shaar asking, his tempo slightly slowed down and turned his head while knitting his eyebrow to look at Shaar: “You don’t know anything about this dragon and came here to seek the buried treasure?”

“......I don’t have any information about it.” Shaar replied very honestly.

“Ah.” Ada sighed and looked Shaar with a pitiful look: “I somehow sympathize with you right now. Was the money so appealing? You don’t even know the strength of the dragon and dare to come here?”

“Even if I know it’s strength, would there be a difference?” Shaar replied with confidence and smiled leisurely: “I know that there are both strong and weak dragons. However, I also know the limits of my own abilities – Even if we meet the smallest and weakest dragon, I still won’t be able to beat it. In this case, whether if dragon was strong or weak, does it have any fart to do with me? My idea was to seize the opportunity to get the treasure and I don’t plan to become a dragon slaying hero.”

“Dragon slaying hero.” When Ada heard this word his eyes flashed with a hint of ridicule: “You might be a bit short on that. The human dragonslayers I know were the strongest warriors on the continent. And you? A novice young warrior?”

Shaar’s temper had never been affected by those taunts in his life. He tightened his belt and snorted: “I am a novice, so what. Or were you born with public hair?”

Ada’s expression suddenly became very excited. He looked at Shaar with a weird look and simply turned his head to ignore this thick skinned person.

After walking for sometime, he decided to give them some information while walking at the front.

“That dragon is an earth type and an adult female. It excels in earth magic and has amazing physical attack and defense abilities according to human standards. If it had to be said, the earth type dragons are slightly weaker against water type magic. However, those magicians I ran into, none of them used water type magic. Therefore, I am sure that they are dead by now.”

Hearing this, Shaar immediately got excited: “That ......I heard that the dragon seemed to be in a weak condition, what is it about?”

Ada replied with a gentle voice: “It seems that you are not completely ignorant – that dragon is blind.”


Along the way, Ada did not bother to chitchat with Shaar anymore. This guy’s character was very strange. In fact, whenever he spoke, his tone was very tactful and he even occasionally showed a smile on his face. However, both Shaar and the pitiful creature felt that Ada radiated a cutting gaze even when he smiled, as if those razor-sharp pair of eyes would see through a human’s soul!

Moreover, they always felt that Ada’s behaviour seemed to have an unusual aura of a totally natural noble pride.

This kind of noble and prideful manner was not something that he did deliberately. His every word and deeds casually exuded a kind of instinctive atmosphere. Although he did not act arrogantly, his leisurely appearance, gave people the impression that he did not care about anything.

Did he really not care about anything? Or......did he simply grasped everything around him already?

Casting all those things aside, at least Ada did not lie about one thing.

He was really familiar here!

He easily led Shaar’s group through the mountain, crossed the jungle, across a rugged hillside and climbed a steep cliff.

They spent six days on this journey.

In those six days, Ada also revealed a strange behaviour:

He occasionally spoke with Shaar and even faced the lowly goblin with an amiable attitude and manner.

However! Whenever when he faced the pitiful creature, Mr. Ada never showed a slightest friendliness. Looking closer, he even gave her some malicious look and cold shoulder with a hint of disgust.

This made the pitiful creature very depressed.

The hillbilly saw her as someone ugly, but this handsome Ada did not make any sense. He acted as if she was infected with some terrible disease and avoided her with his eyes like pest! This attitude ......

Was simply absurd!!

Someone with Adeline’s identity would never have thought that the two human men she met in Primal Wildfire would both be weirdos!

On the sixth day, even Shaar could not tolerate Ada’s attitude towards the pitiful creature anymore.

“In shouldn’t discriminate against the pitiful creature.” Shaar determined to persuade him, after all, they were all companions now. 𝘣𝘦𝑑𝑛𝘰𝑣𝘦𝘭.𝘰𝘳𝑔

“I hate people with an ugly appearance.” Ada replied coldly.

This reply made the pitiful creature nearly spit blood.

What’s wrong with this world!

Taking the hillbilly aside! Was this Ada blind or someone abnormal?!

Right now ......In this flash, the pitiful creature could not help but to get some crazy thoughts and even her confidence in her appearance started to waver: Am I really a very ugly person? Were the men just complimenting me because of my high status and intentionally lied to me?

“Ah......Actually, he is quite pitiful.” Shaar answered very sincere: “His look was given by his parents, being ugly cannot blamed on him.”

“I hate all the thing that are not beautiful and perfect in this world.” Ada replied categorically and his tone even had a pious flavor: “If you had not a bit of your wild manliness, I would not even speak to you right now.”

Hearing this, Shaar immediately became happy and gave up on attending the grievance of the pitiful creature and forcefully patted Ada on his shoulder: “Hahaha! That is natural, we are both handsome men!!”

However, he suddenly frowned: “Eh ......You dislike the pitiful creature, but what about Oaks? Oaks’ appearance ......”

Ada shook his head: “In the cultural standard of Goblins, Oaks counts as a very handsome man for a goblin.”


Pitiful creature received an internal injury: This hillbilly still thought that I am better than a goblin, but this Ada unexpectedly believed that my appearance was inferior to a goblin?!

(Tears streamed down Oak’s face: Ouke, Ouke ~ me, handsome male)

When the sun descended, Ada led our little group to an open swamp.

The terrain here was very strange. This piece of swamp was about hundred meters wide and on both sides there were large quagmires which seemed boundless.

“In order to arrive at the lair, this in the only entrance.” Ada pointed across the swamp – about 200 meters away there was a forest: “If we walk past this swamp, across that forest, the lair is behind the mountain.”

When Shaar observed this swamp, his heart suddenly began to get alerted maybe just say alert. The air was dry and hot, the temperature here even made them sweat!

He looked at the quagmires on both sides: “Here ......”

“Did you notice? The quagmires on both sides are all unpassable. You will get stuck deep inside and below is a bottomless pit. Furthermore, we are unable to go around such big quagmire. Only this narrow stretch of 100 meters has a very thin hard soil above and we can only? run fast over it. If we run slowly, the hard soil above will collapse ......If you fall down, I assure that you will die.”

Ada smiled: “However, the hard soil above the swamp also isn’t easy to pass.”

Saying this, he casually pulled out a pheasant from Shaar’s leather bag – this pheasant was caught by Shaar last night and he wanted to keep it as midnight snack.

After Ada grabbed this pheasant with colorful feathers, he threw it onto the swamp. Regaining its freedom, the pheasant cheerfully squeaked several times and dashed forward on the hard soil......After it ran about ten meters, the hard soil started to transform and the ground suddenly started to caved in, then......

With a loud bang! A huge pillar of fire spurted from the ground and it pouted out flames of four five meters high!!

When the flames went down, the colorful pheasant turned into a grilled chicken! Then suddenly, the flame pillar suddenly dissipated and the hard soil on the ground resurfaced. Several bubbles restored their original appearance on the surface. From afar, Shaar immediately smelled a strong smell of sulphur and the hot steaming air obstructed their breathing.

“Damn! What the hell?!” Shaar exclaimed with a shocked look.

“Did you see that?” Ada turned his head and when he saw Shaar’s shocked face, he said with a smile: “This is a dangerous way, under the hard soil are underground flames. Those flames will erupt from times to times. When you are walking over it, perhaps a huge flame pillar will suddenly erupt under your feet and grill you directly!”

“Fuck!” Shaar yelled angrily: “You said that this is the safest way?!”

Ada put on a serious face and replied coldly: “I assure you, this is the only safe passage ...... The other paths are even more dangerous than this. If you do not believe me, you could go elsewhere and try!”

“But ......How is this place safe?” Shaar swallowed: “If we rush into it, we will turn into barbecue!”

“If you want to find the dragon’s lair, how could it be an easy matter.” Ada squinted and coldly smiled: “There is a magic formation underneath. Under this mountain, there is an underground magma vein. Like I told you, that dragon excelled in soil magic and this magic made some special modification to the terrain here. It made the hard soil extremely fragile, turning it into this death trap.”

Shaar gave Ada a cold look and coughed. This hillbilly rolled his eyes and suddenly turned his gaze towards the shivering Mr. Princess. He touched his chin and smiled maliciously:

“You! Oaks! You walk first!”


Mr. Princess’ legs were trembling like leaves, his face turned pale and instantly collapsed on the ground.

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