Chapter 18 The same kind of scream
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Chapter 18 The same kind of scream

Translator: Tchu

The next morning, Shaar rolled over in his sleep and heard a scream from the pitiful creature behind his back. Like being cut by a knife, he instantly bounced a foot high and stared at the pitiful creature with his eyes widened.

Lying on the floor, the pitiful creature touched her chest and took a breath. She was nearly crushed to death by that rude hillbilly’s heavy weight.

“You! Who allowed you sleep behind me?!” Shaar was so upset that he wanted to pull his hair out.

The pitiful creature’s face flushed:”It was a bit cold out here last night, so...”

Shaar felt an indescribable feeling in his heart. Don’t take it wrong, he was not moved. On the contrary, he felt disgusted!! He remembered his morning wood experience and forcefully spitted on the floor while rubbing his face. He gave the pitiful creature a relentless stare:” Stay away from me while sleeping...Or don’t blame me when I crush you at night!”

Shaar behaved like someone who got “taken advantage” off. In her heart, the pitiful creature felt a strong dissatisfaction: No matter how you put it, I’m the person who truly suffered. It was you who took advantage of me! Before this all happened, men couldn’t even touch my dress when they kneel down and beg me! But this hillbilly acted like he was assaulted by me!

Thinking about it, the pitiful creature could not help but feel embarrassed and stood up to rearrange her clothes. In matter of fact, she was wearing thick clothes beneath the white rhino skin armor. Shaar got up, drank bit water from the bag and took a bite from the bread.

Before leaving camp, Shaar refused the pitiful creature’s request to wash her face since the water in the bag was getting low. The remaining water was only enough for drinking while washing their faces and brushing their teeth would only waste it before they found the next water source.

Not only was this vulgar hillbilly rude, he was also filthy! The pitiful creature thought to herself full of anger.

When our duo was setting off, the goblins surrounding them became alarmed.

A dozen of goblins had waited nearby in the wild for a whole night and the pitiful creature saw how they were starting to get up as well. Some of them who were still snoring loudly and dreaming were kicked awake by their companions.

These goblins started screaming and shouting when they saw that Shaar and the pitiful creature were about to leave. At the beginning they were a bit anxious, but approximately after the sun rise, a significant number of hobo goblins had gathered in a larger group and started to boost their courage. After murmuring to each other for a while, several of them who had weapons made of animal bones started approaching Shaar and the pitiful creature with evil intent.

Finishing preparing the hill sized package on his back, Shaar finally put the pitiful creature on his big shield carrying on his shoulder. When he noticed that at the distance several goblins carrying weapons were approaching them, he laughed and kicked a rotten bone on the floor.

That rotten bone flew and hit the head of a goblin who wore a ox skull as helmet with high precision. With a cracking sound, the helmet split apart and the goblin felt down while holding his head and screamed in pain.

Shaar’s cruel laughter instantly crushed the courage of the other goblins. Panicking, they immediately dispersed and fled dozens of meters. They only stopped running to cowardly look at Shaar’s next movements.

It was obviously that they were cowards, but the big heavy bag carried by Shaar and his strong body made these fellows drool greedily while they refused to give up.

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These guys who did not dare to approach, but were not willing to give up and therefore could only follow on their tails.

Later in the morning, two goblins seemed to come up with a good idea and picked up some stones from the wilderness and started throwing them. This way, they could hide in a distant place while attacking Shaar and therefore did not need to be afraid of Shaar’s robust and powerful physique.

However, this approach soon proved to be useless since Shaar instantly picked up some stones and fought back. With his greater strength, he could throw further and with more force, the two Goblins were hit and fainted. The other goblins watched in terror and could only run away.

Nevertheless, when afternoon arrived, the goblins on their tail became more and more. Their numbers gradually reached several dozen, but they were still hobo goblins. Shaar described these goblins to the pitiful creature as “goblins with no organization including only outcasts. They lack weapons and food and those hungry guys do not have much strength.” 𝘣𝘦𝘥𝘯𝑜𝘷𝘦𝘭.𝑐𝑜𝑚

Indeed, looking at how they are dressed up, those goblins might be even weaker than beggars in Primal Wildfire Town. The most essential aspect, not even one of them had a metal weapon in their hands and this was probably the biggest reason while those goblins stayed away.

At noon, the goblins finally achieved a deal to cooperate between each other and dozens of them rush towards Shaar and the pitiful creature while they were taking a break. Seeing the upcoming attack, Shaar leisurely took his waraxe and his shield while moving forward to intercept them. Compare to the diminutive Goblins, Shaar’s strong build looked like a giant in comparison.

He flew into the goblin group like a wild bull and bashed two goblins with his shield. Those goblins flew away like insects and one of them smashed his bones on a stone. Shaar followed up with his axe and swept past two other goblins holding their bone weapons and shattered both user and weapon with one swoop. All the goblins were propelled 6 meters away and landed on the ground while vomiting blood.

The remaining goblins instantly turned their tails and ran while screaming like a crowd of girls seeing a sexual harasser. With one step, Shaar caught a fleeing goblin and grabbed its neck between his fingers.5bafa40f4bfbfbed9003b6367bf0f736afc31f24

The pitiful goblin was the one with the strongest build amongst the goblins and wore the most armor like thing on his body. In reality, this “armor” was just a piece of cowhide.

This green skin was frightened to death while being carried like a chicken by Shaar. Its two thin short legs struggled in the air and its mouth kept screaming while waving its two arms.

Shaar threw it in the front of pitiful creature, did not gave it time to sit up and used the back of his waraxe to smash its leg. With a cracking sound this pitiful goblin’s foot was easily broken and smashed to pieces.

“OUKE! OUKE!! OUKE!!” The pitiful goblin yelled with a deep sorrowful scream.

In the language of the goblins, ouke was a word to express strong emotions.

Many people thought that the language of the goblins was very difficult to study, but in reality it was just the opposite. Although the goblins were a different race, they still had a certain degree of wisdom and even a bit of civilization. Nonetheless, civilization was outrageous simple and with their low intelligence quotient, the goblins made their language extreme simple.

Ouke this word almost covered everything that needed to express in a Goblin’s short life, since they always expressed strong emotions despite the usefulness sometimes.

For example, when they feel happy they would shout “Ouke”, when they were angry they would also shout “Ouke”. When upset they shouted “Ouke”, both when hungry and full they would shout “Ouke”. While having a nice shit, they would shout “Ouke” even during mating they shouted “Ouke”.

When you see two goblins fighting with each other, both the attacker and the defender would shout “Ouke”, so do not feel weird. Furthermore, perhaps they were actually not fighting, but carrying out the important work of increasing their numbers......

Certainly, this pitiful fellow shouting ouke right now was surely not feeling pleasure at the moment. Its ugly face became even uglier when its mouth, nose and eyes were almost squeezed together.

Obviously, Shaar had no intention of shutting it up and let the miserable howling continue.

Slamming his waraxe in the ground, Shaar took out his bread and started to eat it. While the goblin screamed full of pain, Shaar was munching his bread casually not caring about the goblin at all.

Seeing that the pitiful creature was getting somewhat softhearted towards it, Shaar gave her a cold stare: “Do you think that I am cruel?”

The pitiful creature whispered in a low voice: “Why did we capture a prisoner? If you do not plan to kill it, why making it suffer?”

“Its pitiful yell is useful to us.” Shaar gave a simple explanation: “By hearing it screams, the others will fear us! This truth is not only applied to goblins, but also to humans.”

The pitiful creature thought about this sentence for a minute and gave the hillbilly a somewhat strange looked: “Did your foster father teach you this?”

“Yes.” Shaar nodded.

Sure enough, those surrounding Goblins who stayed ten meters away and intend to wait while observing heard the screams therefore could not help themselves but ran further away out of fear.

After resting a while, when Shaar planned to set out again, he gave birth to an even crueler act. While kicking this goblin’s foot, he pointed towards the front with his axe with an obvious meaning: Walk!

Although with a broken foot, the pitiful goblin had no choice but to stand under the threat of the axe. Moving forward while jumping, it started to scream even more pitiful, scaring the other goblins even further away than before.

Sitting on Shaar’s shoulder, the pitiful creature had a hard time to endure, however Shaar shut her up with only few words.

“If you think this is pitiful, imagine the things that will happen if they catch you. Don’t forget, we are in Primal Wildfire where dead people are buried everywhere.”

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