Chapter 9 Shaar’s “part-time job”
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Chapter 9 Shaar’s “part-time job”

Translator: Tchu, Scar

Lying on the ground with his face up, Shaar’s chest fluctuated heavily and he was out of breath. His heartbeat could be mistaken as a drum, both his hands and feet felt weak and sweat was oozing out his whole body.

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After resting for a short while, Shaar slowly sat up while his back wounds started to affect him. The pain was so intense that it almost took away his breath. Turning his head, he looked at the dead wolf whose body became stiff by now. Its buttocks were lifted a bit and the wooden stick was still sticking out of its anus.

“Hahahaha!” Shaar began to laugh wildly: “You want to eat me? Hmpf! I am destined to become the continents strongest magical beast hunter, how could I die here!”

Pausing for a while, his face revealed a hint of his ruthless nature: “Since you wanted to eat me, today I will eat you.”

Finishing his sentence, he felt his strength slipping away and struggled few times to stand up. Unable to get up by himself, he opened his mouth and call out: “Hey! Pitiful creature, are you dead? I will forgive you for not helping me in that fight a moment ago, but could you at least give me a hand now?”

Hidden behind a pile of rotten trunks, a small head peeked out after hearing his shout. The pitiful creature was dead frightened and her whole face was pale. Seeing that Shaar was alive, she delightfully cried out in joy and ran to Shaar’s side.

“Don’t pull me up yet ...... in my bag there are some herbal medicine. Go take it and help me apply it ......I cannot reach the wound on my back.”

Shaar powerlessly waved his hand.

Not expecting the outcome, he quickly regretted asking this fellow for help.

From the look of it, this pitiful creature never helped a human being bandage a wound before. It took her long time until she finally managed to wrap a piece of cloth around Shaar’s body and it was badly patched up.

“Hey, the knot you tied around my chest, what kind of knot is that?”

“Eh, it’s there to keep the cloth together.”

“I know for what purpose it was, but that grip is quite strange, what is this thing? Tying it this complicated is wasting a lot of cloths.”

“......It’s a butterfly knot.”

“A butterfly knot? Is it useful?”

“ looks pretty.”


Coupled with the sudden change of events, they are now both wounded and could only rest in this place.

Resting for half a day, Shaar finally restored enough strength. Although somewhat annoyed that the pitiful creature wasted so much clothes, but as soon as he saw the wolf corpse nearby he quickly beamed with joy.

“Hahaha, I am rich, I am rich!” Using both his hands and feet, Shaar crawled towards it. He looked so excited that it looked like he would start hugging and kissing the wolf corpse.

Although he secretly hunted 2-3 magical beasts before, they were mostly low-level beast without much danger. Once he caught a fire tree fox, by using traps.

In front of his laid a Bloodthirsty Great Wolf and from the look of its body size, it was a grown specimen. Its body was imposing and the fur shiny.

Despite that a Bloodthirsty Great Wolf was only a low-level magical beast, this specimen was actually a well wanted product. First of all, Shaar did not cut off the wolf’ head this time and the wolf did not suffered any major damages. The wolf skin was complete and as long he peeled it well, he could sell it for several silver coins in Primal Wildfire Town!

Several silver coins were enough for Shaar to eat and drink for 1-2 months.

Furthermore the Wolf bones were also of value. Generally speaking, the bones of Bloodthirsty Great Wolf were not necessarily valuable. Nevertheless, this specimen that Shaar killed was a strong and healthy full grown Great Wolf. The magical affinity of Bloodthirsty Great Wolf was actually earth type magic. Its bones could be used to create earth type magic spells and some shops were willing to purchase the wolf bone.

With everything considered, if he could carry back this wolf, if luck wishes and he could sell the bones, he could gain 7-8 silver coins in total.

Overwhelmed with excitement, Shaar was considering to simply carrying this fellow back to Primal Wildfire town and not taking the risk anymore catching a Ferocious Lion cubs. By selling the wolf skin, the money was enough to pay back the prepayment of the shop in Black Alley. The remaining money could be lived on for 2-3 months and also buy a genuine sword. Perhaps with luck, he could acquire a decent leather amour with remaining money.

Looking at Shaar Thunder jumping around from joy, the pitiful creature could not quite understand and did not agree with him.

A hillbilly will always be a hillbilly. It was just a wolf corpse, what was so valuable to be so excited about? 𝑏𝘦𝑑𝘯𝑜𝑣𝘦𝑙.𝘤𝘰𝘮

Holding the dead wolf’s body while dancing around, Shaar was so excited, that it began to affect his wounds. While seeing him both smiling and crying in pain, that pitiful creature could not help herself but to start pitying this fellow a bit.

“Hey ......” The pitiful creature shouted. When Shaar turned his head around, the pitiful creature became somewhat flushed in her face: “Tha ......Thank you, for saving me.”

“No need to thank me. I did not only do it to save you, but also to save myself – If I did not kill it, I would be finished by now.” Shaar waved his hand.

Seeing his carefree attitude made the pitiful creature seeing Shaar in a more favourable light and she answered with a smile: “I now believe a bit that you are actually an actual magical beast hunter.”


“Your strength is quite big.” The pitiful creature’s face suddenly reddened and she tried to change the topic with some random hand gestures: “I know that the strength of a Bloodthirsty Great Wolf is huge, but you actually managed to overwhelm it. Also, when you went all out, your aura was very intimidating.”

Observing Shaar’s happiness, the pitiful creature’s eyes suddenly brightened and showed a grinning smile while asking: “So what is your plan now? You probably came here in the wilderness to hunt right? Now that you got your prey, are you considering going back to the town?”

The actual question the pitiful creature wanted to ask was: Can you bring me back to town?

From yesterday and today’s bitter experience, the pitiful creature understood very clearly. If nobody protected her and she was alone in the wilderness, she feared that she would not even last a day in Primal Wildfire!

Assuming that nobody protected her, even if she did not get eaten by a magical beast or by bad luck she met some evil tribe, perhaps meeting some cruel and merciless adventurers, she would be treated like a fat sheep ready to be butchered.

Additionally with her appearance, she feared that it would attract an even more sinister outcome.

From her perspective, following this hillbilly would be quite safe. He proved that he had some skills by killing a Great Wolf alone. The most important part was that he could not distinguish between a beautiful and an ugly woman. By following him, at least she would not have to worry about him having any dirty thoughts.

Considering for a moment, Shaar looked at that wolf corpse and sighed: “It is not possible. Temporarily, I cannot go back I ...... need to look for a Ferocious Lion.”

“Why?!”The pitiful creature started to yell: Don’t you have your game already? Carrying such a big wolf must be already hard enough, why do you need to look for other game again.”

The real intention of the pitiful creature in fact was: She did not want to accompany him on this dangerous trip inside Primal Wildfire, better hurry up and deceive this hillbilly to go back to Town while protecting her.

“Wolf ......” Shaar Thunder did not want to abandon his spoils of war and kept staring at it: “Although the wolf is valuable, however ......I promised someone. Ah, I have signed a contract and cannot renege on a promise.”

Finishing his sentence, he threw out his chest: “The Old man had taught me: Do not say something you cannot achieve! However once you promise something to others, no matter what it must be achieved! A man has to keep his words!”

His age may be young, but when he said these words, adding that a while ago he demonstrated his valiant and clever fighting style and currently threw out his chest while saying these brave words, one could see a bit of his heroic spirit.

“But ......” The pitiful creature was somewhat worried: “But we are injured. Furthermore, my wounds needs urgent treatment from someone. You are also heavily injured ......Can’t you deliver me back to the town first?”

“It cannot be done! The dignity of a man is at stake here!”Shaar Thunder firmly shook his head.

“But ......” Getting somewhat annoyed, the pitiful creature suddenly remembered this fellow holding that dead wolf body and dancing around in joy a moment ago. Squinting her eyes she proposed: “Well, I will pay you money. How about I hire you to escort me back? How much is your manly dignity worth?”

“Bah, do you think I am that type of person who would give up his ideal for money!” Shaar Thunder tried to display that he had a strong sense of righteousness.

“50 gold coins.” In matter of fact, the pitiful creature wanted to say 500 gold coins, but feared that it would scare this hillbilly who had not seen the world yet shitless.

Shaar Thunder’s eyes lit up. Hearing 50 gold coins, his face instantly revealed that he was speechless! He had never seen such a huge sum of money in his life!

50 gold coins were enough to buy him the finest magical beast hunter equipment in Primal Wildfire, he could drink the highest quality wine, enter Primal Wildfire Town’s most expensive hotel and eat the meal there. Maybe ......he could even go to the legendary “Powder Street” and experience world......

Thinking for a moment, Shaar shook his head and showed a disdained look: “50 gold coins? If you had 50 gold coins, it would be enough hired a team of warriors to protect you. Looking at your appearance, you look like a lonely travelling noble, perhaps even a fugitive. I do not believe that you have such a huge sum of money.”

The pitiful creature proudly smiled, reaching into her chest and took out a bag made of deerskin. This leather bag itself was a rare item made from such a good quality. What’s more, it was embroidered with flowers made by gold strings. The pitiful creature shook the bag, which gave out some clatter sound. Then she opened it downward. Suddenly a handful of shiny stuff dropped out!

Gold coins!!

Genuine gold coins! The gold coins of Byzantine Empire!!

Shaar Thunder was stunned. Immediately, he stepped forward, grabbed some pieces with his hand and hefted. He even took a big bite on one.

Real gold coins!!

He Looked up at this pitiful creature – was this fellow so rich?

“How about now?” Seeing this hillbilly forget himself in front of gold coins, the pitiful creature revealed a look of disdain: “Is this money enough to buy your so-called dignity as a man?”

Taking a deep breath, Shaar Thunder threw the gold coin to the ground. He raised his head and paid the pitiful creature a strange look.

His look was very tranquil and somewhat amused.

“To tell you the truth, you shouldn’t have taken out so much money in front of me.” Shaar Thunder seriously declared.

“Why?” Sensing some change in the hillbilly’s tone, the pitiful creature got a bit nervous.

“I forgot to tell you something important.” Shaar Thunder chuckled with his lip forming arc.” I’m a magic beast hunter for most of the time, some unusual situations, I don’t mind to do some other jobs occasionally.”

“What kind of jobs?”

Shaar Thunder gave a big grin, revealing his white teeth.”Bandit!”

Sighing, he continued in a casual tone.”When a fat helpless sheep takes out a large sum of money in front of me in a deserted wilderness, where even God can’t hear when you cry. If someone kills an innocent person here for money, he can dig a hole, dump the body and perhaps hid his crime for five decades...”

Saying this sentence, he intentionally talked very slowly and finally laughed at the end: “Every time when I encounter such a situation, I won’t mind at all to do this “part-time job”.”

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