Bored Gamer in Other Worlds

Chapter 981 Backlash
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981 Chapter 981 Backlash "56 robbers done and gone."


"I would have wished to have found some more hapless souls on this road." Our bored gamer shook his head in lament. Still, the harvest today has made him smile at the very least.

He had risen up the ranks of cultivation in such a small time after all. Alas, the same could not be said to everyone else around him who appeared stunned and horrified more than any other.

Not a few of them even had dried puke nearby as a consequence to the terrible spectacle that assaulted their senses.

"Or perhaps I may have overdone it somewhat." Clark muttered under his breath as he realized the silent witnesses in his presence.

"I hope that I have not overstayed my welcome in your carriage, girl." Our good gamer smiled and awaited no reply whatsoever.

He walked back to whence he came and only heard the clear voice of the shocked lady behind him a few seconds later.

"Not at all, my Lord. You are most welcome to stay for as long as you want." Lady Wu Tian replied amicably.

There was a great fire in her eyes that spoke volumes about her expectations upon this encounter. The evil deeds of our very own protagonist has not bothered her at all.

To escape this tribulation, she would even hug the thigh of a devil and more.

* * *

"Hmmm…" Old man Cao Li mused in silence. His aged eyes were now fully open as he inspected every nook and cranny on the person of our good gamer.

There should have been a huge deal of dark qi on his body after all the ugly things he had done prior but no… not even a tiny shred of evidence was seen on his person at all.

This made the old man doubt his initial assumptions about our bored gamer. It forced Cao Li to reconsider his judgement on this unknown naked traveler.

Nevertheless, Cao Li went proactive on his actions and so he tested what he could in subterfuge.

"DING!" Cao Li sent a hidden wave of qi towards our good gamer that would have no doubt turned a lesser person's brain into mush.

Unfortunately for him, the effect rebounded on his target and went directly back unto his own psyche. πš‹ο½…πšο½Žπš˜ο½–ο½…πš•οΌŽπš˜πš›πš

"MERCY!" Old man Cao Li's last conscious words reverberated in the car before he slumped like dead meat thereafter. Alas, there was no going back from such unwise strategies.

"Elder Cao Li! What happened?" It was not Lady Wu Tian who spoke these words but her maidservant on the side. The poor girl tried to wake the old man up but a dribble of spit answered her efforts.

In contrast, Lady Wu Tian's reaction was somewhat lighter the first. She even smiled for a moment before she deleted it from the surface. She then cried her concerns in order to conceal her true feelings.

"Elder! Are you okay?!" Lady Wu Tian screamed but her eyes would dart from time to time unto our very own protagonist.


It was clear that she had her educated assumptions on what really happened to the old man. She very own protagonist.

It was clear that she had her educated assumptions on what really happened to the old man. She looked at Clark with fear but more than that, this turn of events also invigorated the hope in her heart.

* * *

Nomery City. This was the place where the group of weary travelers would find themselves at the end. They were lucky since they had not lost a life in their travels.

Only that of a single mind from one very unlucky old man.

"BANG!" The gates opened up unto a big mansion in the city. The scene was a buzz of activity as both guards and servants flock to and fro.

It was easy to tell that something big was about to happen today or in the next.

"Welcome, Lady Wu Tian! The young master has been patiently waiting for your arrival. Please come inside and…"

A wise old attendant of the house greeted but his words got stuck in his throat when a pair of men was carrying out the stupid figure of old man Cao Li.

The slave had a hunch that this would not be a good day at all. Far from that in fact. The next thing that occurred has only deepened his belief on this charge.

"Oh? A busy cultivator clan. I believe that I would enjoy my stay here." Our bored gamer made his entrance.

The white garb that he wore from before was now replaced with his favorite color of adornment.

His whole body was wrapped in crimson robes and he strode forward like he owned the place in the first place.

"I have no doubt that you will, my Lord!" Lady Wu Tian followed like a good servant and the duo went on unimpeded into the clan's heart.

"Lady Wu Tian! Please wait!" The clan attendant called but his summons went to deaf ears. In the end, he could only follow helplessly thereafter.

* * *

The Wen Clan was not the strongest family in the Nomery City but they were respected in the land.

Their founders and the ones that followed had made sure that they would please the correct people and not offend anyone they could not afford to. Thus, the Wen Clan had prospered over the years and more.

It must have been fate that a great tribulation like our bored gamer was expected to happen after all the blessings that they had encountered thus far. Life would force a balance in all things above all.

"Summon your Patriarch for me. I have something important to discuss with him." Clark ordered once he appeared at the great hall of the clan. It was filled with both luxury and history.

There was even an open mantra of a cultivation technique that anyone would benefit from just glancing on the thing.

Alas, even this priceless item of a painting could not sway any emotion from our very own protagonist. He had more significant things and he would finish them all with urgent haste.

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