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Chapter 21 : Sadogashima Sayaka

ーJust what does this mean?

While his lips get wet with saliva, Ran was fascinated by the soft feeling covering his whole body.

Sadogashima Sayaka, his classmate who just changed her hairstyle and clothesーis firmly gripping his wrist while straddling over him.

‘If I recall, she should be the class secretary and she belongs to the tea ceremony club’

As she’s a member of the class committee, he has seen her in a situation where she’s in touch with Torao and Niigaki.

He didn’t feel any special emotion between Sayaka who usually looks down and the two boys who are “Za Riajuu”1

ーI shouldn’t have activated my Retainer Training yet.

Ran looks at Sayaka who’s happy tasting his lips, Ran tilts her head in wonder.

‘I feel like Sayaka said『I love you』before we just kissed’

If that is the truth, what is the trigger? Ran doesn’t remember what made Sayaka fall for him at all.

Well, even if Sayaka’s love is true.

Ran doesn’t think he can be the same school boy as before when he turned two of his classmates as his retainers.

If she discovers the truth, her devotion would certainly cool down.

Therefore, Ran shouldn’t have the reason not to put Retainer Training on Sayaka.

ーThis soft kiss, and a conservative hug, again.

It’s different from the lewd kiss painted in love when he made the two his retainers.

He enjoys the feeling of the gentle and slow kiss.

Then, a wrapped embrace that enjoys Ran’s temperature.

Ran’s cheek unconsciously loosens from the modest act of healing his tired body.


The soft lips parted and a warm breath drifts softly.

Sayaka’s face flushed in shame, she looks at Ran with her eyesーand turned her face away.

She kissed him herself but she got embarrassed.

If this isn’t Sayaka’s act.

「Are you serious?」


「About liking me」


Blushing, Sayaka pouts her lips in displeasure.

But that reaction wasn’t from hate, even Ran was able to feel that.

He stretched his hands and stroked Sayaka’s cheeks.

Sayaka who hasn’t received retainer training yet, Sayaka won’t be taking Ran’s touch as an inescapable pleasure.

If his hand wasn’t developed by someone, it won’t make just his caress feel good.

Lowering the hand patting her cheeks, he then caressed from her nape to her shoulder.

Does it tickle? Sayaka averts her eyes feeling uncomfortable.

「I’ll touch strange places for a bit」

It’s unknown if Sayaka, who’s not under Retainer Training yet, would suddenly start crying or shouting.

If she shows such behavior then he’ll use his skill instantly.

Actually, Ran’s prevented to use his skill by Sayaka’s hand once.

He must not be careless.

ーBut, this uneasy reaction is fresh and cute.

After gently stroking her collarbone, he pokes Sayaka’s chest teasingly.

It’s pitiful for a high school girl, it’s a splendid washboard.

She might be the slender in clothing type but, it might be rude to judge in this kind of situation.

It’s possible that she’s smaller than Mizusu.

「…I want to see」

‘I’d like to see Sayaka’s boobs with my eyes suppose it’s true’

‘I’d like to confirm her modest breasts wrapped in her underwear and uniform’

While staring at the flat chest, two arms blocked his view.

Averting her blushing face, Sayaka hides her chest.

「I’ve got a small complex about it so I’d like you not to look at it that much」

「Is that so?」

This could be concluded easily if he used Retainer Training.

Once he use his skills, Sayaka will instantly turn to a lewd school girl.

Sayaka who opens her crotch and panting obscenely is also charming.

‘Let’s hold back for now’

This chance might not appear again.

A classmate who loves Ran before used Retainer Training.

A shy behavior for her first experience.

Hiding her chest due to the embarrassment.

That’s all impossible reactions under Retainer Training.

Postponing her breasts for the time being, Ran begins to caress Sayaka’s waist.

Placing his fingers at the hem of her skirt, trying to remove it.

It must be because it’s shortened.

Sayaka didn’t show any resistance even if her lower body is only wearing spats now.

「You’re okay with your lower half?」

「I’m wearing spats anyway, I thought it’ll be fine」

Her fair white thighs and black spats complement.

With her body line clearly emerging, Ran’s penis begin to slowly swell.

The underwear pushed up is stopped by the trousers, the expansion of his desire halts.

The butler pants is tight and doesn’t suit him.

He lowered his pants without hesitation and tossed his coat and shirt.

After he’s only wearing one piece of underwear, he slowly lay down the butler clothes on the bed.

Looking back as if asking to continue, Sayaka turned her eyes downwards with her cheeks turnedred.

「W-Wait, Kirishima-kun!?」


Looking at Ran who answered calmly, Sayaka’s mouth opens and closes like a fish.

Lowering her glance, his underwear swelling with lust comes to her sight.

From Sayaka’s perspective, she clearly sees Ran’s penis’ reaction from inside his underwear.

「Don’t what me! T-T-T-T-T-T-T-That look…」

Even when covering her eyes, Sayaka’s glance catches Ran’s lower half flickeringly.

The person herself might be intending to look at it casually but she’s completely exposed to the guy being seen.

The graceful, docile, tea ceremony club member and a literary girl is actually a muttsuri. 2 Moe.

「Isn’t this the reason why you came here?」

「W-Well, that’s right but. I-I’d like you to feel some embarrassment seeing a woman’s body or rather…」

Sayaka fidgets while muttering as her spats look out from the hem of the uniform stimulates an amazing fetish.

「Therefore, that, the boy would feel hesitant to take it off, then I’ll forcibly strip, but that would feel good, that…」

「You want me to behave like a virgin?」

「…That’s right」

That’s inevitable. 𝒷𝓮𝒹𝓃ℴ𝓿𝓮𝓁.𝓬𝓸𝓂

Ran has already experienced sex with high school girls multiple times that he won’t look like a virgin.

He shows no resistance on showing his naked body to the partner he’s going to do the act after this, he didn’t even get a nosebleed from arousal of the girl undressing scene.

‘Then what should I do?’

Even though he thought he could enjoy having sex without Retainer Training.

It’s helpless if Sayaka’s not aroused.

「Well, let’s do this then」

「Eh? Wawa?!」

Ran holds Sayaka and laid down on top of the bed.

If it was Kanami or Misuzu, they would take shape to be pushed down.

But this case would be the reverse. Ran’s down and Sayaka’s above.

As if pushed down by Sayaka, Ran entrusted his body on the bed sheet.


The color of Sayaka’s eyes looking down at the defenseless Ran has changed.

The downcast pupil glares down at Ran.

Ringing her throat, Sayaka’s breathing turned rough.

Breathing ‘haa, haa, haa’ Sayaka rocks her waist and pushes her crotch against him.

Unable to endure that feeling, Ran reached out for his underwear and lowered it to his knees.

The penis already erect jumps up and slaps Sayaka’s ass.

Noticing that contact, Sayaka raised her waist and lowered her gaze to her crotch.

「Wa-waa… Waaー…」

Looking at Ran’s strongly erect penis, Sayaka happily wraps up her cheeks.

Seeing that her face changed to a wistful one, Ran stretched his arms and reached out for Sayaka’s spats.

「Sadogashima-san, should I take this off?」


Putting his finger in her spats, he rolled it off.

Her pure white abdomen’s exposed to the air and the slit hidden in the black wheat field appearsー A black wheat field appearsー

「H-Huh… Sadogashima-san. Where’s your panties?」

「I wear spats as underwear, is it no good?」

Looking at Sayaka who tilted her head in wonder, Ran shakes his head left and right.

A high school girl wearing spats and nothing else, is there anything as lustful as this?

Furthermore, Sayaka’s exposing the spats substituting her underwear on the outside without doubt.

「The best…」

Lowering her spats, Sayaka’s unused pussy peeks out.

The slit moist with sweat has a pubic hair with the amount just like a high school girl.

Feeling gratitude from the crotch for the classmate moist with sweat, Ran thrusts his waist. ーAnd yet.


「K-Kirishima-kun. Well you see, it’s not yet…」

The tip of the penis is welcomed by Sayaka’s entrance.

However, if he tries to push it, it won’t enter as he’s forced back.

Rather than inevitable, it’s like Sayaka’s refusing the insertion.

「You’re not wet yet?」

Women who were under Retainer Training accepts Ran’s touch as pleasure so they’re perfectly wet by the time he inserts after finishing the foreplay.

Sayaka’s not under Retainer Training, she’s a normal high school girl.

Furthermore, she hasn’t been developed by someone since she’s still a virgin.

There’s no way that kind of girl would be wet like a honey pot from just the situation she yearns for and visual excitement.

This is Ran’s first experience in regards to that.

That said, he can’t just give up, he doesn’t intend to do such savage ideas of just forcibly putting it in.

Ran urged Sayaka to take off her uniform and slowly rotated her on the bed.

Their state changed from face to face, to face to crotch.

Confirming that Sayaka has tossed off her sailor uniform, Ran begins caressing Sayaka’s thighs with lewd hands.

「Hyaa! Kirishima-kun, that tickles!」

Listening to Sayaka’s adorable screams, Ran fills his face with her crotch.

Normally, he’d rather play with her chest and back at the same time but, Ran also wants stimulation from Sayaka.

Embracing Sayaka’s waist, Ran also pushes his crotch against Sayaka’s face.

A warm breath wraps around the tip of the penis and it jumped from the pleasure.

「Kirishima-kun’s penis is getting very hot」3

Unable to endure the smell of the twitching penis in front of her, Sayaka licks the tip with her tongue.

As soon as her tongue touched it, the penis jumped and transparent liquid leaked from the tip.

Instinctively accepting it with her tongue, Sayaka flatters Ran’s penis that seems pleased.

The penis happily bounces as it’s unable to endure, Sayaka puts it in her mouth and she gently hold the tip with her lips.

「…Ah, kufuu」

As he lick Sayaka’s crotch, Ran’s mouth plays a sweet voice.

Placing his penis in her lips, she’s trying to stimulate the tip with her tongue this time.

Feeling happy from the stirring, Ran’s penis leaked cowper fluid once again.

At the same time, Ran hears a voice.

「Does this feel good?」

Pushing his penis inside her mouth, her saliva entwines and stimulates him.

Every time she does that, Ran’s penis twitches and spits out cowper fluid from the pleasure.

After repeating it several times, Sayaka started to get aroused by the situation.

Basically, Sayaka likes to tease than have her teased.

She’d like to please her partner more more than feel pleasure herself.

Sayaka can feel Ran’s happy from her act.

That is Sadogashima Sayaka’s desire to be a sadist.

Actually, Sayaka’s fetish and Ran’s skill has a bad compatibility.

Retainer Training steals their ego away, he’ll always be in the dominant position and she’ll be unable to take him by surprise.

Pushing her modest breasts to Ran’s stomach, Sayaka distorts her mouth.

When Ran’s feeling pleasure, her chest feels hotter.

Every time she hears Ran’s panting voice, Sayaka’s heartbeat goes faster.

Every time she feels the cowper fluid with her tongue, her vaginal walls twitches.

「…Nn, Ah」

The moisture from Sayaka’s vagina flows across Ran’s tongue who’s unraveling it.

Different from the saliva secreted from Ran’s mouth, it’s a sweet nectar.

Letting go of his mouth, a gentle transparent liquid overflows from Sayaka’s slit.

Letting go of his face from her crotch, Ran licks Sayaka’s thighs.

Caressing it with the tip of her tongue, Sayaka’s tongue twitched.

Petting her smooth waist with his fingers, Ran gradually raises the position of his hand little by litte.

Changing the position of his body, he turned to Sayaka.

Sayaka’s face is already flushed, their gaze intertwined.

Sayaka returns a smile to Ran who has an expectant face, Ran then reached out for Sayaka’s breasts.

「…Hmm, fuaa」

Despite some slight bulge, it’s a splendid washboard.

Sayaka’s nipples standing up has completely gotten hard, it’s asserting itself clearly.

He licked his fingertips and touched her pink bud intensely.

「N, there…it’s good」

「You’re feeling your first time from me」

Ran happily laughs then his other hand that’s not playing with her nipples goes to her crotch.

Tracing the slit covered in wheat fields, Ran’s fingertip reached her hole.

Inserting the finger in to the honey pot overflowing with love nectar, he played with Sayaka’s slit making wet noises.

Every time Ran’s finger move, Sayaka’s vagina drools from joy.

After confirming that she’s wet enough, Ran closes Sayaka’s lips with his own.

Pushing their entire body with each other, their thighs entwine.

「I love you, Kirishima-kun」

「…Yeah, me too」

Speaking the words Sayaka is looking for, Ran pushed the tip of his penis to Sayaka’s slit.,

Embracing each other’s body, he slowly pushed his penis inside the hole.

As he pushed his waist, Sayaka leaked out an『Ah』voice.

The proof of Sayaka’s first falls into the white sheets.

Looking at Sayaka’s face distorted from the momentary pain, Ran reached out for her cheeks.

But that hand was blocked by Sayaka.

Sayaka looks at Ran with a strong expression.

「I’ll be fine…」

「But, there are girls who feel pain on their first」

「Sadogashima Sayaka is a sadist, I won’t complain during our act」

Saying that, she bites the hand reaching out for her sweetly.

Leaving Ran’s body on top of the bed, Sayaka raised herself.

The expression of her closing her eyes, is it from pain, pleasure, or something else?

While straddling over Ran’s crotch, Sayaka begins to slowly move her waist.

「Cowgirl position… Is something I’d like to try at least once」

With tears floating in her eyes, Sayaka swings her waist lewdly on top of Ran.

Every time the meat hits Ran’s skin, an obscene sound echoes.

Along with that sound, a sweet scream leaks from Sayaka’s mouth.

The sweaty skin rubs against each other, a happy friction attacks Kirishima Ran.

「Uwa…this might be bad」

The look of his classmate wholeheartedly swinging her waist while blushing.

An obscene expression she has never shown before on a casual daily life until coming to this world.

Always wrapping herself in sailor uniform or gym clothes, never showing her skin.

And above allー

「I thought that Sadogashima-san might be a much more docile girl」


「No, not at all. Ratherー」

he stretched out his hand towards Sayaka whos straddling over him and wrapped her modest breasts.

「I might prefer this lewd girl」

「I feel really happy when Kirishima-kun say that」

Showing a lewd smile, Sayaka wraps Ran’s cheeks with bothh her hands.

She then gently snuggled to him and give Ran’s mouth sweet kisses.

We are 𝘣𝘦𝘥𝘯𝑜𝑣𝘦𝘭.𝘤𝘰𝑚, find us on google.

With the kiss that’s just touching, both of them became unable to endure.

Pushing their lips on their beloved, they twine their tongues.

Their fingers entwine with each other and their body press against each other.

「Nn, haa… Ha, haa…」

A bridge of light connects the mouths of the two.

Leaking out hot sighs, the expression of the two are melting in pleasure.

Sayaka’s wet slit was melting before they noticed and she doesn’t feel pain anymore.

Seeking her beloved man panting in front of her, she scream “kyun kyun”

The penis that moves up and down leaks out transparent liquid while twitching.

Ran’s aroused by Sayaka’s bodyーthat fact excites Sayaka further.

「I-I… I-I can’t hold it anymore!」

「Me too, I’m cumming soon!」

Tightening her vagina as if squeezing, the last cowper fluid pours into Sayaka’s vagina.

「S-Sadogashima-san. I-I’m about to!」

「Don’t call me with my family name, call me Sayaka! Please cum inside me while calling my name!」

Sayaka’s vagina firmly grips Ran’s penis, it begins to wind up.

Ran pushed his waist upwards to oppose it.

「Ah, ah! Hyaaaaaaaーn!」

「S-Sayaka! I-I’m at my limiot」

At the moment of Sayaka’s climax, Ran also reached his limit.

As if blacking out from the feeling of her trembling vagina swallowing his penis, Ran’s penis released white liquid.

Ran’s sperm poured into her vagina that’s sensitive from the climax.

Sayaka clings to Ran’s shoulder as she’s unable to withstand the hot and intense expression of love.

Pouring the rich semen in Sayaka’s uterus, Ran hugs Sayaka’s body.

The sticky skins stick with each other, it heals the bodies that just climaxed.

「Kirishima-kun’s semen, it’s filling me up」

Laying down her black hair to her shoulder, Sayaka looks at Ran while lying down.

She has to narrow her eyes because of her weak sight, Ran’s returns a gaze on her too.

The two kissed each other once again while staring at each other.

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