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Chapter 26: Turning from Defense to Attack

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lu Yu’s face was filled with joy as he hastily checked the effect.

[Red Lotus Battle Energy]

Level: A-class

Introduction: It can transform one’s health vitality into the essence of a powerful Red Lotus True Fire. It can be used to defend or attack, creating terrifying destructive power!

When he saw the effect, Lu Yu was very pleased.

In addition, Lu Yu also thought of the Furnace skill.

Furnace Skills could not only burn one’s health vitality and increase one’s strength.

He could also use it the other way around, burning his strength to increase his health vitality.

This meant that Lu Yu could also use the Furnace skill to increase his health vitality and increase the power of his Red Lotus Battle Energy!

Lu Yu looked at the remaining Crimson Haired Warthogs scurrying around and hurriedly tested the power of the Red Lotus Battle Energy.

With the trigger of his thought, his health vitality surged out and it rallied the fire-attribute energy in the atmosphere.

A beam of red light flashed and a massive ball of red flame appeared around Lu Yu. It’s the Red Lotus True Fire!

As Lu Yu attempted to control it, the Red Lotus True Fire morphed into various shapes along with the change in his intentions.


It could turn into fireballs, fire beams, or a rain of fire. It could attack, or it could turn into an armor of fiery flames and surround Lu Yu’s body to act as a defensive shield!

At this moment, three totally clueless Crimson Haired Warthogs charged towards Lu Yu.

“Just in time! I can use you to test the power of the Red Lotus True Fire!”

With a fierce shout from Lu Yu, the Red Lotus True Fire turned into three beams of fire that shot towards the three Crimson Haired Warthogs.

All 3 beams hit their targets. The 3 Crimson Haired Warthogs instantly became complete roasted pigs. In fact, due to the overwhelming power of the Red Lotus True Fire, they were all burnt to a crisp!

Lu Yu was very surprised to see this. At the same time, he also noticed something different.

According to the notifications he read about the leader of the Crimson Haired Warthogs, it was only a B-class beast. The fiery flames on its body were only ordinary flames, and its power was not that great.

However, after being eaten by Lu Yu, he had obtained an even higher level A-class skill, the Red Lotus Battle Energy.

The power of the Red Lotus True Fire was also not anything like ordinary flames. Its power was way higher by several levels.

Lu Yu was a bit confused, but at the same time he was also wondering whether his Red Lotus Battle Energy would become stronger if he ate a few more elite Crimson Haired Warthogs.

Thinking of this, Lu Yu looked towards the outer city walls.

There weren’t many Crimson Haired Warthogs around him now, and there was totally no sign of any elite Crimson Haired Warthogs at all.

However, at the outer city wall, there was still a large number of Crimson Haired Warthogs. There would definitely be some elite Crimson Haired Warthogs among them!

Without hesitation, Lu Yu picked up the Blood Emperor Battle Saber and rushed towards the outer city wall.

Along the way, some Crimson Haired Warthogs attacked Lu Yu.

Lu Yu either finished them off with one strike of the saber or manipulated the Red Lotus True Fire to kill them off outright. In his charge, he crushed everything in his path.

All of a sudden, the remaining Crimson Haired Warthogs realized the menace Lu Yu posed and they all fled in the direction of the outer city in fear.

Meanwhile, Lu Yu followed closely behind in hot pursuit. 𝙗𝒆𝒅𝙣𝒐𝙫𝒆𝙡.𝒏𝙚𝙩

At the foot of the inner city wall, the martial arts practitioners who were still fighting were suddenly left stranded as their Crimson Haired Warthog in front of them fled.

All of the practitioners were stupefied when they saw the Crimson Haired Warthogs fleeing in the distance and Lu Yu chasing after them all alone with his saber.

Initially, they had come here to fight a defensive battle, so why had the battle changed from defending to attacking? And that one person chasing after a group of Crimson Haired Warthogs? What in the world was going on?

“D*mn, who is that old man? Why is he so aggressive?”

“His combat strength is too terrifying. These Crimson Haired Warthogs are not his match at all!”

“That seems to be the new Great Martial Master. He hasn’t joined any dojo yet.”

“D*mn, which dojo master wouldn’t want to grab this sort of talent?”

“Quick! Follow him and attack together!”


Immediately afterwards, all these warriors ran after Lu Yu.

However, Lu Yu’s pace was too fast. In addition, there were still some remaining Crimson Haired Warthogs that they had to dispatch along the way. These warriors simply couldn’t keep up with his pace.

On the other hand, Lu Yu was chasing them relentlessly with his saber.

Initially, the Crimson Haired Warthogs were scattered far and wide, and Lu Yu’s speed was very slow. However, as they approached the outer city walls, the Crimson Haired Warthogs gradually increased in number, and Lu Yu’s speed also slowed down further.

With the Red Lotus True Fire in his left hand and the Blood Emperor Battle Saber in his right, Lu Yu continued the bloodbath, and one Crimson Haired Warthog after another fell to the ground.

As he battled, Lu Yu’s control over the Red Lotus True Fire became more adept.

Lu Yu then tried deploying the Red Lotus True Fire behind his back, forming a wall of fire in a flash.

This way, Lu Yu’s fight with the Crimson Haired Warthogs would become much easier. The Crimson Haired Warthogs behind him would be burned to death by the wall of Red Lotus True Fire, and Lu Yu would not have to deal with the Crimson Haired Warthogs behind him.

As Lu Yu continued to push forward, one Crimson Haired Warthog after another turned into a corpse and collapsed to the ground.

These ordinary Crimson Haired Warthogs wouldn’t increase Lu Yu’s strength by much. Under normal circumstances, he could still eat them for leisure to occasionally to increase his strength a bit. However, Lu Yu was naturally not satisfied with this now. He wanted to leave the remaining space in his stomach for the powerful Fearsome Beasts to increase his strength by leaps and bounds.

Moreover, there were not many opportunities to come into contact with large numbers of Fearsome Beast corpses.

The city siege of the Fearsome Beasts was a crisis for other martial arts practitioners and ordinary citizens. Their lives could be in danger at any time.

However, for Lu Yu, this was a rare opportunity to increase his strength.

Not long after, there were signs of flames flickering nearby, and Lu Yu finally encountered another elite Crimson Haired Warthog.

Similar to the elite Crimson Haired Warthog from before, it was humongous and its whole body was surrounded by fiery flames. In fact, it was even slightly larger than the earlier elite Crimson Haired Warthog and so, seemed to be stronger.

Upon seeing this powerful elite Crimson Haired Warthog, Lu Yu felt as if he had just seen a piece of delectable meat.

Health vitality surged as the Red Lotus True Fire burst forth. The thick Red Lotus True Fire raged across the surrounding areas.

Immediately, the 7 or 8 Crimson Haired Warthogs around Lu Yu were engulfed by the Red Lotus True Fire and killed instantly.

An empty space was cleared around Lu Yu in the next second.

Lu Yu picked up the Blood Emperor Battle Saber and finished off the few remaining Crimson Haired Warthogs in front of him. He then came to the elite Crimson Haired Warthog.

As if it had smelled the blood of many Crimson Haired Warthogs on Lu Yu’s body, this elite Crimson Haired Warthog glared at Lu Yu with bloodshot eyes filled with vengeful hatred.

Lu Yu didn’t say anything else and straightaway activated his Red Lotus Battle Energy.

A huge beam of Red Lotus True Fire shot towards the elite Crimson Haired Warthog.

The elite Crimson Haired Warthog’s body was huge, so it could not dodge in time and was hit directly.

The elite Crimson Haired Warthog belonged to the fire-attribute, but hit by the Red Lotus True Fire, it sustained severe injuries, and its body was covered in burns.

Now that he had the upper hand, Lu Yu followed up immediately with another attack using the Furnace skill.

Burning his strength to increase his health vitality, he doubled his health vitality!

Next, he activated the Red Lotus Battle Energy again, and the Red Lotus True Fire appeared once more. It was about the same size as before, but now it was much more fiery, and the power contained within it had multiplied!

With the enhanced Red Lotus True Fire, he formed a fire beam and shot it out.

The humongous elite Crimson Haired Warthog was pierced through like paper. Immediately after that, the Red Lotus True Fire flamed up and in one swift blaze, it took the life of this powerful elite Crimson Haired Warthog!

Lu Yu quickly withdrew the remaining Red Lotus True Fire to prevent the beast from being burnt. Then he wouldn’t be able to eat it again.

After a while, the fragrant smell of the roast meat mixed with the smell of blood spread out. Lu Yu rubbed his hands together eagerly, then he licked his lips, and walked forward with happy anticipation.

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