Aromatic Flesh

Chapter 84.2: Cannon Fodder In The Post-Apocalyptic World (13)
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“Let us make a deal instead,” the leader said, instructing someone to push the three women in front of the members of the surviving team. Then he pointed towards Gu MingYue, who was being protected by the men in the middle, and said with a friendly smile, “We’ll exchange these three women for the beauty among you. How about it? This trade isn’t bad, three for one.”

It finally occurred to Gu Mingyue that these three women were meant to be exchanged for her…

The men in the surrounding rest station started to stir restlessly among themselves. The three women who were being exchanged were already a bore to them, as they lacked the desired excitement and freshness. However, they were particularly interested in Gu MingYue, a rare and stunning beauty that they couldn’t afford to miss. The inherent flaw in men’s nature was their pursuit of novelty, especially considering Gu MingYue’s appearance and figure. They wouldn’t tire of having her under them everyday, at least until her beauty faded away.

To the men in the rest station, Gu MingYue was merely a woman with rare beauty. After all, women were all commodities surviving under men’s dominance, and being traded around like objects for novelty was just the established fate of most women in the post-apocalyptic world. However, for the members of the surviving team, Gu MingYue held extraordinary significance. Even without any special abilities related to her spatial abilities, her unique attributes and the enigma surrounding her made it impossible for them to let go. Her body itself was captivating, and her unresolved mysteries were like a mist. Moreover, her physical presence was too enticing to be discarded. Besides, even if Gu MingYue was considered a possession of the team, no one would ever think of using her as a bargaining chip for exchange.

Indeed, it would be foolish to trade a priceless treasure for a mere aesthetically pleasing pebble. No one in their right mind would make such a brainless decision.

An YiZe could no longer hold back any longer, and his pure and innocent smile was pressed against Gu MingYue’s face. His youthful and non-threatening appearance served as a protective shield, and his speaking style remained consistently naive and lively as he said, “Mign Yue JieJie, I don’t want them to take you. Those three women are ugly and nowhere near as beautiful as you…” Frost formed on his face as his eyes filled with a demonic gleam. “To think they want to trade my beloved MingYue JieJie for three old women who have already been overused… Are they trying to showcase their lack of intelligence to us?”

Frustrated by the audacity of others who were not even part of the team openly coveting the women he considered his own, An YiZe’s anger at being underestimated and treated like a fool prompted him to mock them without hesitation.

The young man’s words were merciless, and his anger was evident. However, he voiced the thoughts of the members of the surviving team.

“Don’t be so quick to decide. If she’s not an option, then… how about that young man instead?” The leader unexpectedly pointed towards Xi Wei and licked his lips.

Xi Wei had a slightly feminine appearance, and he appeared to be the weakest member of the entire team, excluding Gu MingYue. He might not be a significant character, and just like the women, he could be exchanged for a couple of days of entertainment.

This… What’s going on, was Xi Wei basking in the holy light of ‘Tom Su’……?

After the initial shock, Gu MingYue quickly regained her composure. She looked up at Xi Wei, who was stunned and unable to speak, with a slightly open mouth. She reached out and held his cold hand tightly, offering a reassuring smile to the overwhelmed man who couldn’t digest the information.

It was an unforgivable deed to dare to reach out their disgusting claws towards her mission target. Gu MingYue, who had remained calm when someone attempted to exchange her, now felt a fiery anger rising within her.

However, there was someone even more furious than Gu MingYue – Jing Yao, who had silently cast a protective barrier around the members of the surviving team as soon as the conversations began. His greatest desire at this moment was to wring the leader’s neck. The dignity of his teammates should not be trampled upon, especially when the leader pointed at Xi Wei. The urge to kill was becoming uncontrollable.


Gao Jing kicked over the chair beside him, his eyes were slightly slanted with extra white areas, giving him a somewhat sinister look. Combined with his daily demeanour resembling that of a street thug involved in extortion and fights, the ferocity emanating from him at this moment was chilling.

“You dare plot against my brother and my woman, I suppose you lots must be tired of living.”Gao Jing’s clenched fingers made a cracking sound as he turned his neck to view the opposing team, ready to attack at any moment.

Jing Yao stood by Xi Wei’s side, while Jiang Lei and Su ShaoYuan wanted to pull Gu Mingyue to stand between them for protection. Bai JunFei naturally stood on the other side of Xi Wei as well. It wasn’t that he didn’t care about Gu MingYue, but Xi Wei’s research held significant importance for all of humanity, making his value slightly higher. After weighing the pros and cons, he naturally chose to protect the hope for humanity.

Gu MingYue tightly held hands with Xi Wei. She didn’t choose to be protected in the middle by Su ShaoYuan and Jiang Lei. Instead, she pushed Jing Yao away, and under his cold gaze, looked up at Xi Wei with sincere eyes, “Don’t worry, I will protect you.” She said.

Jing Yao, who had his lines stolen, felt internally wounded by Gu MingYue’s actions. Su ShaoYuan and Jiang Lei, who also had their lines taken, wore slightly resentful expressions on their faces. Bai JunFei crossed his arms and playfully pushed his glasses with a glimmer in his eyes. He, on the other hand, was curious to see what abilities the woman, who needed protection from others, could possess to protect Xi Wei. 𝑏𝑒𝘥𝑛𝘰𝑣𝑒𝑙.𝘤𝑜𝘮


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