Apocalypse Chaos - I am the villain

Chapter 152 Rayze’s Thinking...
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That zombie Hunter's legs were as big as those of an adult kangaroo, and its kicks were extremely terrifying.

Even though Rayze was not weak, the power coming from the Zombie Hunter's kick sent him flying for more than 5 meters.

Rayze rolled on the ground a few times then quickly stood up, he then moved backwards to keep his distance from the Zombie Hunter.

However, the Zombie Hunter seemed tireless, as it immediately moved towards Rayze.

Although its legs are very large, when it steps on the ground, they are extremely light and flexible, and it doesn't even make any noise.

Rayze now felt extremely regretful. He thought that since the Zombie Hunter had not yet fully evolved it would not be too strong.

However, he was thinking too simply. Even though it hadn't finished evolving, its power was still extremely terrifying, as it surpassed Rayze's imagination. 𝑏𝑒𝑑𝘯𝑜𝘷𝑒𝑙.𝑐𝘰𝘮

Rayze knew that he had made a mistake confronting the Zombie Hunter, however, even if he regretted it, it was too late.

Rayze angrily kicked down the door of the room closest to him, then rushed inside the room.

As soon as he rushed into the next room, Zombie Hunter's two blades were stuck on the ground where he had just stood.

The sharp iron blade easily penetrated the concrete floor like cotton.

Of course, the zombie Hunter did not leave him alone, it immediately chased Rayze, and entered the room that Rayze had just entered.

The room was pitch-black, and the strong smell of blood permeated the room.

It's ironic that the hunter had now become the prey. That's right, Rayze previously killed everyone in this building.

However, now, he had become the prey of the Zombie Hunter.

Although the room was very dark, the Zombie hunter raised his head and looked towards the curtains.

There was a strange sound there. Although the sound was so indistinct that humans could not hear it, The Zombie Hunter could still hear it.

It jumped up, and slashed its hands towards the curtains.

Suddenly, as the Zombie Hunter jumped, Rayze appeared behind it.

Without hesitation, Rayze swung his leg and kicked the Zombie Hunter's back. This kick was so powerful that when Rayze's leg collided with the Zombie Hunter's back, it created a small shock wave.

Rayze gritted his teeth, as he felt that he was kicking a giant block of concrete.

However, he still tried to kick the Zombie Hunter away.


The kick caused the Zombie Hunter to hit the window and fly out. As it fell, the zombie hunter's sword-like hand hooked under the curtain, revealing a small hourglass wrapped inside.

That's right, that tiny sound was the sound of sand flowing inside the hourglass.

The broken window allowed some outside light to enter the room. The wind even blew into the room, bringing a few snowflakes inside.

Rayze stood in the middle of the room, and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Luckily I was able to pause my heartbeat, otherwise, I'm afraid that Zombie Hunter wouldn't have been fooled by me."

He sat down on the ground, panting: "Damn it! Why aren't things the same as before? Why is everything so chaotic?"

"Could it be…" Suddenly, Rayze thought of Hikaru: "Could it be… the butterfly effect?"

"It's probably the case. My appearance has caused many events in the past to change quite a bit."

"With Hikaru, things will become even more chaotic."

"Damn it!"

Rayze mentally scolded himself, however, he knew he was no match for Hikaru right now.

"Wait a little longer, Hikaru, I will destroy you. When I get that thing, you will see how terrible my superpower is."

At this moment, Rayze smiled extremely confidently as he remembered the glorious times in his previous life.

"Ack!" Suddenly, the wound in his abdomen made Rayze cry out in pain.

He lowered his head and saw that his belly had turned purple. Not only that, his leg was also broken from kicking the Zombie Hunter away, the price he paid was too high.

However, at least he didn't die by the Hunter's sword.

Rayze felt extremely unlucky. Yesterday he was slashed 3 times by Hikaru, and he almost lost his life, and today he was almost killed by a Zombie Hunter.

He took out a black cloth bag from his pocket. Just like yesterday, he continued to take out 3 energy crystals that emitted a strange black light.

After that, Rayze did not hesitate and immediately swallowed those 3 energy crystals.

His wound quickly recovered, however, if you pay closer attention to his body, you would notice that the hair on his head suddenly turned white.

Almost half of the hair on his head had turned white.

Although the wound had recovered, however, Rayze's life energy had been consumed so much that he sat on his butt tiredly.

He knew that the Zombie Hunter was not dead yet, maybe... it will return to this place again.

Anyway, the Zombie Hunter was extremely strong, so even if it falls from a height of 10 floors, it will not be injured.

Rayze tried to move closer to the window, and look down below.

It was snowing a lot, so the ground below was covered with snow. However, what Rayze noticed was a large hole in the ground.

Presumably, that's where the Zombie Hunter fell, but Rayze didn't see it in the hole.

He looked in the snow and saw strange footprints moving into the distance.

Rayze frowned, he moved around the building, looking for the Zombie Hunter's whereabouts. After more than 30 minutes, he finally determined that the Zombie Hunter had left.

At this moment, Rayze breathed a sigh of relief: "Luckily it left. Strange, why did it leave so easily?

Although Rayze didn't understand why the Zombie Hunter left so easily, he also didn't want to find out the reason.

Now, he just wanted to rest.

At the same time, in an empty room above Yue's room. Hikaru sat in the middle of the room, all around the room were the blood and flesh of the people killed by Rayze.

However, Hikaru was not afraid, as he sat still in his chair like a lord of hell.

[Master, you are truly cruel. You even lured a Zombie Hunter to attract Rayze's attention.]

"Um… Rayze will definitely think that the Zombie Hunter is the one who killed the two zombies in front of Yue's room."

"Besides, now he has more injuries. According to what I saw in the 'event information', Rayze's healing ability is not limitless."

"He must consume his own life energy to help the wound heal quickly."

"If he continues to consume life energy like this, his lifespan will soon be exhausted."

[Hm… you are indeed a villain.]

Hikaru shrugged: "I don't understand why I became like this. It is as if I have become a completely different person."

[This is normal. The higher your villain score, the more your personality, actions, and thoughts will change.]

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[When your villain score is high enough, you can become a villain boss.]

"How do I become a villain boss? If I become a villain boss what benefits will I get?

[Hm… to become a villain boss, your villain score needs to be very high. You will obtain several benefits if you become a villain boss.]

[The biggest benefit is that you have a high chance of killing male protagonists more easily.]

Hikaru nodded, as he felt extremely interested in the so-called 'villain boss'. Perhaps, if he became a villain boss, things would be easier.

Currently, Hikaru was just a normal villain who could die in the early stages of the novel.

But if he becomes a villain boss he could live longer and have a higher chance of killing the main characters.

Anyway, in novels, the villain boss is a character who can live until the final chapters of the novel.

"So… how many villain points do I need to become a villain boss?"

[I don't know!]

Hikaru: "…"

He shook his head and sighed, it seemed... he couldn't rely on Rika for more information.

[One question… Why did that Zombie Hunter leave?]

Hearing Rika's question, Hikaru smiled and said: "Because Rayze is the main character. Now, he has reached his limit, if the Zombie Hunter continued to attack him, Rayze would definitely die."

"I think… There was something more attractive than Rayze, like a Zombie that possesses high-level energy crystals. That's why the Zombie Hunter was attracted to that Zombie and left."

Hikaru stood up, stretched and said: "Okay, that's enough for today. I don't need him to die right now."

After he finished speaking, he jumped out through the window, fell from the 12th floor and landed gently.

Hikaru stood on the ground, and as he observed the snowflakes flying everywhere, many thoughts appeared in his heart.

Previously, when he lived on Earth, he had never seen snow because where he lived was in the tropics.

This was the first time he was seeing and touching it. However, it seemed that things were not as fun as he thought.

That's right, in this dark world, when it snows, people didn't rush out to have snowball fights.

The falling snow was a harbinger of an ice age that would last until the dark clouds disappear.

Hikaru looked into the distance, and saw some frozen Zombies thst were unable to move.

Although for the survivors, these were ideal conditions for them to go out and gather more supplies.

However, zombies were not the only danger in this world.

The Zombies were frozen, but that doesn't mean all the danger has disappeared. After this, the zombies will evolve to suit the current climate conditions, and they will even become more dangerous.

Hikaru sighed, it seemed snow wasn't interesting either. He shook his head then left.

Elsewhere, Delmor took more than 50 people and drove out of the city. More than 20 cars drove quickly, the cars were loaded with a lot of supplies and food.

In the car, Akiko sat in the seat next to the driver's seat, she looked outside and said: "Great! The temperature is low, thr zombies are frozen, we don't need to worry about being attacked by Zombies."

Listening to Akiko, Delmor sighed while driving, as he thought to himself: 'I also hope everything is as simple as that.'

"Heh?! Why did you sigh?" Akiko asked confusedly.

Delmor shook his head: "I don't feel safe at all. On the contrary, I feel like something extremely dangerous is approaching."

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