Amon, The Legendary Overlord

Chapter 191 191: Killing Innate Demon Beasts – Part 1
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When Amon and the girls reached Mabel and Ariel, they saw Mabel dismantle a rather large red bear. Ariel was helping a little with her psychic powers.

"Almost finished," Mabel said.

She finished dismantling and put everything away. Mabel even tried to give Ariel a share for her helping to dismantle it, but Ariel refused. In return, Ariel asked Mabel to help when she next killed a beast.

Amon was also able to identify some rare herbs with genetic properties. He started collecting with the girls. Mabel turned out to be the fastest in this regard, she collected at a visible speed as they walked.

"It's my turn, right?" Ariel suddenly said, standing up from where she was crouched gathering herbs.

Behind the red trees, rustles echoed and a red horned Demon Bear appeared. Everyone's silence was the answer.

With the whip hitting the ground, Ariel's smile deepened.

*<Smile from Little There>!*

The instant Ariel smiled at the Demon Bear, the bear froze. Ariel maintained her playful smile as she swung the whip gently, making it look like a dancing snake.

"Strangle yourself~" Ariel's voice was playful, even a little adorable, however, her words were not at all in harmony with her expression.

The next instant, in front of them, the Demon Bear placed its clawed hands on its neck and began squeezing. Blood started pouring from the nape of its neck, while the Demon Bear's eyes rolled back.

"Art of seduction!" Mabel was speechless. She knew that it was possible to use this in combination with one's Genetic Factor, but it was extremely difficult. If she wasn't mistaken, that was <Little One's Smile>...

In terms of difficulty, the spell book: Little One's Mischief was classified in the same difficulty category as hers. Mabel knew how difficult it was to learn something like that; she herself was considered a genius among geniuses because of it.

'As expected, her confidence comes from her strength...' Mabel thought.

"Tsk, did it kill itself?" Ariel stopped smiling as she looked dissatisfied while clicking her tongue.

Ariel wanted to test herself a little more. She hoped that at the last second the Demonic Bear would stop and then she would use <Soul Strike>. This was a toxic attack that generated poison. She would've liked to have known to know if a demonic beast was affected, how much pain was felt because of this...

"..." Julia thought, 'This girl is hopeless...'

"I didn't even get a chance to use my whip..." Ariel added. 𝒃𝙚𝙙𝙣𝙤𝒗𝙚𝒍.𝒏𝒆𝒕

"Okay, stop playing around," Amon said, "There's another beast coming. Dismantle this one while one of us deals with it."

"Yesss~" Ariel replied by extending the word's duration.

A 400 cm tall deer appeared. It was huge compared to a common deer. Besides that, the horns were outrageously large and red. Everything was red: fur, eyes and horns.

"Careful, this one has the power to control flames," Mabel warned.

"Oh? Then leave this one to me." Barbara took a step forward while holding her flexible sword. In the next instant, she activated a spell of her own.

*<Fire Exoskeleton>!*

Suddenly a kind of layer of blue fire surrounded Barbara's body resembling an armor of blue flames. This makes her less affected by attacks that didn't penetrate the layer of blue fire. Against a demonic beast that uses flames, this was perfect to use.

Other than that, she wanted to slash the Demonic Deer's neck with her flexible sword, since if she used the blue flames it might very well affect the quality of the demonic beast's materials.

In the next instant, Barbara jumped more than five meters high and activated another skill.

*<Pyrokinetic Flight>!*

Enveloped in flames, Barbara practically started flying and heading towards the Demonic Deer at extreme speed!

"This girl is also very good..." Mabel murmured.

"Of course. She's talented and hardworking~" Ariel said with a smile as she turned to look at Mabel, who was helping her dismantle the Demon Bear.

"Mhm," Mabel nodded and fell silent as she glanced at Barbara's fight with the Demon Stag.

Barbara, who was flying, descended at great speed like a meteor and didn't even bother to dodge the fireballs that were heading towards her, hitting her blue flame armor without causing any damage fluctuation. It was like trying to put out a fire with gasoline; the whole thing was ridiculous.

When she reached the Demonic Deer, Barbara's flexible sword slashed into its neck and she used the power of levitation using the blue flames, encircling the Demonic Deer's great neck while holding the flexible sword. After a perfect turn, getting both feet on the Demon Deer's back, with the flexible sword free of blood as the blue flames burned, she stood on the Demon Deer's back valiantly.

Soon the Demon Deer's head started to show visible signs of slicing and it fell. The body that had lost its mind lost strength and began to show signs of imbalance.

Barbara jumped backwards with her open hands engulfed in flames. Doing a perfect spin, she landed softly on the ground.

"Is she trying to do artistic gymnastics?" Julia muttered loud enough for everyone to hear.

Barbara turned and looked at her. A smile curved across her face as the blue flames around her body began to disperse. "Oh? Are you jealous?"

"A little," Julia said sternly, "You looked so amazing back there, floating around engulfed in blue flames, slaying the Demon Deer beautifully, and finishing off with such a beautiful gymnastic maneuver. How could anyone not be jealous? My God, I wish I could do the same~"

"..." Barbara started to blush. She didn't expect this kind of attack. She knew that deep down Julia was doing this to get to her, but she was still affected...

"Hahahaha!" Seeing her reaction having the desired result, Julia laughed out loud.

"Tsk, whatever~" Barbara turned around and went to dismantle the Demon Deer.

The dismantling process was very boring but necessary, as the resources of a demonic Innate beast's body were valuable. When they were done, the group continued to collect rare herbs. Although it was not uncommon to encounter demonic beasts, it looked like none would appear for a while...


"Another demonic beast is heading our way," Amon said suddenly.

The group all stopped what they were doing. That's when a Falcon from the sky appeared. It was, as expected, red with red eyes. Its sharp claws were silver and gleamed like the sharpest razors.

"Leave this one to me~" Maisa gripped her mallet tightly as she glared at the Demonic Hawk.


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