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Chapter 4: Final Evaluation – A

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Three dungeon drops, how should we distribute it?”

Lin Xuan wiped the sweat off his forehead and tilted his head to look at the two of them.

Li Zifei waved her hand to indicate that she did not want to speak. Right now, she was so tired that she just wanted to lie on the ground and rest. If she did not consider that there were still two boys around and that the pile of rubble on the ground was also very disgusting, she would have long forgotten about her image.

Lin Xiaoran did not reply. Instead, he narrowed his eyes and looked at Lin Xuan. In the battle just now, he was the most relaxed. Other than consuming some of the mana points that came with the activation of his skills, he basically did not move much.

“The loot... There’s no rush. I haven’t asked you about your talent level. Was it an A, A+, or S?”

Lin Xuan’s performance was top-notch. No, it was exceptionally strong, it was too heaven-defying. This was his first time entering the dungeon space, and he had dragged over a hundred Skeleton Warriors. Although it was not considered an undead tide… but it was still considered a success. Everyone knew that the undead tide was an army of monsters that could be resurrected after being killed. It was to test a guardian’s ability.

“Hehe, do you think that I am worthy of an S grade talent? I’m an S+ for sure!”


Even if it was a difference of one level, the margin between the two was as wide as the Milky Way!

Lin Xiaoran knelt down without hesitation. The three of them were S grade talents. However, as long as their talent was one level higher, it would instantly make them extremely precious!

The difference between the two was incomparable!

Li Zifei panted heavily and also looked at Lin Xuan in disbelief. She originally thought that it was a one-and-done mission with them. No one would expect to find out such a talented person!

“Alright, alright. Take the things and get ready to leave. The fight just now was quite tiring. All the Skeleton Warriors in the dungeon should have been wiped out by us. What should we do now?”


Lin Xuan pointed at the three balls of light floating on the ground and asked the two of them. 𝙗𝙚𝙙𝙣𝒐𝙫𝙚𝙡.𝙤𝙧𝒈

“The highest rank should do it of course!”

Li Zifei did not have any objections and nodded at Lin Xuan.

He bent down and picked up the three balls of light.

[Item: Purple Wood Shield]

[Type: Shield]

[Level: Low-level yellow rank]

[Description: A shield made of ten-year-old purple wood. It has the highest defense among those of the same rank. It is a good shield.]

[Item: Wind Arrow]

[Type: Skill]

[Level: Low-level yellow rank]

[Description: After shooting, the speed of the arrow will increase by 10%. Physical arrows can be stacked. After shooting, the speed of the arrow will increase by 5%.]

[Item: Star Ring]

[Type: Equipment]

[Level: Low-level yellow rank]

[Description: Starlight Shield can be used three times. The strength of the shield depends on the amount of starlight stored in the ring. Each time the Starlight Shield is released, one-third of the Starlight will be consumed. Starlight amount — 0/300)

The rewards that were dropped were actually provided by the leaders of the school, the Ministry of Education, and even famous alumni. Due to the level restriction of the dungeon itself… only low-level yellow-rank items could be dropped, but these items were also categorized. Just like the three items that Lin Xuan had looted this time, they were definitely carefully selected by the dungeon space.

“One for each person, it’s evenly distributed.”

Seeing Lin Xiaoran drooling at the Star Ring, Lin Xuan shook his head and threw it over to him. He also gave the Wind Arrow skill to Li Zifei.

Li Zifei was very calm. To be honest, with her family’s strength, she really did not care about a low-level yellow rank skill book. Her family had already prepared all kinds of skill combinations for her, they were just waiting for her to awaken the Template Card and come back.

Compared to the spoils of war, she wanted Lin Xuan more!

An S+ grade defensive talent was a rare treat. At the very least, with her S grade offensive talent and Lin Xuan’s fixed team, she would definitely be able to rank up quickly. Apart from her looks, with the powerful influence of the Li family, the rich resources could still close the gap between S and S+ grade talent!

“Lin Xuan, can I form a fixed team with you?”

Li Zifei asked very carefully. When Lin Xiaoran heard this, he immediately became excited and waited for Lin Xuan’s answer with full anticipation.

“Oh, although we were a good match... We’ll talk about it later. I want to take another look and try to form a team with other people. This is my first time being in a team. It’s still early, there’s no rush.”

Lin Xuan thought about it and rejected it tactfully. If he was really an S+, he might have agreed to it. However, he was obviously not. His SSS grade defense talent and the unactivated skills on his Template Card deserved a much better team comp!

The further they grew, the greater the gap between their talents. Perhaps in the future, Li Zifei would not be able to break through the defenses of the dungeons and monsters that Lin Xuan!

“Oh, alright.”

She was obviously feeling a little down. It was obvious that she felt that she was being despised.

Lin Xiaoran’s eyes dimmed. He silently sighed, forced a smile, and punched Lin Xuan. “Why didn’t you take the opportunity. You’re really dense for a man!”

“Alright, I’ve rested enough. Let’s go out.”

Lin Xuan shook his head. He didn’t want to talk about this anymore.

To leave the dungeon, one would have to say the world return to exit the dungeon space.

[You have been detected to have left the dungeon space. Count down begins now]

[Your party has been detected to have killed more than ten Skeleton Warriors and completed the mission set by the school. The reward is a graduation treasure chest. Please collect it personally.]

[Detected that your party has killed more than a hundred Skeleton Warriors and completed the dungeon mission. Undergoing evaluation.

[Basic Evaluation C, 1 hour and 13 minutes. Evaluation increased to C+. You have blocked all attacks and completed the achievement of?No Damage. Evaluation to B+. Your damage percentage in this battle is 37.42%. In view of your defensive talent, you have completed the achievement bar. Evaluation increased to A.]

[Your final evaluation for this dungeon — A.]

[You have obtained a yellow-rank low-level instance dungeon’s grade a clearance treasure chest. Please collect it from your personal card.]

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The surrounding environment changed and they returned to the school’s hall. Lin Xuan received all sorts of notifications from the dungeon space. As a newcomer, he naturally anticipated for the things to arrive.

“The three of you, don’t just stand there. Come and sit.”

Their form teacher was drinking tea at the side of the Dungeon Hall, and there were other form teachers sitting beside him. When they saw Lin Xuan and the other two appear, they immediately called them over. It wasn’t because they knew Lin Xuan and Lin Xiaoran… it was because he knew Li Zifei, and the school’s leader had specially greeted him to take care of the children from big families.

“It hasn’t even been an hour and all of you died! How?!”

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