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Chapter 2: Double the Trouble?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


Double cards?!

Lin Xuan sat up in surprise and immediately got to reading!

[Item: Template Card]

[Owner: Exclusive to Lin Xuan]

[Talent: Dragon Sparrow’s Wound (blade)]

[Level: SSS]

[Talent Type: Offensive]

[Talent Skill: Blood Devour, Killing, Exertion, Soul Slayer, God Slayer, Absolute Cause.]

[Blood Devour: An innate skill. The passive effect causes damage to the enemy, 80% of the damage received can be used to heal yourself.]

[Killing: An innate skill. The passive effect causes one damage to the enemy, the enemy has to accept one death judgment (unactivated).]

[Exertion: An innate skill. The passive effect causes damage to the enemy, absorbs a certain amount of the enemy’s stamina, and absorbs health (unactivated).]

[Soul Slayer: An innate skill. The passive effect is that everything a ghost-type enemy is killed, it increases 50% damage to the ghost-type enemy and causes a 1% soul burn per second (unactivated).]

[God Slayer: An innate skill. The passive effect deals true damage to the enemy who possesses divinity. Every time a ghost-type enemy is killed, the damage is doubled (unactivated).]


[Absolute Cause: An innate skill. The passive effect is that when an enemy is killed, you will not be affected by your doppelganger. You will not die (unactivated).]

What was going on?!

Having an SSS grade talent with skills like these was incredible!

If the SSS grade defensive talent, Wall of Sighs, can guarantee that Lin Xuan will one day become an immortal, then the SSS grade offensive talent, Dragon Sparrow’s Wound, can guarantee that Lin Xuan will become a literal slayer of gods… or more!

Support us at 𝚋𝚎dnov𝚎𝚕.𝚌om.

He can be the strongest guardian.

He can also be the strongest combat class holder.

Lin Xuan had high hopes for his future now! Everything was too f*cking exciting!

On the podium, their class teacher smiled and clapped his hands, instantly attracting everyone’s attention.

“The excitement has passed. Now, we have to start to get into teams. We have to find out which guardian, combat member, and support member will be suitable for certain battles. It doesn’t matter if there is no tacit understanding. What’s important is the battle rhythm.

“Now, guardians go to the left, support goes to the middle, and combat is on the right. You guys communicate with each other. After forming a team, I’ll bring you to the school’s fixed dungeon, the Wilderness Graveyard, to try out your battles. There are some low-leveled skeletons inside, and they are just right for you.

“You’ll have five minutes!”

Lin Xuan stood up and walked to the left. His best friend, Lin Xiaoran, winked at Lin Xuan as if he was telling him that he’d like to team up.

Lin Xuan smiled coldly and ignored him and sat to the side by himself.

The other guardians were not like Lin Xuan. They left their original seats and went to the left side to find a random seat. They lowered their heads and did not want to pay attention to anyone and anything.

“Hey Cui Dajun, you have a defensive talent. Why didn’t you say anything when I asked you just now?”

“Hahaha, Sha Huiqian the fatty has a defensive talent. I told you that you’d be good at defense with your chubby face.”


This time, the class started to tease all the students again. The class teacher stood on the podium and said with a smile, “Keep talking. If they intentionally let a few monsters reach you while they’re defending… Well… We shall see how interesting that can be…”

For a moment, the classroom went silent. Indeed, the defense talent was never a reason to be ridiculed, but the skill was. A skilled guardian was something that they had to support. Moreover, everyone had just awakened their skills, no one knew who might be a treasured guardian in the future.

“There are still three minutes left. Those who haven’t been formed yet will practice alone this time.”

On the podium, the homeroom teacher was calm and collected. He looked at his watch and said casually.

Practice alone?

That would be amazing!

Those that wanted to form groups immediately went to work.

“Li Zifei, do you want to come along? I have an S grade healing talent, you have an S grade attacking talent, and I have a friend who has a defensive talent. We grew up together and have great synergy. How about it? Are you interested?”

Lin Xiaoran was the only one among the others who took the initiative to invite others. However, Lin Xuan could tell that Lin Xiaoran’s intentions were not pure. Forming a team was not his true intention, flirting with girls was his real one. However, with Lin Xiaoran’s current skill set… he really was indeed qualified to flirt with Li Zifei.

Having an S grade talent was reputable, and it meant that he could be a strong team player in the future. Even though there were a few S grade students, there was only one S grade Healing in the class, Lin Xiaoran. He might even be the only one in the whole school, if there were two, the headmaster would eat his shoe.

A B grade talent person was the most common of all. Having an A-rank talent was not bad. The S grade talent was definitely something to boast confidently about.

“Sure. Your friend is Lin Xuan, right? What’s his grade talent?”

“Is that important?”

“That... is really not that important.”

After all, they were just trying to form a team. Whether it was Lin Xiaoran or Li Zifei, what they wanted was for them to form a team and test their synergy out. As for Lin Xuan, it was not important because he was Lin Xiaoran’s childhood friend, that was why they brought him along. Lin Xiaoran would not hesitate to form a team with Lin Xuan. Forcefully bringing him along was not to help him, but to sabotage him.

Furthermore, with their S grade talents, the number of guardians that they wanted to bring along would be a hassle. A powerful offensive player with a high attack could reduce the pressure on their defenses, and an outstanding healer could even save the guardian’s life.

He Ming watched helplessly as Li Zifei agreed to form a team with Lin Xiaoran, but he could do nothing about it. Although he was also an S grade talent, he was an S grade offensive talent. Ball of Flames was what he gained. Although he could form a one guardian and two combat member battle group with Li Zifei, he was beaten to it by Lin Xiaoran.

Hateful, too hateful!

He was so caught up in his emotions that he snapped his pen. When he came back to his senses, the other support members had already formed teams. He curled his lips and could only helplessly form a group with two defensive players and he was the one offensive player.

“Since you guys have formed a team, let’s set off. Let me remind you again. This is to test out what a team synergy feels like. Don’t over-exert yourself and don’t force others to do it too. Only your destined teammates are the only ones worth putting any effort into.”

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