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Chapter 10: Mission Evaluation – A+

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Unfortunately, the Vampire Baron was still alive!

Lin Xuan’s Shield Strike was nearing its end. It was not that he could not continue, but that he was out of strength. One had to know that he was just a newbie who had just awakened his template today. He had yet to undergo specialized training, to be able to perform shield strike for such a long time was because he was physically strong. He always had unbelievable strength.

After the final attack, he lay on the Vampire Baron’s body and panted heavily. He really did not have any strength left.

With what energy he had left, he tried to get up.

Suddenly, the Vampire Baron’s eyes lit up. He bit Lin Xuan’s shoulder and took a huge bite.

The two of them were stunned!


“What the f*ck, where are my canines?”

The two of them looked at each other, feeling extremely complicated. In the next moment, the vampire let out a muffled groan and tried to escape. This bite was supposed to be a successful attack, but it did not break through Lin Xuan’s defense. It left a row of tiny imprints on Lin Xuan’s shoulder, there was also a little mark that was oozed out some blood!

One had to know that vampires were known to be indestructible dark creatures. If it was not for the fact that it had just resurrected and was not in a good condition… the Vampire Baron would not have the strength of a low level yellow rank.

Unfortunately, under its own efforts, the No Damage activated and the blood core was shattered. He had successfully killed the vampire!

A ball of light appeared on its corpse. The cloak and two canine teeth in Lin Xuan’s personal space also turned into cards and were transferred intohis personal card.

There were three drops in this mission, not bad!


Turning over and lying on the altar, Lin Xuan looked toward the moonlight and opened his own template card.

[Undying: A talent skill. The active effect consumes stamina after activation and recovers vitality. The passive effect allows you to not need oxygen for five minutes (9,819/10,000 activated).]

As expected, the progress was smooth. Now, he was only short of the last 100 or so monsters to kill.

Glancing at the cave passage, the densely packed ordinary bats had disappeared without a trace. No matter how many ordinary bats were killed, they were useless.


After killing the Vampire Baron, all the quests in the Bat Cave have been completed and he could leave the dungeon space at any time. After a while, Lin Xuan returned.

[You have left the dungeon. The evaluation will begins now!]

[You have killed the hidden vampie Vampire Baron boss in the Bat Cave dungeon. All the dungeon quests have been completed. Undergoing evaluation.]

[Over 100 bats have been killed. Basic evaluation C. Over 1000 bats have been killed. Evaluation increased to C+. Almost all bats have been killed. Evaluation incrased to B+. You have obtained the title, Bat Killer. You have killed the hidden boss in this dungeon. Your evaluation has increased to A+. Low level yellow rank dungeon’s highest evaluation can only reach to A+. You may not enter the S grade evaluation.]

Your final evaluation of this dungeon is an A+.]

[You have obtained a low level yellow rank dungeon A+ treasure chest. Please collect it from your personal card.]

[You have obtained a compensatory reward — Blood Clotting.]

[Item : Blood Clotting]

[Type: Skill]

[Level: High level yellow rank]

[Description: The Vampire Baron’s exclusive skill. It can absorb and coagulate blood as a food. The coagulated blood can only be stored for seven days. After seven days, fresh blood needs to be coagulated again.]

Another powerful force entered Lin Xuan’s body. This was the low level yellow rank dungeon A+ evaluation’s benefits. Everyone could fuse nine evaluation powers at the same level, of course, the lowest limit for fusing into the body was an A grade evaluation. Now, Lin Xuan already had two, an A and an A+. His strength had increased once again.

[The mission to collect night illuminating sand from the Bat Cave that you accepted has been completed. The person who issued the mission said they were very satisfied. Your reward would be 20 ability points, one million dollar mission reward, and a 200,000 dollars additional reward.]

Lin Xuan took a look at the mission voucher. Sure enough, it was gone. Very good. There was still time for him to submit the mission.

With the new found money earned, Lin Xuan naturally had to spend it. This time, he immediately went to buy stronger armor.

He bought an earth light armor card for one million dollars. It was a medium level yellow rank item. It was much more expensive than the one he had on right now. The main reason was that it had an additional element awakening, and it was a very suitable earth attribute for defense that could help him in his battles.

As for the remaining funds he had left, he decided to keep it for now. The place he lived in now was still a little too small, and it was not suitable for him to practice his skills in the house.

“Miss, I’d like to go on a quest. A hunting type quest preferably. It’s best if it’s the type that hunts a lot of animals.” 𝗯𝗲𝐝𝐧𝗼𝘃𝗲𝐥.𝗰𝗼𝐦

“Yes, sir. Rabbit Head specializes in hunting prairie rabbits. Chain of Grilled Chicken has a mission to hunt mountain chickens. Northeast Chaotic Stew has a mission to hunt mountain geese... these are all missions that require a large amount of prey. Which one would you prefer?”

“I’d like to go to the prairie rabbits mission!”

Lin Xuan shook his head in greed.

“Yes, sir. The mission has been accepted for you. As it is a hunting mission, the reward will be determined by the number of animals you kill. The other party has set up an additional reward. If you kill 10,000 prairie rabbits for the Rabbit Head, you will be provided with a 20% discount VIP card. 100,000 prairie rabbits will be a 60% discount VVIP card.”


In this era of ability users, the most important thing was the food that contained spiritual energy. High-level ingredients were naturally hunted by high-level experts. However, low-level ingredients required a larger quantity, so they had to put up missions in the ability user guild.

The follow-up reward mechanism was to ensure that a group of people would complete this quest every day. By accumulating the amount, they would obtain a VIP card. One had to know that food containing spiritual energy was not cheap, and it was impossible for people to not eat. Under such circumstances, the value of a VIP card was a great incentive.

His phone rang at the last minute before he left. Lin Xuan took out his phone and took a look at Li Zifei’s message.

[Lin Xuan, can we talk?]

[What’s up?]

[Where are you? I tried looking for you but you already left. Let’s talk, face to face!]


[Are you home? I’m on the way to your house right now. Open up when I reach, okay!]

[Oh, I’m not home. Something came up. I got to go, bye.]

Closing his phone, Lin Xuan shook his head. Li Zifei was very beautiful, but she was not his type. He did not like rich women who had everything at the palm of their hands. He preferred someone that had to work hard for what they wanted.

Plus, women would only affect the speed at which he could improve!

He took out a fruit that contained spiritual energy and took a bite. He sat on an empty seat at the side of the dungeon building to recover his strength. Lin Xuan tilted his head and listened to the ability users sitting beside him bragging about something.

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