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The bus fell from a cliff after being hit by an unknown beast, hitting some trees and rendering the bus useless. Many students got hurt on the way down. As for the driver and the man who checked their profiles? They were long gone.

"My head..." Damian said as his vision blurred, and the back of his head hurt like hell.

Blood dripped from it, indicating his head hit something on the way down. It took a few moments for Damian to return to reality and understand what had happened to them.


Damian looked inside the bus and saw many students who were not awake. They weren't dead either, but the fall must have made them unconscious.

Aurora was among them, right beside Damian. It was a good thing they all were using the safety belt β€” the person in charge of bringing the students made sure all of them used it, or they would get kicked out from the bus.

"Come here, and I am sorry for touching you without consent," Damian said as he grabbed Aurora.

The first thing he did was to look for a way out, and that was an easy thing for him. So Damian looked up toward the emergency exit, and with a thought, the door flew, opening it up for him to pass.

Damian's usage of telekineses did not end there. The bus was in an odd position, making it harder to move inside, especially when bringing someone along. So, what Damian did was use his telekineses to make his own body fly, passing through the emergency exit effortlessly.

The surrounding area consisted of a dense forest, and while Damian was one of the first to leave the destroyed bus, he was not the first. Some others returned earlier to their senses and were resting on trees.

"Look, two more left the bus! I think no one died," one of the students said.

What Damian could think of was how useless these people were. Many of their comrades were inside the bus, suffering, yet no one moved to help them!

"I wish I had the power to move this bus, but I am tired now," Damian thought as he put Aurora near a tree, waiting for her to return to her senses.

It took her ten minutes to wake up! Damian kept his cool because he saw Aurora only had a small wound on her arm and probably hit the head like him, but nothing too hard.

"Damian? What happened?" Aurora said, blinking many times with a face of confusion.

"A beast hit our bus, and we fell from the road cliff. The bus driver is missing, and the supervisor from the school is too. We are all alone, but the good part is that no student died in the crash."

Well, if there was someone Damian wished to die in that crash was Joffrey, but as Aurora woke up, he had already left the bus and was in good condition.

More and more students left the bus, each using their abilities to their advantage. One of them, almost the last to leave the bus, punched the bus' walls, creating a hole in it, making it easier for some students to leave the bus.

"I'm so glad everyone's fine!" Aurora said.

Damian could tell Aurora was someone who cared about others, but that could eventually bite her in the ass. He was no idiot, and it was clear that inside the Garmony Upper School, students were selfish, and the competition was fierce.

"I hope she sees it in the future," thought Damian.

When all the students were out of the bus, recovering their strength after the accident, a tall, muscular man took the lead and said, "I am Magnus Buckley, and you should now listen to me if you want to survive."

The man looked fierce, and even though he was only eighteen years old, Magnus looked like a primal man who hunted beasts with a spear! Damian had the feeling Magnus was a man who knew how to handle the wild forest, and perhaps he was indeed the most suitable choice they had.

Damian was surprised that all the other students agreed with what Magnus said. They were all selfish and prideful, unwilling to let others say what they needed to do. But Magnus looked terrifying, and no one wished to go against him, especially in their situation.

Joffrey, watching everything from afar, walked toward Magnus and said, "If you are so incredible, what do you think we should do? I assume someone looking like a caveman knows how to survive in this forest."

At first, Damian thought Joffrey was asking the question everyone had in mind, yet he was only trying to make fun of Magnus.

"A person from a royal family speaking with someone who looks like a stone age man, of course, this would happen," Damian thought, shaking his head.

Magnus did not flinch at the joke and said, "the best thing we could do was climb back the cliff and keep going through the road to reach the school, but I think some of you here cannot climb this cliff, so we must find another way,"

"We can keep moving using the cliff as a reference point, but if it gets dark, we must make shelter, fire, and find food."

Damian listened to it and could not agree more. What Magnus said made sense, but the only problem was how far was the school? No one knew the exact place they were in, and now that the bus driver and the school's supervisor were gone, no one knew how to get there!

When Magnus started to move, some students did not follow, and soon groups formed. Joffrey had his circle of friends, just like some other students, and they all wanted to go their own way and find the school.

Most groups consisted of four people, but Damian only had Aurora with him. Magnus looked at everyone and said, "you are all willing to part ways? This will decrease the chance we have of survival."

"So what? No one wants to listen to you, buddy. Let's go," Joffrey said to his group, "we will reach the school first, then everyone!"

The students left, leaving only Damian, Aurora, and Magnus.

"Hey, you two small ones, Wanna team up?"

Damian and Aurora looked at each other and found no reason to say no.

"Sure, why not? I am Damian, and this is Aurora; nice to meet you."

"I am Magnus; nice to meet you two, now, can you two climb this cliff?"

Damian did not say a word but started to float. "I can fly my way up there." π™—π™šπ™™π™£π’π™«π™šπ™‘.π™€π™§π’ˆ

Magnus stared at him, looking for words, but all he could say was, "You are so fucking cool, bro. Can we be friends? I can help you build muscles, so you don't look like a flying stick!"

Damian did not know if he should laugh or cry.

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