All-in-One System: All I Need is Erotic Coins

Chapter 3 Heading To The School
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The youth who came to speak with Damian and Aurora was tall, had blonde hair, and had blue eyes. He was good-looking, but the aura he exhaled was one of royalty and one of someone who thought themselves higher than everyone else. πš‹ο½…ο½„πš—πš˜πšŸο½…πš•οΌŽπš—ο½…ο½”

Damian disliked the type. It was like his old friends who saw themselves as better than him, who had no superhuman ability.

"Joffrey, you know the marriage is not set yet, and I told you I have talked to my father to cancel it," Aurora said, visibly angry with the boy who approached her.

Damian, beside her, quickly understood the situation, and now it made a lot of sense. Aurora was from some royal family, like Joffrey, and they were supposed to marry in the future after their years in Garmony Upper School.

But he would have to face trouble if the situation was that delicate. Damian knew it was not Aurora's fault the man in front of them was an asshole, so he did not feel angry toward her but disliked the sight of the youth in front of him.

"And who are you? Aurora's boyfriend?" Joffrey said with a clear intimidating tone.

The other youths who would go to Garmony, too, were watching the scene unfold, curious about the identity of all the three who started to fight right after they got there.

"I am Damian; nice to meet you. And no, I am not her boyfriend but a friend," Damian said.

"I see. Well, like you heard, I am Joffrey," he then gave his hand for a handshake.

Damian looked at it and felt it did not fit his character, but maybe he had misjudged him? Without overthinking, he gave his hand for a handshake too, but before it reached Joffrey's hand, a tiny ice needle came out.

The needle came from Joffrey's hand; it was his power, and he wanted to hurt Damian, piercing his hand with an ice needle. Damian was surprised to see such an extreme reaction from someone he had done nothing to, but he was quick to react, using his superhuman ability, telekineses.

With the power of his mind, a medium-sized rock from the nearby road flew toward his hand, meeting with the needle, and breaking it instantly. That was the labor of his training, as the rock came flying so fast no one could see it clearly.

The most surprised person was Joffrey, who did not believe Damian would deflect his attack. Joffrey had an evident hatred in his eyes as he stared at Damian, and after that, he left, returning to his group of friends, waiting for the bus near the stop.

After he left, Aurora looked at Damian and said, "that was awesome! How did you do that? Can you control earth?"

She smiled and looked intrigued about Damian's power, who was not ready to share everything his power could do with others.

"Sort off. Why was Joffrey acting like that anyway?"

"Ah, don't mind him. He will get over it, eventually."

Well, Damian would do precisely that. He was not looking to get between the problem of two families, so it was best if he did his own thing.

Damian and Aurora waited for the bus, just like everyone else. It did not take long, and soon a long bus with Garmony's Upper School emblem parked at the bus stop. The symbol was a circle with a crow.

A tall and muscular man got out of the bus, wearing what looked like a military uniform but with the color black. He had a scar that crossed his forehead through his eyes, ending at his left cheek.

The man looked scary, and with a loud voice, he said, "everyone, make a line. I will check everyone."

All the youths who passed the writing test, which could be done at home, and were ready to embark on the school had a profile in the school's system. That man's job was to check if everyone who was supposed to be there was, ensuring no one was trying to enter without permission.

They listened to him, making a line at the bus door, and he checked one by one. They would enter the bus and pick a seat if everything was okay with their profile.

"You can go. Next," the man said, gesturing with his hands for the students to keep going.

Everyone who was there was legal β€” only madmen would try to invade Garmony Upper School β€” but it did not mean there was not a particular case.

Damian's profile was strange. It marked he had not taken the writing test, yet he would go and take the practice test. Instead, the man wanted to ask more questions about him but decided to wait until they were at the school and gestured for Damian to go inside the bus.

Aurora was right behind him, following him close, and they sat side-by-side on the bus, with Aurora getting the seat near the window. Damian did not feel like complaining, as he loved to sit by the window but said nothing.

"It is just a quick trip anyway," Damian thought.

Even though the bus had many students, it still had some empty seats, showing how big the bus was. Damian did a quick math and learned that forty new students were there!

Obviously, these forty students were just the new ones, as the Garmony Upper School had students ranging from the first year to the third, and there were more buses bringing freshmen, not just the one Damian was in.

"Are you excited about it?" Aurora asked.

Damian opened his backpack, looking for his earpods to listen to music. He looked at her and did not know what to say.

Everything happened so fast for him, so Damian was still shocked, not realizing he would enroll in the country's most prestigious school for superhumans.

"Yes, I am. Excited and nervous! What if I don't pass the test?"

"Don't worry about it. The practice test is not that hard, and seeing how you handled Joffrey, you will be alright," Aurora said, trying to comfort him.

The bus drove away from Garmony city, leaving the main road, and entering a muddy one covered with woods on both sides.

Damian was listening to his music when something appeared on the road.

"Watch out!"

It was a beast from the dungeon, attacking the front part of the bus, making it fall from a small cliff and hitting a tree on the way down.

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