All-in-One System: All I Need is Erotic Coins

Chapter 185 Serana Is Back!
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The vampire had a fast healing speed, meaning Damian could break his bones over and over again, causing immense pain, a level that not everyone could withstand!

He had closed the steel doors too, and no other vampire inside the castle was allowed to go down there, meaning no one would save the prince!

"Alright, I will tell you everything, just stop torturing me!" the prince yelled.

That was what Damian wanted to hear. He stopped breaking the vampire's bones, but still kept him in the air, unable to move a muscle.

"I am just following orders! There is a vampire family in the deeper level of the dungeon who wants this girl. They told me she was important for something! I swear this is the truth!"

"What else? What family or floor of the dungeon? Will they come after her again?" Damian asked.

"I-I have no idea. They contacted me and asked me to do this. We don't ask questions, we just do what they ask!"

Damian could tell that the vampire was telling the truth, but that did not mean he would let him live.

"I will give you a quick death," Damian said.

He concentrated even more, using his telekinesis to its fullest, ripping the vampire in half. The amount of blood and organs scattered around the floor would make anyone vomit. It was disgusting!

Damian broke the chains that were keeping Serana locked, and despite her being unconscious, she looked fine.

'I think she needs blood,' Damian thought.

The thought of giving his blood to her came to his mind, but he did not know if it would cause something β€” his blood was not entirely human but that of a giant. Damian believed giants were not in a vampire's diet.

But luckily, there were many other humans inside the castle, and many other vampires too, those who noticed the prince was away, and started looking for him.

"Did anyone here see the prince? He was inside his room a few moments ago!" a vampire asked to one of the human servants.

"N-No idea. We are just sleeping like you told us."

The vampires did not stay together as it was the best way to cover more room, exploring all parts of the castle looking for the prince. That was their mistake.

Damian moved with Serana floating by his side, and each time he found a vampire, be it alone or in a duo, he would kill them without mercy.

It was the first time the vampires went from being the hunters to being the prey, and Damian killed all of them, leaving none alive.

The only people he did not kill were the humans who posed no threat to him at all, not having the power to fight against him.

But he still hurt one of the humans to get their blood. Not enough to kill them, but the human felt weak afterward, runing away completely scared.

After that, he returned to the storage room where Frederic and Raikono were. Both were scared after hearing the commotion outside, and the sight of Damian made them sigh in relief.

"You found her? And what happened?" Frederic asked.

Damian proudly said, "I killed all the vampires here. Let's move out of this place."

They did according to plan, using the storage's room window to leave, returning to the city right afterward. Damian was a guest of honor, basically, so Lance did not send guards or anything as he entered the city, and that was exactly what he needed!

Serana was a vampire, so if Lance or anyone else saw her, they would try something. Damian was not feeling like fighting again.

"Are we going to stay here or leave?" Frederic asked.

"Let's buy some things for the journey and leave tonight. I want to see if she wakes up!" Damian said.

"Stay here with her then. I will see what I can do."

Frederic was the one who left to buy things. He was like the mom of the group.

Damian stayed inside his hotel room with Serana and Raikono. Serana had drunk the blood, but she had yet to wake up. It took her an hour to do so.


Serana woke up and the first thing she saw was Damian's handsome face! She could not believe he was really there, and for a moment thought she was hallucinating inside the castle's dungeon.

"What happened? How are you here? And how did you find me?" Serana asked, jumping into Damian's arms for a hug.

He explained everything. The letter, the person who kidnapped her, and how he rescued her.

"A letter? This is odd. And what vampire family is looking for me?" Serana said.

Based on what the vampire prince said, a vampire family wanted her, but Damian and Serana herself had no idea why they did! 𝘣𝘦π˜₯π‘›π˜°π˜·π˜¦π‘™οΌŽπ˜―π˜¦π˜΅

Sure, she was once the leader of a vampire family, but one that was not powerful, and in the first floors of the dungeon. Apparently the vampire family that wanted Serana was deep in the dungeon.

"Maybe the ancient royal families? These are the only ones who are living in the deeper levels," Serana said.

One had to be powerful to survive the dungeon, and the vampires from the ancient royal families were no joke. Their level of power was in another level.

"If they are so powerful, why didn't they come to get you in person?" Damian asked.

"I don't know the details, but according to history, the ancient royal families are fighting with each other for who knows how long, so they cannot send their forces outside or else that could mean another vampire can get their territory," Serana said.

"Of course they are in war. There's no place with peace these days..."

"So Damian, did you find someone else? Aurora? Magnus? Vanessa? Hazel?" Serana asked.

"Not yet. You are the first one I found after knowing Earth is doomed. Is it true, though?"

"Yes... I had just completed my mission and went back to Dawn's headquarters, and after two days the chaos started. The entire planet was freezing, and not even superhumans could withstand the cold. So we had to evacuate! It is a good thing humans had taken over this tenth floor a long time ago."

"I cannot believe this is truly happening... We have to find the others!!!"

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