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Vanessa led the way, showing Damian where the library was, and — according to her — that was the place she also needed to go, but Damian had some doubts about that.

Something was off with her, but Damian could not tell what it was.

"We are here," she said, turning around to look at Damian. "This is the library. Anything, in particular, you are looking for?"

Honestly, Damian did not know what he wanted to read, so he said, "I don't know. Have anything to recommend?"

"Well, all the teachers will ask the students to read the books they believe are essential to your formation, following the class's schedule. So, you can read anything you find interesting here."

What she said made sense, and Damian could tell she had urgent matters to attend to, so he said, "I see, thank you. I'll look around and not waste more of your time."

"Don't say it like that! I love spending time with you. And, did you notice something about this library?" Vanessa asked.

Damian looked around, trying to figure out what she was talking about, but he had no idea.

"There are many books in here?" he said, stating the obvious.

Vanessa rolled her eyes at that and said, "that is true, but what I am talking about is the fact this place is empty! Very few people come here."

Before Damian had any time to react, Vanessa went closer to him, as the two were in the middle of the bookshelves, hidden from anyone — a total of zero people, as no one went to the library — and she gave him a kiss.

Her lips were soft, and when they touched Damian's lips, it sent a cooling sensation to both, and it was hard for Damian to describe, but his stomach had butterflies! After that, Vanessa giggled and left him startled in the middle of the bookshelves.

Damian was not someone to fall in love with quickly, so he knew something was not right, just like how she approached him out of nowhere.

"For someone to talk with someone without knowing anything about them, it is because of the looks. I'm handsome, but others here have the edge over me. What is Vanessa up to?"

The quickness of the feelings Damian had was too sudden. Perhaps if it was someone else, they would have fallen in love that fast, but Damian was different, and he reasoned, not only with the heart or the other head.

"Is she trying to charm me? Well, let's go read something," thought Damian.

There was something he wished to try, and that was getting better with his telekineses ability. Sure, the school would help them improve their powers, but no one should wait for others to give them a goal, and Damian had one: learn how to read minds!

He searched for some books about the subject, like how to master your powers. But found an even better book: one about telekineses!

"Volume 1: Rare Abilities, Mental."

That was the book's title, and it was not thick, having only 300 pages, and it looked old, like most of the books in the library — if people read them, then someone would clean up the dust.

"Mental abilities belong to the rare type,"

"People always think empowering ones are the better, but everyone agrees the beasts from the dungeons are humanity's biggest threats, and a powerful enough psychic can control the beasts' minds."

The book talked about the many different mental abilities, such as Damian's telekineses and some others, like mind control, altering reality, beast taming, and much more.

"Only one person in 400 million has a mental type ability..."

Damian started to regret buying Telekineses as his first ability. "If I knew it was so rare, then I would have gotten something else instead, but it looked cool..."

That could be one of the reasons Vanessa wanted to get closer to him. It was no secret to people his ability was Telekineses, but most of the students there did not know an ability like that was rare — they never read books, after all.

Also, Damian was not sure the information inside the book was one hundred percent accurate. Anyone could write anything; if people did not have the means to research it more profoundly, they would believe it.

"If this is the case, why does Vanessa need my ability?"

The first part of the book talked about many types of mental abilities; apparently, the one Damian had was a mix of all of them. He could control objects, but not as well as someone who could only do that. He could read and control minds, but not as well as someone who could only do that.

"A jack of all trades. Well, I would be sad to be mediocre in everything, but my system can upgrade the grade of my abilities, so I should be fine." 𝑏𝑒𝑑𝑛𝘰𝑣𝑒𝘭.𝑐𝑜𝑚

The other part of the book had some training methods, which were basically what Damian was already doing, like tossing small and big objects using his mind.

But, there was a training method for mind control. So the first step to control a mind was to be able to read it, and for that, Damian would have to practice every day with someone or something.

"The book says I could get a small animal to practice on."

There was a problem, though, Damian would have to get a beast and not an ordinary animal. It had to be something with a high level of intelligence.

He had no idea if there was a place on the school grounds for him to get that, and before Damian tried anything, the school's ring bell, and he had to return to class.

"Can I borrow this book?" Damian asked the person behind the library's counter, who was barely awake.

"Sure," the man said.

"Do I need to register it or..."

The sound of snorings entered his ears, so Damian just left and would talk to some of his teachers later.

"No one goes there in the first place, so it should not be a problem." he thought.

When he returned to his class, Aurora and Magnus were already there. Not only the two but everyone was there, including the professor. Unfortunately, Damian lost too much time in the library and arrived late.

He knew he was in trouble, so he slowly gazed at the teacher and hoped it was Vanessa as she would help him, but it was not...

It was a man with short black hair, a kimono, and a katana. He was displeased to see someone late for his class.

"Damian, right? I will remember this. Now, everyone, follow me to the gym and prepare to fight."

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