After Her Divorce, She Escaped With A Strong Man To Farm

Chapter 17: He Doesn’t Look Too Good
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Chapter 17: He Doesn't Look Too Good

Everyone wanted to taste how delicious the wild geese stewed by the descendant of a Royal Chef were! Su Qing and Auntie Li distributed the meat to the villagers. Old Master Qiu had ordered three pieces for the men, two for the women and the elderly, and one for the children.

When Su Qing was distributing the meat, she noticed that her cooking progress bar had leveled up. The progress of this wild goose meal was more than ten times faster than making wild vegetable porridge. Now that his God of War ability had reached Level 5, his mental power, physical strength, and combat power had also leveled up. Su Qing was quite satisfied with this speed.

"Give Shui Sheng two more pieces. He was the one who hunted the wild geese."

Just as Su Qing was checking the progress of the upgrade, Old Master Qiu's voice rang in her ear. Su Qing then realized that the person standing in front of her was Ji Shui Sheng, waiting for the meat to be served.

Su Qing glanced at Ji shuisheng. He didn't look too good. His eyes were bloodshot, his face was red, and his breath was hot. He had a fever, and it was not light.

She scooped the meat for him without a word. Ji Shui Sheng watched as she took the bowl away after scooping three pieces. Su Qing's spoon was left empty in the air.

"Shuisheng just doesn't want to be special," Aunt Qiu said with emotion.

The wild geese were all caught by Shui Sheng, and the villagers took advantage of it. No one would object to giving him more meat, but Shui Sheng refused to give himself special treatment.

Su Qing didn't reply and continued to serve the villagers meat. She realized that her cooking skills were also improving, but at a very slow rate.

After all the food was distributed, Su Qing sat down under the tree with her food. The sun had set, and the moon was hanging in the sky. Night had fallen.

After running around for two days, it was simply too blissful to be able to sit here and eat a meal in peace.

Ji Xiao Ying carried the bowl and sat beside Su Qing, handing her a bag of almonds.

"Sister, not a single one is missing."

"It's good," Su Qing complimented her and ate silently. The wild vegetable porridge was slightly bitter and the goose meat was chewy. Although there was a lack of seasoning, the taste was not bad at all. It was even more fragrant than the meat made with seasoning.

She was very satisfied with her cooking. However, two pieces of meat were not even enough to fill the gaps between her teeth. She finished it all in a few bites and felt that her stomach was only 30% full.

After the meal, everyone washed their own dishes and brought them back, so Su Qing did not have to wash the dishes.

It was impossible to find a place to shelter them from the wind and rain, so they could only rest on the spot. The men cut cattail leaves and laid them on the ground. They cut branches and lit a fire, and everyone slept on the ground. They were too tired. Even in such a harsh environment, they fell asleep as soon as they fell.

Ji Shui Sheng drank a bowl of medicinal soup, but his head was still dizzy.

However, he could not rest. He had to arrange for people to take turns to keep watch at night to prevent any bandits from launching a sneak attack.

Ji Xiao Ying laid out the cattail grass and the blanket she had brought from home. She called out to Su Qing, "Sister, come over and sleep!"

She had made two beds, and the one she made for her brother was not far from them. However, there was no quilt, only cattail grass.

"You sleep first, I still need to make some ointment."

Su Qing refused and went over to fill the medicine pot with water to start brewing the medicine. Ji Shui Sheng saw her brewing the medicine but didn't ask about what she was doing. As long as she didn't break the medicine pot, it would be fine.

Ji Shui Sheng arranged for all the young men in the village to take turns for three shifts. He and Li Daniu would stand guard for four hours and the others would go to sleep.

Ji Shui Sheng returned from his patrol and saw Su Qing changing the medicine for the injured villagers. He was still cold and did not say a word after changing the medicine.

Seeing that Ji Shui Sheng had returned, Su Qing walked towards him and handed him a black pill.

"Take your medicine and lie down to sweat. I'll help you keep watch."

She said it coldly, her tone carrying an unquestionable command.

Ji Shui Sheng looked at her deeply and didn't take the pill from her hand. He asked in a deep voice, "Who are you?"

"An ordinary person. I'm also a refugee like you," Su Qing said indifferently. She passed the pill to Ji Shui Sheng and went to change the medicine for the next person without looking at him.

After changing the medicine for five people, Su Qing saw that her merit points and medical skills had only increased by half. She frowned impatiently.

She raised her head and saw that Ji Shui Sheng was standing there unmoving. She couldn't be bothered anymore. Anyway, she'd already returned the favor. As for whether he ate it or not, it was his own business.

Su Qing returned to the tree and saw that Ji Xiao Ying had already fallen asleep. The little girl's sleeping appearance was like that of a docile kitten. Su Qing laid down with her clothes on and closed her eyes.

Ji Shui Sheng saw that she had fallen asleep and looked at the pill in his hand. He thought of how the children's feet had recovered after applying the ointment she had given them in the afternoon. He then put the pill in his mouth and swallowed it with a try.

[Ding! Congratulations, host. [Medicine] has reached Level 2, [merit points] has reached Level 2, and [God of War ability] has reached Level 6.]

Su Qing placed one of her hands beside her ear and opened her eyes when she heard the system's voice. In the dark night, fireflies danced in the air, leaving a trail of yellow light behind them. The night was quiet and deep. Su Qing closed her eyes once again. Even though she knew that someone was keeping watch, the keen senses of the God of War still made her stay alert.

Ji Shui Sheng didn't know if it was his own illusion, but after taking the pill that Su Qing had given him, his dizzy mind became clear, and the feelings of fatigue and powerlessness disappeared.

Ji Shui Sheng looked at Su Qing. What medicine did she use? How could it be effective so quickly?

It was a very safe night. There were no refugees harassing them, and no bandits coming to rob them. After a good night's sleep, the villagers had all recovered their strength.

Ji Shui Sheng only went to sleep after midnight, but he still woke up early in the morning. He practiced a round of punches in the open space and was drenched in sweat.

He was full of energy. b𝚎dn𝚘v𝚎l.𝚌𝚘m

After Su Qing woke up, she went to the river to wash up. She didn't have a toothbrush, so she used the willow branch to brush her teeth. She took the remaining half of the medicine last night, and her physical injuries were completely healed. The bruises and swelling on her face were gone, revealing her delicate face.

The host was very beautiful, with eyebrows like crescent moons, eyes like autumn water, a small nose, a diamond-shaped mouth, and an oval face the size of a palm. She looked like a beautiful woman who had walked out of a painting.

However, Su Qing's temperament was too cold. She was beautiful, but she exuded a coldness that kept people away, making people not even dare to approach her.

After Su Qing washed her face, she combed her hair with her fingers. Without a towel, water droplets dripped down her cheeks. The golden sunlight shone on the water droplets, giving them a colorful glow.

This was the scene that Ji Shui Sheng saw when he came to the river to fetch water. Su Qing was combing her black hair with her fingers. She lowered her eyes and her long eyelashes fluttered slightly. She was as gentle and quiet as a beautiful elk. This one look left a deep impression in Ji Shui Sheng's heart.

It was a big problem for more than a hundred people to eat and drink. They had only been eating porridge for two days, but a large piece of food had gone down.

Aunt Qiu was worried. If this continued, the food would be gone in three days.

Aunt Qiu gathered all the women in the village and said, "Everyone, go pick wild vegetables. There's not enough food, so mix some wild vegetables with porridge. Don't rely on the men to find food. We have to do our part."

Aunt Qiu's suggestion was exactly what Su Qing wanted. When everyone was about to leave, they realized that there was a problem!

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