Abyssal Lord Of The Magi World

Chapter 29 - Draconic Language
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The magnetic force field is the result of the accumulation of energy inside a body. The greater the amount of energy, the more powerful the force field is.

Due to its origins being the natural energy of the world, when the force field is uncontained, it can affect other organisms, the same way a nuclear reactor can affect the environment if there is a leakage.

Apprentices do not need to worry about containing their force field, due to their weakness, even if they release it will not generate an effect in their surroundings and at most, it will be useful to scare mortals.

But when it comes to Magi, they must keep their force field contained. Otherwise if they don't, the energy they release is enough to kill mortals in their surroundings and generate immense pressure that can affect those weaker than them.

Zatiel should not be able to use his force field to generate a pressure strong enough that can affect kobolds due to the quantity of his energy not been high enough, but the type that runs through his body his Abyssal Aura, an energy of a higher level than Spirit Force, and also it contains the evil and chaotic presence of the Abyss so it generates an effect strong enough to be of use.

Sophia was shocked at the scene that was occurring in front of her. The number of kobolds was getting higher, but even then they didn't stop moving back as Zatiel got closer to them.

Due to her proximity to Zatiel, although the pressure was not headed in her direction, she could feel the power that was released.

'How can he be this strong? No matter how powerful an apprentice is, it is not possible to be able to scare these creatures just with your force field,' Sophia was very confused but didn't ask knowing that this was not the time.

Zatiel keeps walking and only stops when the kobolds are with their backs against the mountains, his pressure keeps getting stronger as he coldly looks at them.

By this moment all the kobolds have already got together, numbering a little more than a hundred, although most of the faces were showing fear, some also display hatred and desire to fight.

Even the most fearful person will be able to display some type of courage when he is part of a big enough group, much less kobolds that are known for their aggressiveness. So it didn't take long for one of them to straighten his body and start roaring.

When Sophia saw this, panic inundated her heart, knowing that this would trigger a response in the rest of the tribe. But before the roar ended, chains appeared in the air and attacked the kobold.

They moved with such a speed than the creature didn't even realize when his body was pierced, although the chains were going in and out of his body they do it with such precision that all his vitals organs were fine, so although he was badly hurt he didn't die, and his roar of rage became screams of pain.

Zatiel didn't even look at the direction of this kobold and kept his eyes with the rest of the group, as he raised his hand and clenched his fist.

The moment he did that, the chains that were going through the kobold started pulling in different directions, making the creature scream harder with pain, until his body was dismembered and broken into pieces.

Seeing the fate of their comrade, the rest of the kobolds started to tremble.

"Surrender or die," The moment the kobolds hear those words the fear in their eyes grows exponentially. The reason was that Zatiel didn't say them in the common tongue of the Magi world but in Draconic Language.

Just like the final straw that broke the camel. After hearing those words, the Kobols started to kneel one by one until all of them were on the ground.

"Whoever is the leader, come in front of me," Zatiel words were like a decree that can't be refused.

After a moment an older kobold starts to walk out of the group and stands before Zatiel.

"Mighty being, I am Rax, what can we do for you?" Rax's voice was full of fear, just hoping that the monster in front of him would leave sooner.

"I will be staying here for five days, during that time all of your tribe will mine those mountains and bring all the minerals that you can find. After that I will leave, if you do a decent job nothing will happen, but if you do a mediocre effort half of your tribe will die," Zatiel released a will to kill that proved that he didn't mind slaughtering them all.

"We will bring all the minerals!" Rax knows that the person in front of him would not hesitate to kill them all if he was displeased, so he was ready to make his tribe work the hardest. Just when he was about to leave, Zatiel spoke again.

"Wait. One more thing. If you can bring me something precious I will give you a way to become stronger," Zatiel didn't wait for the kobolds to respond before going away with Sophia.

Rax looked at Zatiel with fear, but there was also a struggle in his eyes as he went back to his tribe to start the mining process.


Zatiel and Sophia were resting on a small hill not too far away from the kobolds.

"If you have something to ask to, do it," Zatiel could see that the woman was full of confusion, and was struggling to make a question.

Sophia looks at Zatiel, and after a moment she speaks.

"Are you an official Magus?"

To Sophia the only explanation for Zatiel power was that he was a rank 1 Magus, that he was hiding his identity, after all, even Pseudo-Magus can't possibly do what he did.

"I have not reached rank 1 yet, as for my strength, you will find out the reason one day if you are lucky," Zatiel was ready to start meditating after answering but the woman hasn't finished yet.

"Then if you are not a Magus, what you did was truly risky and unlike you," The impression that Sophia has of Zatiel was someone who will always want to be in control of thing and never let something to fate, but with the kobolds, a lot of things could have gone wrong.

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"If you know your enemy like the back of your hands, then you will not be defeated. Kobolds can be dragon spawn, but the reason they were created was to serve those more powerful than them so it is in their nature to bow down to someone stronger.

That plus the use of draconic language affects the most primitive part of their consciousness that compels them to surrender. Of course, there will always be exceptions, like those who can overcome their instincts, that was why I had my energy ready to burst the moment I entered this place." 𝘣𝘦π˜₯π˜―π‘œπ˜·π˜¦π˜­.π‘π‘œπ‘š

Since the moment he saw those kobolds Zatiel had already created a plan to subjugate them, even if they somehow overcame their innate fear and attacked him, he was sure he could kill most of them before the escape.

Sophia was surprised. To her it seems like a random act, while it was a coordinated plan developed step by step.

"Now, sit down and meditate, we will be here for five days before we leave for our next destination," Zatiel closed his eyes and started to meditate to replenish his lost energy

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